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Kammy & Domo

Kammy & Domo.

Really naughty shoot with Kammy and… Domo! Domo gets some in this set! Will be posting in on my Patreon soon:

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Art Day with KPOP




Was Kristi’s B’Day yesterday and she chose to spend it with me, in her B’Day suit!!!

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Viv on The Rocks





Some outdoor fun with this one!!! Cheeky uncensored photos on my Patreon as always:

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3rd shoot with Abby





Shooting… lots! My 3rd shoot with the amazing Abby will be up on my Patreon soon! Visit:

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Viv & my place



This full uncensored set is on my Patreon:

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Abby Outdoors






Amazing 2nd shoot with Abby! 10000% will be shooting with her more often in the new year! Full set (some uncensored photos) on my Patreon:

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Viv & Friend

Really hot set with Viv and her new friend. Can’t tell you more about her new friend just yet, more will be revealed next year!

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Viv__X and a (HOT!) new girl! Photos on my Patreon soon!


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I’ve resigned from Threesome & Spacewalk

I just had a few people ask about what’s going on and if I’m all good. I’m like what?! It turns out Nick, Chris and Dianne have made an official post about my resignation on Threesome socials.

Just to explain; I wasn’t digging the vibes since coming back from Africa. I stuffed up by posting a BTS on socials that I didn’t have the go ahead on (that’s just how I do things!), but fucking up kinda fucked me up in the process too. To be successful as a team I had to put the guys in front of me as it’s not MY business, it’s OUR business. I disrespected concerns about doing things the way I do things and that was a mistake… but I’ve worked my ass off to be good at what I do best, and going forwards I feel that if I can’t do what I do best with Spacewalk and Threesome then I can’t and don’t want to be a part of it.

Threesome and Spacewalk have been like crutches for me this year, holding me upright. Without the businesses I could potentially go backwards, back into a hole and not fitting in with the world, but compromising to a point where shit seems to work better for making money is not what I want, or believe in, nor what I want to believe in and ultimately what I feel is right to me is still more important to me than anything else.

I completely respect that the guys want to run a legitimate business, but it’s not something I want to do going forward. Of-course I haven’t added any unnecessary complexity to leaving both companies and I sincerely wish the best for the guys.

As to what I’m going to do next? Well I’ve never been the type of person to have a Plan B (as that would take away giving Plan A absolutely everything!), so time will tell. Financially I’ll be AOK with the money I make from photography, Patreon, ZEN and the forums. So, here’s to 2020!

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