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Modern Tantra















Had an awesome shoot last week with Gina and Charlotte (who offers Tantric massage). Charlotte is a ray of light! Such an awesome, peaceful and calming energy about her. For more info, visit:

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The Death of Destiny 2

Destiny 1 player here. Thousands of hours into Destiny 2. Absolutely LOVED the Witch Queen expansion, but stopped playing about a year ago due to many reasons, the main reason being that I got so tired of complaining about various states of the game.

I only ever complained about specifics because I love the game, but my complaints came across as negative to the people I was playing with.

I considered picking up Lightfall, but I wasn’t a fan of the neon purple and green/Miami Vice/Cyberpunk aesthetic, so I held off, then I watched a few overtly negative video reviews which have truly helped to put the final nail in the coffin for me.

I still keep tabs on all things Destiny 2 even though I don’t play the game anymore. I especially enjoy watching videos of all the uproar against Bungie. It’s a bit twisted, kinda like watching a train wreck. I’m 100% with the content creators and community. I feel for them. I’m 100% sure Bungie acknowledge the screams for change, the ball is in their court.

It’s ironic to me that over the years there have been so many new games touted as potential “Destiny Killers”, yet all along it’s been Bungie themselves who are killing Destiny.

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New shoot with Dylan Harper







Find the full uncensored set on my DeviantArt.
Follow Dylan.

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IKEA Rudsta Wide 6 month update

Just an update!

Everything inside the cabinet is growing strong. Have yet to kill a plant and yet to have any sort of pests either. I’m still upset that I’ve lost the jungle vibe by removing plants that just got too big (they’re all doing great outside of the cabinet though despite it being winter in Sydney atm). It’s looking more like a grow out cabinet now than a true display, but hey, nothing much I can do about that!

I removed the Queen Anthurium from the cabinet though. Not because it got too big, just because it’s the one plant I’ve not ben able to grow right, and I got sick of looking at it’s imperfect leaves.

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Private shoot with a Diablo friend!


I got to catch up with Tazzly and Lacivious again last week (both members of Australia Clan in Diablo Immortal). Before packing her bags to catch a plane to Sydney Laci asked if I’d be interested in shooting her. Of-course I said yes!

It was a private shoot, so I can’t share the images, but it was a lot of fun! She’s the oldest I’ve shot to date, and I think she looks great!

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Diablo IV = Hardcore. Diablo Immortal = Casual.

A reddit comment of mine was read out in this video.

And a recent comment I made on the Diablo Immortal subreddit:

Imagine a game where the more you grind the more you get penalised. Oh wait! That’s Diablo Immortal!

IMHO Diablo Immortal was always intended to be a casual game, but many players I’ve met since launch, both in my clan and on the server have pretty much no-lifed this game, some players putting in 10+ hours a day or even more.

It’s been clear from the very start that when you go past server paragon level your XP gains get penalised. This alone suggests that the intent is to have players fall behind the server paragon level, and each day play catch up to get to server paragon level, then log off and rinse and repeat the next day. Skip a day or 2 because of real life? No worries, your XP gets boosted so you can easily catch back up to server paragon level.

A lot of other MMO’s go from being hardcore to more casual friendly over time. No doubt the more hardcore gamers can clearly see the amazing potential Diablo Immortal has as being their main game, but the hardcore reality is that Diablo Immortal is meant to be a casual game and I doubt that will ever change.

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