Came home from Luddenham and this metal box was at my doorstep.

Mia, having a good sniff!

Enough hair goods to last me a year, easy!

A few posts down I mentioned getting a lovely care package from LYNX. Today I came home to another package. The goods once again came in next level packaging, last time there were 2 wooden boxes, this time around the goods came in a very impressive metal box which unfolded to reveal hair products, which I totally intend to use!

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Luddenham Raceway

Inside the massive shed. Impressive, right?! Super clean, nicely themed and those 3 screens on the left are where you sign in.

Signing in on the touch screens was nice and easy.

Rob and Sean looking out. Check out that undulation! The hill is where they intend to make the race track for cars (I think!).

Soon we were ushered out to the waiting area outside and greeted by our mugs on the big screen. Scotty’s mug is missing as he was late, though he did end up making it just as we were ready to go (staff kindly let him sign on quickly and join us!).

Berty and I ready to rock.

BRAND NEW KARTS! Scroth harnesses, so good, love the number too ;)

Results from our 2nd session. We did 3 10 minute sessions ($75). The first was a warm-up, the 2nd we did time attack and the third we had a race.

Best times from the day after our second session.

Race 3 saw Berty take the win, Brad in second and Sean in third!

Berty Ah!

Winner winner chicken dinner.

Then we were off the the pub. 2 jugs of Asahi, please!

BJ’s all round (well… that’s what the restaurant in the pub was called).

Today Rob and Sean from Motor Culture treated Berty, myself, Brad and Beau from Heasman Steering and Scotty Mitchell to a karting sesh out at the brand new Luddenham Raceway in Luddenham.

Luddenham was super easy to get to for me. Just hop on the M5, M7 then literally one road and you’re there. The facilities are great, the karts are awesome and the track is pretty cool too with up and downhill sections, a couple of fast chicanes and a really tricky (and crucial) last corner.

Was an awesome day out but unfortunately the staff were a little too trigger happy with giving out black flags (which means you have to leave the race and go through pitt lane). Every single one of us got a black flag at some point, and for absolutely nothing at all. No other karting place we’ve ever been to to date has been this strict, but we assume they’re just really precious about their new karts.

For more info, visit:

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GT-R Detail by Reflect Effect

First up, a quick pressure clean. Dave has a workshop these days, but used to run a mobile business. Just for me, like old times, he came out to do the detail at my place and I’m really thankful for that.

Wheels then got some lovin.

And the whole car was hand washed.

Dave masked off a test area so see how bad the swirl marks were. It turns out it really wasn’t as bad as I had suspected, and that only one pass was needed in order to get it back to tip top shape.

Dave masking off all plastics.

That Reflect Effect magic, it’s happening!

Almost ready for Autorush. Photos of the car at the show to come!

The day before Autorush Car Show I thought I’d get my GT-R detailed by the best in the business. Dave, from Reflect Effect. Dave last detailed my GT-R 4 years ago (!). Sure, it’s been garaged a lot of the time over the past 4 years, but my garage by the beach doesn’t keep the salt out, and for a few years it was at Zen Garage, covered in dust daily, which was swept off with whatever resembled a rag on most weekends. It’s also seen a few of shows and track days too and I’ve basically never really washed it in the past 4 years yet I still had water bead hard on the paint’s surface.

The car should be good for another few years! Beware of young detailers who have only recently set up shop. If you want it done properly I highly suggest you contact Dave, the guy’s a champ, both his personality, and the amazing work he does.

Reflect Effect
2B Bourke St
North Parramatta NSW 2151
(02) 8677 4345

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Infocus Australasia Interview


I’ve been interviewed in the current issue of Infocus Australasia, but now I need to go out and buy an iPad to view it! HAHA!

The issue is FREE, download it here:

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Autorush 2014


Early starts and late nights. I’m beyond exhausted, and finally in my own bed. I’ve spent the last 2 nights at Ved’s place, as we’ve been busy with Autorush Car Show at The Dome in Sydney Olympic Park. You can check out my coverage on Zen Blog:

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Panasonic Lumix LF1

That Leica feeing.

So thin, definitely fit nicely in my pocket.

DSPTCH camera straps are awesome!

I’ve been wanting a tiny pocket cameras for a while now. It was going to be between the LF1, or the LX7 (which has way better depth of field but is a fair bit larger than the LF1). It’s been a year now of um and erring about which one to get, but the other day Jing bought a Ricoh GR and that pushed me over the edge to make a purchase (lol). I ended up going with the Panasonic Lumix LF1, it’s TINY, shoots in raw, has an electronic viewfinder and Wi-Fi too.

I also bought a DSPTCH wrist sling for it too. Love DSPTCH products as they’re all interchangable via quick release buckles. I often unclip my straps when shooting indoors and these DSPTCH straps make it a breeze to do so.

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Who doesn’t love free goodies in the mail?!

There were 2 big wooden boxes (both of which instantly filled my lounge room with great scents). One had a whole lot of Lynx gear in it.

Under all that gear was this rad Sheryo x The Yok T (which I ended up wearing all day in town today).

The other was rather fancy, with a golden latch, and inside a comb, mirror, brush and a sliding compartment which reveals Lynx’s new hair products (very cool).

I’ve never used antiperspirants before, but the stuff in this picture I’m definitely going to use on a daily basis. Hair stuff, 2 types of Shampoo & Conditioner in one and 2 different types of body wash too. For more info on this gear, visit LYNX.

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Hotel Harry

From the outside. I’d forgotten what the old pub that was there before looked like… have definitely never ever walked in there before though.

Really inviting decor inside. Fake patina, but done really nicely.

The smoker!!!

The pig says it all.

The Caribbean theme is carried throughout the entire building. For drinks; Nanami went with the Paloma tequila cocktail. I had a glass of a robust red from Chile.

Couldn’t resist ordering the apple roasted pork neck riblets. They came with a special BBQ sauce in a medicine bottle, but the robs were so damn tasty they really didn’t need the (amazing) extra sauce. The flat bread was next level! I’d go back just for the bread!

Fish Tacos, the best both of us have ever had.

The 100yr old Macquarie Hotel on the corner of Goulburn Street and Wentworth Avenue in Surry Hills has reopened with a Caribbean makeover with chef, Paul Wilson (Icebergs, Bar de Thé and Salon de Thé), consulting on the menu with a Latin theme. Wood-smoked barbacoa, slow cooking Australian heritage and sustainable meats in Latin spices over aromatic woods.

Nanami and I checked it out today and we weren’t disappointed! The venue’s awesome, upstairs as well as downstairs. They’ve done a great job theming the interior, it’s so cool in there I’d want to hire it out for my 40th next year! The food was amazing and I can’t wait to go back and try everything else on the menu with a bigger group of friends.


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Mount White Day 4

Low clouds this morning. That view, never the same, always beautiful.

A shot looking back on the house.

Bags packed.

Goodbye Mount White House, you were an awesome home away from home!

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Mount White Day 3

Day 3 started out much like Day 2, in that straight after breakfast Miles wanted to dance to The Gummy Bear Song (be careful with clicking that link, the tune has been caught in my head all day long ahaha).

Super grey day today, but hot nonetheless so we all still hung around the pool. Miles still isn’t quite brave enough to jump in yet, but he loves splashing water all over Richie!


LOL at my Mum’s T-Shirt.

Hey Leo!


Jamie getting rumbled by the boys.

Hey Miles!





Wind picked up a bit in the afternoon so the kite came out!

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