Monday Morning Rant

Monday Morning Rant for the 14th of June 2021.

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Hey Joe Solo

I jam along to this backing track at least once a week and do all sorts of oodles of noodles over it, but in an attempt to get out of my comfort zone and actually learn something new I actually spent an hour today trying to learn the solo note for note.

I found it so hard to do, and failed pretty badly, but as they say, record what you play in order to hear where you have to do better and man. I’m 100% sure with a few more hours I could do a lot better than this!

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Cocktails in Coogee Photoshoot





New photoset with these 2 is up on my Patreon!


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UTL Weekly Reset Wallpaper Design


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Retail Therapy

Just one of those mostly useless late night impulse buys!

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Colonial Leather guitar strap

Feels so good to be supporting Australian Made!


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Epiphone DR-200S





The best things in life are free?

I spotted this left handed acoustic guitar on Facebook Marketplace for $0 last night. “Free to good home, Bronte” the advertisement read. Bronte Beach is a couple of beaches away from Maroubra Beach and how often is it that you find a free guitar, let alone a free left handed guitar out there! I sent Tiffany (the seller) a message to at least offer a bottle of wine in exchange for the guitar, she said no need for the wine, but if I could grab it first thing in the morning it’s all mine so I got up this early, made a bee line for Bronte Beach and the guitar is now mine!

It’s a 2003-2004 Epiphone DR-200S with a solid sitka spuce top, mahogany back & sides, a mahogany neck with a really nice thin SlimTaper “D” profile neck. The rosewood fretboard and bridge were both super dry and soaked up some oil really nicely. Strings are rusty AF and will need replacing but she’s cleaned up really nice!

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TFP – Looking for models to collaborate with


I’m looking specifically to create more content for my Patrons on Patreon and offering free shoots this month, but with a twist. The twist being all final edited shots (I usually do anywhere between 30-50 final edits) are yours to use however you like, be it on your social media, portfolio, Patreon, OnlyFans etc., but I also get to use the final edited shots (which you have complete approval of) on my Patreon. IE: I waver my shooting fee, you get free edited photos. I get to use the approved edited photos on my Patreon.

I shoot out of Maroubra Beach so you will have to be able to make it here for a shoot. I prefer natural light (so sunny days are best), 11am-ish starts, 3-4 outfits over 2-3 hours. I usually take 1-2 weeks at most to finish 30-50 final edited shots (all sent to you via wetransfer). If this is something you might be interested in, or if you have any questions, please send me a DM on my Instagram (or add me on Facebook) to discuss.

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