Happy Birthday to me

Monday Morning Rant.

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Monday Morning Rant – The GT-R gets towed away and a Mountain retreat with Viv

Had a bit of a wobbly towards the end of the week. Juggling a little too much, must chill the fuck out.

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Autumn is here

New shoot with Viv (and Minty!) in the mountains. Find the full photo set on my Patreon soon!

Stayed overnight in the mountains with Viv last night. There were some pretty serious God rays so I made the most of them, and in the end the God rays ended up being the theme for all the shots we took, both on Friday and earlier this morning.

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Dark Souls 3

Screen grab before the final boss.

After finishing Elden Ring I wanted more, so I started a New Game Plus (NG+) and beat that too, half way through NG+2 I thought I’d take a break, but I still wanted more.

Enter Dark Souls.

I bought Dark Souls 3 years ago but never got past the first boss. I’ve been playing it non-stop for the past few weeks and tonight I finished my first playthrough.

I died many many many times. Sometimes over and over again for hours at a time and sometimes (like Elden Ring), I’d be stuck on the one boss for days. There were times when I thought I’d quit, for sure, but every morning I’d just get up and go again. 100% brutal, addictive, masochistic fun!

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Happy Star Wars Day nerds!

Photo by the amazing Dan Boud.

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Monday Morning Rant – Nanami’s Art Show and shooting with Anna and Daisy

It’s May. I turn 47 this month. Fuck!

Was a huge week for me last week (huge as in I did more than usual lol). Relos, Catch ups with Nick Turner, James Jirat and Sasha King at Nanami’s Art show, hangs with Viv and shooting with Anna and Daisy.

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New shoot with Anna and Daisy



Awesome shoot today with Daisy Liu and Anna Moon.

Find the full set on my Patreon next week! Visit/Support/Thank you: https://www.patreon.com/justinfoxphoto

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Hangs with these 2 babes



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HEADCASE – Nanami Cowdroy












Sasha King, James Jirat, Nick Turner and I.

Kitsune! Nana and I.

Last night Nanami had her very first art show (took her long enough!!!) at Disorder Gallery in Darlinghurst. Was an awesome night (I’m feeling it this morning!).

Show details: https://www.disordergallery.com/disordernews/do57-nanami-cowdroy-headcase

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Monday Morning Rant: I sold the GT-R

So many people seem to be so upset that I sold my R32 GT-R.

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