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WTAC 2019 Update

2019-03-18 - Threesome x WTAC 015

2019-03-18 - Threesome x WTAC 020

2019-03-18 - Threesome x WTAC 013

2019-03-18 - Threesome x WTAC 008

2019-03-18 - Threesome x WTAC 012

2019-03-18 - Threesome x WTAC 021

2019-03-18 - Threesome x WTAC 006

2019-03-18 - Threesome x WTAC 007

2019-03-18 - Threesome x WTAC 022

Meeting with WTAC yesterday didn’t go down like I thought it would…

When you’re on the inside you really get to see how hardcore running a huge event like WTAC really is. What you think you know about WTAC gets thrown out the door, and the reality of finding sponsorship money to run the beast becomes excruciatingly clear.

I’ll be designing the new Keiichi Tsuchiya T-Shirt this year, but that’s about it (I’m VERY excited about this as DK is a God to me). Alain Sihaphone has the rest of WTAC covered. Big job, but he’s a big man, so all good!!!

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WTAC 2019


Monday Funday! I’m meeting up with Ian Baker and Alain Sihaphone today to discuss design and marketing ideas for WTAC 2019.

For huge reasons, WTAC almost didn’t happen this year… DO NOT BE one of those people that end up saying “Oh I wish I went to WTAC when it was on…”

I get a LOT of these comments in regards to the old ZEN Garage shop in Leichhardt; “oh wish I went when it was open”, regret is lame AF, and most of the time it can be avoided, so less excuses, just do what you have to do to get to WTAC this year ’cause IMHO, it’s hands down the best automotive event we have on the calendar each year.

More info: World Time Attack Challenge

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The Division 2 is fucking up


First there was maintenance 3 times in a row (nothing worse than finally getting some free time to have a solid sesh only to find servers are down), and now there’s a skills bug which renders the game completely unplayable at higher levels (as your skills work for a few seconds then they literally vanish!).

The bug only just started for me last night, but people have had the bug for the past 3 days. I’d imagine those guys are even more frustrated than I am!

I hate to be nervous… but it’s starting to look like the same old Massive, at it again. Why I thought the company would be any different this year is beyond me… I ‘hoped’ I suppose?!

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Sam Law




Just some logotype mocks for Photographer Sam Law. Struggling to make it legible (the ‘W’ reads like an ‘N’?). Will sleep on it.

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Up in Smoke

Mum just sent me this video from our trip to China late 2017. Had to upload it! Was such an epic moment!

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Threesome.LAB Website


The site is coming along nice! Check out the progress: http://threesomelab.com

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Mie Kocok Bandung



Mum and I haunt this place. It’s down the road from me at Maroubra Junction. We’ve been eating here for years and will continue to do so I’m sure. Visit: https://miekocokbandung.com.au

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Mum drives me everywhere. Time for me to get a car and start driving again me thinks.

David Jivan has moved!



Loving his new office. It’s a house, but has been converted SO well. Heaps of natural light and above all, great vibes!

He’s kept the hole in the wall from his last office!

Mum took me to see David Jivan today. Naturopath Extraordinaire. I had to tell him all about my adventure down to the depths, and my current climb out of the hole. He was shocked, of-course, and sympathetic. He also bolstered me up with extra time to just talk shit, and tell stories. Felt more like a well being spa than an office. Loved every minute of it!

Oh, and I got a few takeaways too. Stuff to help me sleep, stuff to help bring out the good energy, stuff to make my insides better!

Visit: https://www.facebook.com/davidjivannaturopath/

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Inspired by my recent trip to The Brett Whiteley Studio. I pulled the trigger on this Dire Straights LP (CD art would have been way too small!) which features his art.

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