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The Hustle & Flow Podcast


I really miss doing podcasts, so I absolutely jumped at the opportunity to be on Leslie’s Hustle & Flow podcast and it was a blast!

We talk about life, and stuff!!! Check it out in the links below (let me know what you think!). PS: If you enjoyed it, please share it with your friends!

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/show/3TX5xQfFWLDjErvnXzWbA2?si=Dtd487AHR8q-AmovqgpyqA

APPLE PODCASTS: https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/011-with-justin-fox/id1505479003?i=1000477897482

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Fallout 76


I’m really REALLY enjoying Fallout 76!

I was a massive fan of Fallout 4 (check out my previous Fallout posts here). I fell in love with the world and the characters and I put a lot of hours into that game. I modded the hell out of my game too (being able to modify a game was new to me, it still blows my mind). I even bought and played all previous Fallout games too (yes New Vegas was amazing).

When Fallout 76 launched late 2018 it received a LOT of negative press. One of the things I loved about Fallout 4 the most was the NPC’s and to find out that Fallout 76 wasn’t going to have NPC’s really put the nail in the coffin for me. Fast forward to 2020 and Bethesda has introduced NPC’s to Fallout 76. The game was available for purchase on Steam, discounted too, so I pulled the trigger.

My initial thoughts: I felt like I was playing Fallout 4 again. Same graphics, same janky gun play (coming from Destiny 2 the gun play in Fallout was never going to be great). I instantly missed the theme song from Fallout 4 when launching the game, but the radio still works, and that awesome Fallout 4 vibe of being alone and playing the radio whilst roaming the map was still there.

I started doing the NPC questline and before I knew it I was hooked. So hooked that I stopped playing Destiny 2 all-together and Fallout 76 is now my main game. Within a few weeks I got 2 characters to the level 50+ end game, and both builds are worlds apart. One a bloodied stealth sniper, the other a full health melee build. And speaking of builds, the new perk system is awesome (so too the mutations) and working on a min maxed build to suit my playstyle has been a really rewarding process.

The community is pretty active too, and I’ve spent a lot of time watching great guides on YouTube and checking out other people’s builds on Reddit.

A few days ago I decided to subscribe to a 1 month trial of Fallout 1st. A service which grants Fallout 76 players some pretty huge benefits like currency to spend in the shop, an unlimited junk stash box, the ranger outfit from Fallout New Vegas (this is really why I paid up tbh!) and even a private server. I’ve just managed to influence a few of the boys to also buy the game and we’ve just started playing as a crew on a private server.

Gamer for life? Maybe. Sometimes I game hard, sometimes not at all, but I always feel a little guilty for gaming too much when I do. Either way, right now I’ve got the bug, that’s for sure!

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Art of ZEN | Obsessed | Justin Fox

Cardo has uploaded his final edit on an interview we did a few weeks ago. He’s done a great job! I’m honoured to have such an in-depth video interview about my passion for cars and GT-R’s.

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Shoot with Tori

Wild Child.

New shoot with Tori (who I met through Aspen). We did well for our first shoot! Find all the photos on my Patreon (and her Only Fans) soon!

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Shooting… LOTS!













Shoot shoot shoot shoot. It’s all I’ve been doing lately!!! Find all the uncensored shots on my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/justinfoxphoto

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Asians Out! That’s what I’d see spray painted on the walls in large letters taller than myself all over Anzac Parade Kensington back in the late 80’s. 

In primary school I was one of the only Asian kids and I copped a lot of physical abuse. In early high school (Sydney Boys High) I was also one of a handful of Asian kids (many more Asian students came from overseas in the later years and these days Sydney Boys High seems to be at least 90% Asian), and there too I copped a lot of (mostly daily) verbal abuse. 

I was born in Sydney. My Dad was born in Hong Kong and my Mum was born in Indonesia (both of them came to Australia to work). In my teenage years I wanted so badly to fit in with the Aussie guys. I chased after girls with blonde hair and blue eyes. I smoked cigarettes, weed and drank with the cool kids. 

More and more I broke out of my strict upbringing and instead of being scared of my Dad I got used to rebelling against him which made life pretty hard for him, and I’ll always regret that (he passed away from cancer when I was 18). 

In University I dated my first love (we were together for 7 years). She was from up north, a hippy at heart and about as Aussie as they come. We’d often spend time up north at Sandon River, an old fishing village near Grafton where you had no shops, so fishing for your dinner was a thing. 

Even though I was born in Australia I never felt that I was a true Australian until I met her. She made me appreciate the beach, surfing and the environment like never before, and in turn I helped her to appreciate Asian culture. 

Culture is a fascinating thing. It’s quite stereotypical for Asian people to push non-Asian people into trying chickens feet or century eggs just for a reaction. My Dad loved to eat, and would always want to eat animals he hadn’t ever eaten before. He would always make me eat stuff too; snake soup, sharks fin soup etc. It wasn’t too long ago that I was in Hong Kong, and my ex-fiancee’s father thought it would be fun to check my reaction and treat me to lunch at a very old school restaurant where patrons were still spitting out bones right onto the wooden table top. 

In 2005 we had the Cronulla Riots. Australian Flags were burnt, shit hit the fan and I feel that this was a pivoting point where racism fell off Asians and well and truly set sights on anyone with a Middle Eastern appearance, but with COVID-19, racism against Asians is back.

The Chinese are proud. Tradition is valued above most everything else, but tradition is dying (let’s call this ‘change’). Where my family used to have grandma around to enforce and uphold Chinese traditions, I’ve seen my cousins miss out on these experiences, and without grandma around, these ceremonies and rituals we used to practise are now forever gone.

I’m now feeling some of those same feelings I felt all those years ago when I was bullied in school. I feel uneasy. I feel that the Chinese need to be held responsible. I feel that something has to ‘change’.


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RISE Australia Auction

Just today and tomorrow left for you to grab a piece of art from the RISE online auction!

There are some beautiful pieces waiting to find new homes and hopefully bring happiness into your world (I’m bidding on a few pices for myself and Mum!), in the process they will also help rebuild lives of some of those who were affected by the fires! I know C19 is front of mind for everyone but if you are in a position bid your help will make a big difference.

AUCTION: http://www.32auctions.com/riseexhibition

Video by Spacewalk: https://www.spacewalk.com.au

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Lots of content for Patreon





LOTS of new content coming soon to Patreon! Visit: https://www.patreon.com/justinfoxphoto

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Deadly Envy now on Patreon





The Full Set from my shoot with the amazing Deadly Envy is now live and uncensored on my Patreon as well as her Patreon (she’s only just kicked hers off so expect her to post more content from our shoots as well as selfies and more there). Support us! Links below:

Deadly Envy’s Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/deadlyenvy
My Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/justinfoxphoto

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