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Skate sesh at Waterloo












Caught up with Ash Bolland and his son Amon for a skate sesh. Those guys were doing all the skating though. I’ve definitely lost it (had a stack on the half pipe and actually hit my head, not good!). Photos by Nick!

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Skate and Died

Chicken legs, no power, no balance, nothing…

Skate Park 1 – Justin Fox 0

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Star Wars x Santa Cruz Skateboards




Couldn’t resist. Santa Cruz Skateboards have done a collab with Lucasfilm and they’ve released a limited edition collection Star Wars skateboard decks.

Had a hard time choosing between Vader and Boba Fett. Went with Vader in the end (but still really want the Boba Fett deck!).

PS: Not sure if these are going to be sold in stores locally but I got my deck through the online shop (shipping was damn fast too).

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Lance Mountain Reissue



I’m failing miserably at saving up money for spending on my Japan trip in September! These guys are horrible, they’re so awesome at pulling on the heart strings. How could I not buy this deck? It’s a reissue of the very first deck I ever bought, in the same exact colour too.

I bought my first Lance Mountain Future Primitive deck in the 80’s, back then we all installed rail guards, nose grabs and tail bones too. I hadn’t used a drill before, and totally destroyed my deck installing the rails with my Dads hammer drill (bahahah). The deck was way too big for me anyways (I wasn’t aware of mini decks at the time) and I wasn’t a massive fan of the graphics, but I really am now! Can’t wait to get it up on the wall (which is starting to look more like a collection of reissue 80’s decks!).

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Have Skateboards





My mate Dan, who I met through kind of gallery, now runs his own Skateboard company Have Skateboards. Robbie our shop manager bought a deck off him because the deck featured an E30 and Dan was kind enough to give me a free T-Shirt (I love free shit!).

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Kick Flip

Photo by Fitment Freaks.

Don’t skate anymore but so long as I can still pull off a kick flip I’m happy :)

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Love your old stuff better than your new stuff

My re-issue Hawk deck finally came. It’s nice, but nowhere near as nice as Rob’s original.

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E36 Deck

Adding to the automotive deck collection @ Zen!

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OG Tony Hawk Deck

Rob brought this in to hang on the wall at Zen Garage today. I almost exploded. I could stare at this piece of art for way longer than the Mona Lisa.

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A while back I posted part of a skate video which my highschool mates and I used to watch back in the day. This particular clip got me so psyched to ride hard, every single time. Part of what makes it so awesome is the song in the first half and late last night I somehow stumbled upon the song and band (I was so giddy it wasn’t funny, still am this morning, just not as giddy as I was last night).

The band is McRad (lol) and the song title is Weakness. I didn’t hesitate to buy the track from their myspace page and I’ve added it to my new TUMBLR too of-course (more on that soon).

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