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ZEN Podcast #18

Oh man I was a bit TOO drunk for this one!!!

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Alain is over teaching me how to quickly cut out clips from ZEN PODCASTS (which are sometimes over 3hrs long) so we figure it’s a good thing to highlight the juciest bits! In this clip we discuss the clubbing scene (well, what I remember of it!). Hope you guys enjoy!

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ZEN PODCAST #017 – Justin Holden

This time I have New Zealander and Hardcore Motorsports Fan Justin Holden on and we discuss millennials, the internet, development of his products which are trying to help the world and cocaine.

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ZEN PODCAST #016 – Catalina Briceno

SO awesome to have Photographer and Artist Catalina Briceno on the show. Cat’s an amazing woman and I’ve really enjoyed seeing her work progress over the years.

We discuss the importance of finding your drive, creative inspiration, directing models, relationships, feminism, racism and Cat’s transformation from party girl to Artist.


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ZEN PODCAST #015 – Stephen Wassef


Stephen Wassef is a founding member of Acquired Taste, a tight knit Sydney based car crew who now have plans to create a brand. We discuss VW Golfs, Electric Cars, Bitcoin, Acquired Taste, Tokyo, the morals of being a tobacconist, vape, bodybuilding and old school values.

PS: Audio goes out of synch on this one. I’m making moves to get rid of the webcam as they can only record in variable frame rate and that’s the sync issue right there.

PPS: Chief had NO plans to be on the podcast at all and in the end both of us are glad he decided to change his mind. He’s a shy and quiet guy in real life but I promised I’d do more of the talking. Listening back it’s obvious Chief had more to say but couldn’t as I just kept cutting him off (more so than previous podcasts I think!). I’ve had a few people suggest I let my guests talk more. I 100% agree!


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Feedback on Lachlan’s Podcast



It’s been interesting to read some of the feedback in relation to the podcast I did with young 20yr old Lachlan Doherty earlier this week.

I checked out Lachy’s facebook feed to go hunting for comments on our video, but I had to scroll past a shit tonne of memes he’d posted since we did our podcast. What’s the go with posting a few memes a day? What’s the go with memes?!

I finally scroll down enough to find where he had posted our podcast and wow the feedback… it’s troll city. Memes of the podcast, his “mates” paying him out. A girl suggesting she wanted to listen but on finding out it was 2hrs long decides to mock it as it’s too long… on top of that I get private messages from a young guy who says I’m not Australian and that there’s a right wing movement growing of native white European descendant Australians getting the shits that guys like me are representing Australia.

Lachy seemed like a pretty mature 20yr old, but the reality is that he’s surrounded by immaturity and it’s sad to see tbh. It may be a joke to them, but I see it as bullying, patronising, negative, a waste of time and energy and above all just bad vibes.

I 100% feel for any young person trying to “make it” as it must be harder than ever to surround yourself with good people these days (not to mention burning bridges is something you get better with with age so it may take young people a LOT longer to ditch “friends” who are really just cloak and dagger mates that will stab you in the back when the time is right).

Lesson learned: Keep young kids off my podcast.

Original Podcast:

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Rosamina Bold




A couple of shots from the podcast we had earlier this week.

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My first manfrotto tripod

Manfrotto BeFree (lame name but it’s solid for such a compact thing) and some other small goodies.

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ZEN PODCAST #014 – Lachlan Doherty


42yr old me chatting with a 20yr old car guy. Lachlan Doherty is a young kid who I’ve met through the car scene. He helps the community where he can and seems like a genuinely good guy. When he wanted to catch up I thought I’d put him in front of the mic! We talk investment property, EOMM, Defects, Casey Neistat, Modern Geniuses, Religion, Achieving Goals, S15’s and more.

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ZEN PODCAST #013 – Rosamina Bold

Rosamina Bold is a Mongolian Art Nude Model. We discuss Model Mayhem, shooting nudes, Mongolia, Lolita and more.

I first shot with Rosamina in 2014 and man she’s come a LONG way!!! She writes now! With passion. Here are some of her words in relation to a recent shoot we did:

Summer afternoon. Soft light.
Skin. Curves. Fishnets. And Persian carpet.
Woman. Man.
A woman captured by a man.
Muse. Artist. Artists both.
Energy. Female. Male. Harmony.
Human. Expression. Mind. Both minds.
Conversation. Camera. Music.
Camera clicks. Soft breeze. The trees.
Fate. Life. Inspiration. They inspire each other. One mentors the other.
One lived longer than the other.
Young. Old. Older. Younger. Naive.
Wise. Energy. Connection. Friendship.
Fate. Life. Past. Future. Curves.
‘The curves of your lips will rewrite the history’.
Oscar Wilde.

And also this great post she made on her Facebook Profile after the shoot:

Today on Zen Podcast with my favourite JF .
My first ever and I even surprised myself by being at ease all the way.
Didn’t feel nervous at all, 0 pressure! Super chilled, easy chat with Justin Fox.

We talked about how we first met, what it means to be a creative, photography, modelling, writing, art nude, cyber bullies and their insecurities, being an Asian especially Mongolian in Sydney, growing up in Mongolia, what’s next for me and so on.

I am little superstitious. I do believe people that are meant to meet do meet.
Justin and I get along really well. I love how we both don’t hesitate to fight back haters, closed minds and talk about topics people like to avoid.
If we don’t, who will?
We’re all about creating awareness, fighting for justice, fairness and getting people to talk about stuff.
That’s why I’ve always looked up to him.
He definitely helped me to be more open to talk about stuff I feel in my adoptive country Australia expressing via my non native second language that is English.
I know there are idiots who call themselves ‘feminists’ but they’re not actually ‘feminists’ because they judge and discriminate women for being who they are including their life choices etc would call him an anti-feminist just because he shoots female nude photography??!!!

But he is actually one of the most feminist guy I’ve ever met.
As to me (and as it should be), feminism is about gender equality, equal opportunities for women, promoting freedom for women to do whatever the f*k they wanna do!
He is always on about protecting women’s rights, helping women and girls to grow themselves, their businesses making sure men aren’t taking advantage of them, (that include photographers, businesses, boyfriends everything) in their careers and relationships.
Justin genuinely believes women have just as much potentials as men do and he just equally gets frustrated about all the negative stuff in society we face as women.
I have three uncles from my mom’s side. They’re all pretty cool and feminists too.
They never said I should be this and that because I’m a girl.
So, Justin always reminded me of my uncles.
He is my buddy, mentor and someone I’ve always looked up to ever since I met!

Thank you for always supporting me and helping me to grow!!
You’ll always be like a family to me.

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