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Sayounara EVO

Off she goes. So the boys were off on a 10hr road trip back home. New owner stalled it twice up the hill, not surprising as the clutch in the EVO was pretty hard. He’ll get used to it in no time.

On Sunday I put the EVO up on carsales. I got a call later that night from a guy who was interested in the car. He asked a lot of questions, all of which I’d already answered in the advertisement. He didn’t sound too smart and was super keen to see it on the next day (was a public holiday). I had a bad vibe about the guy. Not only that he was most probably a time waster, but also that he, and the mate he was bringing, were going to roll me for the car (because EVO). But what can you say? I said OK and met him the next day.

I met him at the beach to be safe and it turns out he was a young kid and his mate he brought along was his Dad who spoke little English. It was pouring (not the best weather to be checking out a car!), we drove to the local mall to find some cover so they could check out the car. His Dad offered $30k (I was asking $32) and I outright refused. He asked for a few hours to think about it. I let him have the night to sleep on it.

I called him the morning after and nope, he wasn’t keen on the car, all good as I had another guy lined up; late Sunday night I also got an SMS from a guy in Victoria who also offered $30k. I refused, but he then messaged back accepting $32k, sight unseen as his mates are apparently on JDMST and trust me/the car.

He flew in yesterday morning. Brought a couple of mates with him, one of which was a Cop! We drove straight to the bank. He’s with Westpac, so am I so the cash just went right in (so easy and fast it was kinda freaky). On the way back to mine to fill out the paperwork I got to gun the EVO for the last time, pretty strange when you’ve got a Cop in your back seat haha.

Sergio came around to pick me up, and at that moment I got an SMS from Howie (who owns a 997 911) who told me to get to his local dealership as the guy who sold him his 911 has a 993 for sale. I replied that there was no way I could afford a 993, he replied that the 993 this guy was selling was well within my budget so Serg and I drove direct to the dealership.

After perving on a few GT3 RS’s (still a dream) we met the guy who was selling the car (lucky as he was on holidays but just happened to be in that day). Turns out it’s a late 70’s 911, not a 993 (duh Howie!), but hey that’s what I was after anyways! He was selling it cheap too, reducing $10k off the asking price. I started to think this was more like it, in that it’s more about fate, but alas I don’t think it’s the right car for me.

I’ve got the best guy looking after my purchase. Babs who’s been super helpful. You can read up on his advice (on my 911 carsales selections) here.

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ALL STARS Australia Day Show n’ Shine

Our ALL STARS Australia Day Show n’ Shine Bikini Car Wash was a massive hit! We had Scott Mitchell put together this amazing video. Be sure to check out the photos from the day too at ALL STARS.

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Popped my 911 cherry

Grinning from ear to ear!

I jumped up and down when I saw Sam’s 911 in our driveway today @ Zen. He’d driven straight from QLD for tomorrows ALL STARS Australia Day show. After perving on it for a good bit he let me sit in it (whoo hoo!). The steering wheel is so close to the dash, which was loaded with cool analog gauges, all in German! I clutched in and surprisingly the gear throw wasn’t anywhere as vague as I thought it would be. Next I had to check out the pedal placement, and yup, it was super strange with the brake pedal being to your left, a big gap where the accelerator would be, and no deal pedal so you rest your left foot at the base of the centre console. I couldn’t figure out how to get out of the car, turns out he’d modified the door pulls so that when you pull it, the door opens. Very nice touch.

I appreciated the lines from the outside some more, all the while letting Sam know my intentions to buy one. He then asked if I’d like to take it for a spin!!! Seriously. Zi told me that one must never drive another mans 911 but how could I refuse? The driving position was spot on, the non-power steering wasn’t at all heavy and the clutch was friendly too (yet still had plenty of feel). A few corners in I’d realised how pathetically light the steering in my EVO was. Just going through a small s-bend I could feel how the would just urge you to go through corners faster and faster. I stop at the lights and look at the commodore next to me, it’s way up high in the sky which reminded me of being in my tiny, and low MX-5 a lot, expect that this car had a massive lumpy rumble coming from the rear. The girls crossing the lights gave us a nice smile too. :)

1st gear has heaps of punch. It’s actually quite violent. 2nd is much more linear though. The car feels small. You can use the drivers side frog headlamp as a gauge of where the front of the car is, vision out the rear was pretty bad though (lots of glare).

