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Meal Friends



Nanami and I were invited to be on Episode 2 of Meal Friends – Of-course we had Japanese! Look out for the episode soon (subscribe link below!).


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ZEN PODCAST #012 – Carmen Tyler

Carmen Tyler is an old friend and one of the first girls to get active on the JDM Style Tuning Forums.

We discuss her forum posts when she was 17, white guys who dig Asian girls, a whole lotta marriage, the stress of wedding planning and getting cold feet, discipline and not being able to hit your kids anymore, the sorry state of Sydney, Diving, sharks and aquarium keeping, travelling, depression, religion and much more!

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My 30 Day Facebook Ban has been lifted!!!

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Risky Business




You know, as in the Tom Cruise movie? Viv dropped over last night for hangs, but hey the camera came out to play!
Full Set:

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ZEN PODCAST #011 – Milky Pixel

Milky Pixel is a Feminist, Gamer Girl and Twitch Streamer.

We discuss the wrong people in the right job, on EA Games screwing ZEN Garage over, on the use of the word ‘rape’ in feminist debates, gamer chairs, the importance of context, abusive relationships, sexual attraction, flirtation, Twitch, gaming, Jordan Peterson and much more!

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Cocaine is a hell of a drug


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Hangs with the Midnight Garage Crew

BEFORE (raw unedited).




Their logo design is way out of whack as you can see now that I’ve put a grid over it.

I hung out with the young guys from Midnight Garage yesterday. They’re good dudes who have always supported ZEN and EOMM. A little while back they started their own brand “Midnight Garage” and so far the guys have come up with a logo and have started to shoot at automotive events.

We had a good catch up, and ended up talking about all sorts of stuff (I might get these guys on the podcast at some point!), but I thought I’d take the time to show them how I frame in hopes it would rub off on them. Will gave me his memory card of shots from a meet the night before and I picked out both shots above to re-frame.

The top image is pretty straight forward, but just a note that it’s always better to shoot a few steps back at car meets rather than being so close you end up cropping parts of the car you’re shooting (which he had done in a fair few shots).

The second image was one of his worse images on the SD Card but hey my slight rotation and crop shows how you could sometimes even save a bad image with a little dynamic framing.

Now the logo file; I knew it wasn’t tight just looking at it, but I thought I’d explain why to the guys by putting it into photoshop then layering a grid over it. As you can see nothing lines up at all. The CREW is off centre, the left little octagon is too. The crew banner edges have different angles both the left and the right and the 3 lower case g’s look super repetitive and make this hand written style font obviously look like a font (a capital G would have been better for Garage). The way the triangle crops around the letters isn’t working either as it’s almost dynamic on the left side, but cut horizontally straight on the right side.

I made sure the guys realised that I was in no way at all having a go at their designer, he’s a junior/young and I’ve got way more experience, but it was awesome to be able to show the guys exactly why the logo didn’t look right to me. Once they saw all the things I saw they were taken aback (I mean these guys already have printed out stickers and T-Shirts of their logo too and they didn’t see all the faults that I saw).

Whilst I’m damn tempted to refine their existing logo (as it only needs a few tweaks here and there to make it a lot tighter) I’m thinking that I’ve got to stop being so generous in order to avoid those nasty resentment issues of mine!!! The guys are totally onto it in any case. I’m sure they’ll sort the logo out and I’m also sure their shots will be framed nicer going forwards too.


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Kesii – Repost

Kesii from Quensland is staying with me until she finds a place to rent/stay. She’s also got a new job in town and has been having early morning starts and late nights so we haven’t found the time/energy to shoot yet but hey we’ve just dug up this post from when we first met to reminisce the good memories from the first day we met and shot. Love having a blog!

REPOST: 17 July 2014.











Early last month Kesii and I talked about teeing up a shoot for whenever she was next in Sydney next (she’s from Queensland), she’s in town and had an hour to spare today and although I prefer all day shoots I was more than happy to get snappy.

Kesii’s gorgeous right?! She’s so photogenic. Couldn’t take a bad shot of her. She’s currently about to graduate from Engineering, but she’s also working on JD Alterations, an upcoming side project/family business.

As usual, more shots on my tumblr:

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ZENPODCAST #010 – Alain Sihaphone

I hung out with Alain the other day, and man we had a HUGE day of talking shit, all of which we wished we recorded for a podcast. We spoke some more the day after too knowing that we had a podcast planned for today. A part of me was thinking holy shit… we’ve spoken about everything and maybe we’ll have nothing left to talk about on the podcast, but noooooo, we just hit it off and had many other things to discuss.

This time I was sober before we started recording and I think I did a MUCH better job of playing host in this podcast (IE: listening lol) as opposed to how I behaved on the last podcast with Jonno Sea.

We didn’t go so deep but we did go just as long. At exactly 2hrs in the doorbell rang and we decided to cut it there! We discuss family and growing up in Sydney with immigrant parents, making your parents your friends, working from home, red pill blue pill, taking risks, freedom, property, Meal Friends, the customer’s always right and contouring!

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RODE Microphones 10 Year Warranty



Not a massive fan of the RODE brand (I’m a Shure guy!), but their 10 year warranty is pretty damn impressive!!!!!!

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