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Mama’s Bưởi

Last night the food crew decided to check out Toshiba’s Seriously Japanese Pop-Up Zushi Roller-Coaster, a pop-up that had a queue so long that we turned around as soon as we got there (that’s just the fucked up thing about Sydney isn’t it? When something “cool” is on, it’s a jam packed nightmare, most likely because of hipster sites like Broadsheet!).

We ended up heading up towards Holt Street in search for food and saw these inviting menus outside of Mama’s Bưởi, a new Vietnamese restaurant on route.

There was a table for us, but we had to be out in an hour, we decided against it, and just as we stepped outside, one of the staff called us back in as someone had cancelled! Decor was nice, obviously new to look old (fake patina) but still nice.

Nanami perusing the menu.

Always love trying new beers.

Fish cakes were worthy of a mention. Same traditional flavours, but the super crunchy outside made for a new experience.

And the only other dish really worthy of a mention was this massive crispy pork hok! Over the top!

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It’s OK if you don’t get it!


OMFG read this. I love this woman, who’s the closest thing to a mentor I’ve ever had (checking in on the things she writes on her Facebook wall alone inspires me to no end!). Pauline writes:

Many come close, yet few dare, so boldly to live without judgement, to give without expecting, and to love for no reason. I know this because I have come across so many, who interpret generosity as having an ulterior motive. Who react to compliments with suspicion. Who respond to offers of abundant opportunity with fear and derision. I have come across so many, who are consumed by their limiting beliefs and what others may think of them, that they are too afraid to explore that which is outside of the mundane matrix that they have trapped themselves in.

I have learned that there are more Sleepwalkers out there, than there are those who are Awake.

My religion is love. Nothing more. Nothing less. And I guess that’s why I fucking thrive when I hang with those who are weird, who are random, who are not afraid to be themselves. People who are full of love, generosity, authenticity, courage and presence.

You can’t do anything about the length of your life, but you can certainly do something about it’s width and it’s depth.

And sincerely, to all the naysayers who have had something smart, derogatory or sarcastic to say about the way I live my life and the way I speak my mind…. I say to you… Hey, it’s okay if you don’t get it. I wish you nothing but love, but I also choose to no longer waste my time with you. XP


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Statement Clothing Photoshoot

Follow: @ladycholita, she’s rad, fun and funny and she’s got some mad ink too. Would love to shoot her one day in future.



Follow: @missfrancesrussell – Playing Miss DJ.

Follow: @leedownsey, man beast!

Lunch break!

Girls to myself, for a sec: @jordan_finlayson, @ladycholita and @missfrancesrussell.

@scottgshore – Scotty T from MTV’s Geordie Shore taking a selfie to share with his 800,000 Instagram followers!





Another day another shoot! Today I’m back to my roots, as a behind the scenes photographer for Statement Clothing who are using the beach house for their new look book.

I’ve never seen such a fast paced shoot. 2 photographers, a videographer, 5 models (including one celebrity, Scotty T from MTV’s Geordie Shore) and lots and lots and lots of clothes! The photographers were bam bam bam! Literally a few minutes/outfit. Was fun being a behind the scenes shooter again, but I’ll admit that I much prefer the slow, intimate and relaxed pace of shooting my girls!

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Rosamina Bold













Yesterday afternoon I had a shoot with fashion blogger Rosamina Bold, who’s Mongolian (explains her high cheek bones!) and a self confessed Otaku (obsessed manga and anime fan). Great connect (I think I talked her ears off!). I really really love shooting interesting people! Check out her Facebook Page:

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Sculpture by the Sea 2014

Did anyone ever play a game called Riven? So reminds me of that game.

One of my faves. It’s got that Byron Bay hippy vibe, but it’s massive, a trunk that’s been shaped to be a whale breaching. So nicely done.

Loved this little guy too.

And this as well, awesome.

Funny weather was funny. Hot, windy, cold, then crazy hot again.

We had a bite to eat (so healthy and delish!) at Gertrude & Alice Cafe Bookstore on Hall St.


Got a call from young Krysti this morning, who had the day off and wanted to go for a swim. By the time she got to my place the weather got all funny, grey and windy so we thought we’d check out Sculptures by the Sea. I hadn’t seen it for a few years running, she’d not seen it since Grade 10, or something?!

We both thought, being a Monday and all, that it would be super quiet… but fuck, nope! No one in Sydney works I swear! Damn packed as!!!!! Grrrr.

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Jess – Red Photoshoot

red_jess (1)








Late night sesh with Jess. Looks like I’m well and truly over my fear of shooting in low light. The red hue in these images isn’t post processing, it comes from having my finger over the built in flash on my GF6 (IE: the flash shining through the blood in my finger), and the other light in there is the star projector I bought a while back.

Jess and I both love these pics, hope you like them too!

Follow: @jess.ta

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Sculpture by the Sea – Sort of…

Fek, too dark!

This piece would look right at home in a 6 star hotel.

Made entirely of bottle caps and zip ties!

Spotted: One clean 260, in Bondi Beach of all places!

Rear bar was so fresh!

Prosciutto San Daniele, Buffalo Mozzarella.

REGINELLA – Fior di Latte, San Marzano Tomato, Fresh Basil.


Messina! Thanks to Cordy, I went for the Italian Nougat and Dulce De Leche (which was super delish!).

David and Cordy were in my hood tonight (they live in the northern beaches), they had intended to check out Sculpture by the Sea (which I love, but have missed for a few years in a row now), but the sun was setting fast.

By the time we got there the sun had set. We checked out a few pieces at the very start, but decided to call it quits due to the lack of light. The call was made to have dinner instead! We hit Da Orazio Pizza + Porchetta and feasted up, saving a bit of room for Messina (of-course!).

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Portrait – Pauline Nguyen

Test Shot from today’s portrait/hero shot shoot with restaurant owner, author and international speaker Pauline Nguyen of Red Lantern Restaurants.

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Bondi Hangs

Brunch on Glenayre Avenue.

Luke went for bacon and maple syrup on french toast.

And more toast (with Vegemite no less!).

I went for the fritters.

Spotted on the streets of Bondi – Item 1: Jeremy Meeks, the Mug Shot guy!


Spotted on the streets of Bondi – Item 2: Yew!

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Post WTAC Hangs

That Lebanese BBQ! After 3 long days at Eastern Creek, we just couldn’t make it in to watch Formula Drift live, so instead we hung out at Veds place and watched the live-stream on his massive TV instead (which was absolutely epic). Cheering on Jabbit and Schembri from Blaze Unit as well as Beau Yates was awesome.

Matt from Camden GTI brought along his amazingly clean Scirocco.

Which is powered by a MK4 GTI (turbo) engine.

Later that night we hit Mary’s in Newtown and spotted this douche taking up 2 parking spaces at the Dendy Cinema Carpark.

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