By the end of the drive I still hadn’t gotten used to the pedal placement but I’m sure it’s something I could get used to very quickly. So… I’m sold. 100% sold. Funny thing is that there’s a couple of people after my EVO, one of which just messaged an hour ago. I had all intentions to get one when I turn 40, but it might come a couple of years earlier! We’ll see.

PS: I’d totally forgotten that I had driven Howie’s 997 911 a few years back. Amazing car, so much power and response but completely disconnected in comparison to this car I drove today. I now understand why there’s so much love and respect for the classic aircooled 911’s.

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Serious machines @ Xtreme

Like… fwoar!

Perfection: 9.5 wide CE28′s in an aggressive +22 offset.

Lexan windows, carbon doors!

Engine bay is all business.

All business inside the cockpit too.

The boys also had this amazing EVO 1 race car.


Then we spotted this thing! A genuine Tommy Kaira R32 GT-R. Such a shame it’s missing the Tommy Kaira wheels it came with in Japan.

That front bar.

Original strut brace.

And compliance plate.

Joe from Xtreme Motorsports called to say he had something very special just land from Japan. Sergio and I thought we’d drop in to take a look. Turns out it was a time attack EVO 5 and it blew our socks off. The EVO 1 race car did too, and the Tommy Kaira R32 GT-R was such a treat to see in real life, having only seen in in Japanese GT-R Magazines over the years.

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ADGP Media Day

Loving the new branding of Eastern Creek (now Sydney Motorsport Park). Today Sergio and I were invited to the ADGP Media Day where we got to meet some of the drifters, check out their rides and better yet get some passenger rides on the new south circuit!

Courtney doing her thing (in this shot interviewing American driver Matt Powers).

Andrew Hawkins’ car always has new bits on it every time I see it.

Branding on the wing? Love it!

Drivers introduction. The 3 Fingers Neat guys – Scott and Jabbit, Beau Yates and Matt Powers.

Yates’ car with all new livery.

Jabbit’s car.

It had cameras all over it.

Scotts car.

Once we were done with greetings we were out on the new south circuit.

Bump! A little impatient to get out there and drift.

Scotty Mitchell was the first out.

I got in soon after.

Off we go!

Post lap – so giddy. Jabbit was awesome.

Scott, working up a sweat.

Courtney does a great job of avoiding snaps!

This truck loaded with drift cars rolled in straight from WA. Driver was such a character.

McLaren rolled up to from the track day happening on the main circuit (pretty sure it was a burrows day).

We then got to scope out our ALL STARS Show n’ Shine space for our event on Australia Day this weekend. It’s awesome. Basically that entire hill leading up to the toilet block at the top.

From the top looking down.

DB9, so long.

458, so nice.

What a spot! The new Ferrari FF.

I love it.

So nice.

Andy’s Nur Spec. We then dropped in to Meguiars to pick up car wash stuff for the Bikini Car Wash we’re hosting on the weekend. Love Meguiars products, have been using their stuff on my cars for years now. Addicted to how nice it all smells!

Spotted this at Meguiars HQ. Microfibre Cloth washing, so cute haha.

Goodies ready! Now we need to go out and buy a long hose!

Had a big day out today at Eastern Creek. Got a passenger ride in a drift car, man if you’ve not experienced it you’re missing out! Reminds me of the very first time I felt what a rollercoaster ride felt like… nuts!

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Video interview with Sergio

I hate being in front of the camera, great thing then that I have Sergio, who’s laps up e-fame. :)

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My interview with Carey Ciuro

Photo by Carey Ciuro.

I’ve just interviewed Carey Ciuro (A.K.A Shiri) for Zen Garage. Been a fan of his photography for a while now. We talk about his falling out of the car scene, his new focus on photography and his curious love for Japan. Check it out:

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We’re heading to QLD!

Yup, it’s going to be EPIC. Road Trip, holiday beach house, mates and a massive ALL STARS car show.

PS: That’s the wonderful Jay in the photo, shot today over the bridge by Alain from BLOW&TREES. She’s one of our bikini car wash girls at this weekend’s ALL STARS event at Eastern Creek. Here’s a photo of her in the office today (geez I love my job!).

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Kick Flip

Photo by Fitment Freaks.

Don’t skate anymore but so long as I can still pull off a kick flip I’m happy :)

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El Loco at the House

Go now : Lots of beautiful people out to play and margaritas, Corona’s, tacos and hot dogs on the Western Broadwalk.

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