Photo by Jessica Ta.

All the photos gathered from the Zen Photowalk last weekend are now up on the Zen Blog! Was such an awesome day out, so much luck was on our side, from the rain holding out, to the cops not pressing charges when they caught us breaking into the Rozelle Tram sheds!!! Check out the full feature, it’s a rippa!

Visit: http://www.zengarage.com.au/2014/08/zenphotowalk

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Goodbye NA8C

New owner driving NA8C home.

On a whim the other morning I put up an EOI on my MX-5. I was never meant to sell this car as it’s my second NA8C, and this time I was going to go all the way, flares and a high comp engine. I’d bought some stupid expensive rare parts for this car. Stuff that is totally not worth the money. I even had a spare engine too, but my looming Japan trip (want more spending money!) combined with the loss of Zen Garage as a place to store my cars pushed me to put up an EOI, and as soon as I did the interest came in fast.

$5k, $6k, $7k offers came flying at me. Just when I was going to sleep on the $7k offer an offer of $7500 dropped. I decided to ask for $8k and had a mate keen on the car, as well as a kid who knows the car well, has seen it in real life and he was just waiting for insurance money to clear (as his MX-5 was totalled in an accident which wasn’t his fault). I then got a call whilst I was at Zen from a guy who dropped in and boom, he took it. I feel bad for the kid who really wanted it, and my other mate had taken the cash out and dropped by later that afternoon despite the car already being sold!

It’s amazing what a detailed build thread can do when it comes time to sell a car. The build thread on JDMST was so many pages long. Every time someone asked me about the car I just sent them to the build thread instead.

The snap above is of the new owner driving the car away. Locked into memory now, it’s always sad seeing your cars drive away at the hands of their new owners!

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Mia Mao Mao

Mia Mao Mao now on facebook, tumblr and Instagram!

Had to be done! Mia’s now got her very own facebook page, tumblr and Instagram account!

Like: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mia-Mao-Mao/695893073831537
Follow: http://instagram.com/mia_mao_mao
Follow: http://mia-mao-mao.tumblr.com

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R32 GT-R 25th Anniversary


Skylines Australia (SAU) celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R last Saturday. I really wanted to go and represent, but I’m not a morning person (I get up at 5-6am most morning but don’t get out of the house until 10-11am!).

On Friday night I saw old mate Adrian Hodgson make a call out on his facebook page looking to borrow an R32 GT-R for a day. I knew it had to do with the SAU meet. Adrian’s the editor of Performance Garage Magazine (my car’s on the cover this month btw! Perhaps a blog post on that soon) and turns out he wanted to cover the event.

Without too much thought (because if I think too much I get paranoid and just end up doing nothing at all) I let him take my car to the event. Turns out he hired gun photographer Matthew Everingham to shoot the event too so I’m looking forward to the photos!

For now, enjoy this one shot above by Stefan Trajkovski.

PS: I always love hearing the positive feedback from everyone who gets to drive RB26. Adrian made a lot of mates driving my car (many who thought he was Justin Fox, haha!), many thumbs ups too (I’m always getting the thumbs up when driving this car). Newfound love, the feedback always brings it home!

PPS: The price of these cars (well, my car) is finally going up. Last weekend I received the biggest offer on the car to date. I was tempted… for all of 10 seconds! Haha, the car is not for sale!

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Red Lantern VIP

Yeah you know me!

A while back the Zen crew feasted like Kings at Red Lantern on Riley. The food was mind blowing! We’ve been in touch ever since and we’ve managed to secure a few ZEN GARAGE VIP CARDS to hand out which get you a massive 20% off your meal!!!

What a mad collab! I’m stoked. All orders from our online shop will get a card as of today until they run out!

Check out our review of Red Lantern on Zen Blog.

PS: Could not resist giving the card a spin last night, and had the best catch up with Felix and Di for dinner at Red Lantern on Riley last night. The food was EPIC. The beef, OMFG the beef.

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Zen Garage Leichhardt is now closed for good

A photo I took when we first inspected the warehouse space in Leichhardt.


