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Charlotte and Viv



Long time between shoots! Will get busy editing the entire set ASAP!

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Sculpture by the Sea











6km, 2hrs. I needed the vitamin D!

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Headshots for Laci

Big smiles!

Hung out and shot again with Cathy (who I call Laci, which is short for her in-game name Lacivious), who’s a Diablo gamer friend, and now a legit model as she’s been picked up by a modelling agency and now stars in the latest Breast Screen campaign.

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Arymilla the Necro

Been a while since I made some clan art!

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Aftershock PC

It’s a BEAST!

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IKEA Rudsta Wide 9 month update



Just an update! All the plants survived the winter, but some are struggling now with the extreme heat when the sun hits my apartment in the afternoon. Some plants are definitely doing better than others. The Monstera Albo is doing especially well (2 new leaves!) and has become one of my fave plants.

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Choices choices!

130+ hours into Starfield and for sure it’s my least fave Bethesda game in my steam library.

I’m a huge Bethesda fan and a few weeks ago I started a new Fallout 4 playthrough. As soon as I heard that soundtrack on the main menu I was in the zone, then tuning into pip-boy radio just hooked me right back into the world once more.

I also just re-installed Skyrim too, and in the past few days playing Skyrim again has been such a wakeup call to everything Starfield does wrong, primarily a lack of immersion due to the insane amount of loading screens and lack of reward for exploration, not to mention copy paste dungeons which I’ve never experienced in Skyrim in all my years playing it.

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Playing The Witcher again, forgotten how beautiful this game is.

I’ve never been able to play more than one game at the same time, but when Diablo IV ran dry of end game content I picked up Starfield, then when I ran out of content in Starfield I started to pick up Diablo Immortal again. At the same time I did another playthrough of Fallout 4 (which was great!).

I played through the new Cyberpunk DLC (loved it) and I also installed Skyrim again! I’ve installed an immersive collection for Skyrim which includes over 400 mods (installs them all at the press of a button!) and I’m really enjoying that too. I’ve also re-installed The Witcher which is looking better than ever. Turns out the devs have updated the game with community created mods (so awesome!), a new photo mode and new gear from the Netflix series.

It’s an insanely good time for gamers, we’re totally spoilt for choice!

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