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Suga getting ready.

These teeth rocked out. You basically get the material you need to make the 2 canine teeth fit perfectly to your gums.

I couldn’t see shit out of these contact lenses.

The entrance!

My T for laughs.


May (so cute!).

Jon came as Slash (so good!).

LOL @ Gee.



Gen and Kay.


Murdering bananas.

Gen and Ash (LOL @ Gen).

Crazy party last night. I was super out of it. Got home at 5.30AM, chucked hard and passed out!

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Hey my old K20A powered Jazz! Photo by J_HUI

And also my old Jazz! New wheels but he’s still rocking my crazy custom exhaust + Nardi steering wheel too. Photo by J_HUI

Photos from yesterday’s stinking hot EOMM at JDMyard are starting to make their way online. Click here for more.

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Mia getting stitches removed

Our little Mia mow mow’s a brave girl. Stitches removed (from desexing). Only took a second, all done, all good!

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Pho Tai!

Been a long time since I’ve ridden with the boys (very long time) but once I heard they were hooking up for dinner I was in without hesitation!

The Crew.

So Pho So good. Pho Tai at Pho An in Bankstown.

Jing, Clifton and Andy.

Kevins minter S15. So nice.

Cliffy playing with Kevin’s new bike.

Great night, lots of laughs, highly recommend.

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Sydney to Gong

This year will be my 5th Sydney to Gong ride and I’m in search for sponsors!

This year the ride will be a little more relevant as my good long time friend Sean Torstensson has recently been diagnosed with MS. I’ll be riding for him.

I’m also a little nervous about the ride this year because I’ve been so lazy with riding lately. I’m quite unfit but I’m sure my determination (ie: my stubbornness!) will get me to the finish line.

I’d really appreciate it if you guys took the time to sponsor me. Even if it’s $5. Thanks in advance, much love.

To donate, visit:

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R35. Dirty, driven and used. So cool.

The new TOP ONE is 3 times bigger than the old.

Last Saturday my mate Ben was after an Alfa 147 which got me excited as I’ve owned one in the past (despite absolutely hating it at times…I loved it lots!). You’ve got to own an Alfa to really appreciate how amazing they are but you’ve also got to have the balls to buy one after hearing and reading about all the bad reviews.

I thought the best thing Ben could do is get an inspection done by Dedy at TOP ONE. Dedy goes all out when inspecting cars. If the car has been in an accident he’ll spot it, if anything at all is out of place he’ll let you know so you can make a VERY informed decision.

On the morning of the inspection Ben let me know that he completely whimped out of buying an Alfa and instead we were going to inspect a Mazda 3! We met up with the sellers at TOP ONE, the car was filthy, interior had been smoked in and what’s worse the entire car had been horribly resprayed (most likely a backyard job). The paint had a lot of dust in it and it was literally peeling off the rear 3/4 window. If Ben was to wash his car with a high pressure hose at a carwash we were pretty sure the paint would just peel off! There were a lot more issues with the car too, the funny thing was when Ben decided against buying the car (phew!) the sellers got aggressive on him. Bad experience? Yes. A little scary? Yup!

So we headed back to mine, hopped on carsales and hunted down another Mazda 3 to inspect. This time we went on vibes. A little more expensive than the cheapest cars listed, well written for sale description, nice area, nice guy on the phone and we were off to check out another car.

We got there and the experience and car was night and day, black and white completely different to the car we had checked out earlier. Great car, super clean, great seller, very honest. Everything just felt 100% right. I tried to play hard ball and drop the asking price by $2k by making a deal on the spot (I couldn’t help myself) but the seller had no intention of even dropping $500 on the car (tough!). I got a message from Ben yesterday saying he bought the car (and he got the $500 off) :)

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Night Noodle Markets

Last night Christina and I met up with some friends at the Night Noodle Markets in Hyde Park.

The idea of a night noodle market excites me. I instantly think of Singapore, but earlier last night I met one of Christina’s work mates at the pub who had bad things to say about last years event (long queues and food court quality food) and too right what a crap event it was.

The queues for the better known restaurant stalls were at least an hour long which forced us to queue up at stalls with smaller lines (still a 30 minute wait!). We ended up eating Himalayan food (which you can get at Paddington Markets every Saturday) and last night each plate of food was more than double the usual price ($15/plate!).

To top it off all of us came unprepared for a very cold night. I lost my Lumix GF1 lens cover (great) and at the Domain Carpark I was given $40 worth of change in coins! Lovely!

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I’ve been working on this new job lately. It’s hard for me these days to get excited about work. I’m over it and so I choose to only work on things I actually genuinely have an interest in. I initially did something very quick and quite nasty as it was a pro-bono job for a friend’s wife but after actually checking out the goods in her shop (I think the stuff is nice!), and seeing that she really did go all out with adding all her products to her shop herself (I just gave her a WordPress install + WordPress shop) I thought I’d re-visit the job and put more effort into it.

So I ripped down the old site, got in the zone with style sheets, created a new logo, deleted all the Engrish from the About Us section and re-wrote something punchy and short “for now”. I’ve yet to get busy helping her get it out there but I’ve got a few ideas up my sleeve.

Anyways, check it out:

Like most of my work, it’s a work in progress. I love working on sites as I go (as opposed to trying to make them perfect before launch). If you have any suggestions on how I can get this fashion business out there, please let me know. I’d appreciate it.

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Mia desexed

Gross out on that!

Christina and I made the move to desex Mia earlier this week. She’s doing well, in fact no different to usual except her tummy looks gross and her purring has gotten louder, almost as if she’s got some phlegm caught in her throat.

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Australian International Motor Show 2010

Nice wireframe!

Hyundai trying so hard. This art car was done by Graff artist Beastman.

I wanted to not like it, but hey. I like it. Not anywhere near worth the $700k on looks alone though.

Caught my eye too. It’s going to be popular for sure.

So nice to see how small the car is in real life. I’m pretty excited about owning one of these.

A shot for Christina.

Finally, something worth seeing at the Honda stand. The kids are gonna love this.

I’m sitting there making a mods list in my mind for it already…

I was excited about seeing this car but once I sat in it I thought nothing good of it. What a horrible interior, so cheap, so nasty.

Tendy, Christina and I hit the motor show today (it was dead quiet being a Monday day). There were some great cars on display this year and I tried my best not to check the online teasers before today. I know a lot of car lovers hate the show but I’ve been going ever since I was a kid (Dad always took me) and I’ll continue to check it out for as long as I love cars.

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