It’s been a few months coming, and we’ve kept it under wraps as best we could but for over a year we’ve been looking for a new venue and sadly we’ve failed to find the right space. Our lease is up (has been up for a while now) and we’ve had to make a very hard decision, one that none of us have taken lightly, but the decision has been made and we’re letting go of our Leichhardt store.

It’s been an amazing 3 years, opening up with a queue of people on day 1, a plethora of events, special guests, many who have become family and let’s not forget our sick Saturday hangs.

We’d like to sincerely thank everyone who dropped by at some point in the last 3 years. It’s been fucking amazing. Zen Garage will live on, our online shop will continue to run and we’ll soon have even more next level Zen products than ever. Of-course expect us to host and participate at even more events now that we’re not chained to the shop!!!

The Zen Crew.
Justin, Robert & Sergio.

On a personal side note, and completely my own observations and opinions: I can’t understand how ANY small businesses in Australia survive. Online, sure, no overheads, no worries, but having a bricks and mortar business? Forget it! Our insurance incase someone hurt themselves in our space was more than our rent!!!!

We’ve said it so many times before, we’re doing it for the love, but when the government takes so much from your business you’ve got to wonder, 3 years in, whether the love could soon run out.

I’m sad, but at the same time SUPER excited about putting the money saved from closing the physical store back into Zen, big time! A quick trip to Japan next month to energise, then I’m going to fucking slay 2015!!!

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Featured on Whitezine


Great news to kick off this miserably cold and grey day. My photography has been featured on French blog “Whitezine” which has been around since 2009. Props to Joseph Ayoub, the site’s founder on both the feature, and on keeping his blog running strong all this time.

Visit: http://www.whitezine.com/en/photography/justin-fox.html

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BEST OF AUTO – Volume #01


A couple of weeks ago I put a call out to get Automotive Photographers to submit their images for a feature on Zen in an aim to get more traffic to their web sites and Instagram followers.

I’ve always been a massive supporter of the little guy. Most if not all of the creative projects I’ve birthed have been about encouraging young people to create, and giving them a platform to get their work published, sometimes literally on the very same page as some of the world’s best. That goes a long way, seeing your work published right next to your heroes work.

In regards to photography I’ve seen first hand what a little encouragement can do, some of my fave photographers out there right now weren’t great at all when I first started promoting their work, now they’re fucking amazing.

So I knew there would be some great entries! BEST OF AUTO – Best of Automotive Photography Volume #01 is now live! Thanks and congrats to all photographers who submitted a photo!

Visit: http://www.zengarage.com.au/2014/08/best-of-auto-volume-001/

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Spotted on theCHIVE


Forgot to mention, a photo of mine has been spotted on theCHIVE, a site I’d heard of before but never visited. I just took a look, it’s one of those ‘funny images’ sites, probably most popular with young guys. They’ve got over a million facebook fans, which is pretty impressive, what isn’t quite impressive though is they didn’t credit me for using my shot of Jenny snacking on Nutella in my kitchen! Not exactly upset about it, but would have loved the spike in traffic!

View the original feature here: http://thechive.com/2014/08/08/hungry-yet-58-photos-2

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Another Day Another Shoot! Quite a while back Dale from DM Motorsport (who worked the wheel alignment on my MX5) asked me if I’d be keen to shoot his girlfriend Elissa. We never managed to hook it up until today.

Turns out Elissa’s studying graphic design, she also work part time as a Hooters Girl! Surprisingly it was a really tough shoot. Low light which I’m still not 100% comfortable in, and Elissa was super nervous (despite us both sharing an interest in graphic design and me talking my head off as usual!!!). I do pride myself on making my models feel comfortable, and have had such great feedback from the girls I’ve shot with in regards to this, but Elissa’s not a model and I’m not that great with direction, that and the low light made for a lot of shots I just couldn’t use.

In the end I’m glad we moved from the bedroom into the lounge room where I got Elissa to just sit, chill and play with her phone. I took myself out of her face, whacked the 25mm lens on and stood quite far back to capture some of the shots above, which I’m really happy with actually. Little lesson in persistence for me!

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