Last Light


I’ve been meaning to shoot with Mongolian beauty Rosamina again for a while, but the last 2 dates I’ve bailed out as I’ve just had my mind elsewhere (I’ve been spending SO much time playing The Division the past month. 100% out of control!). We got together last weekend and shot some photos in dying light. We got moody as we always do, here’s just one shot for now. Lovely, right?

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Local Girl Gang




Had a great catch up with Krystal the other day, snuck a little shoot in too. Always re-inventing herself! From dark to light, she’s now quite alright in white!

Full set:

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Adventures with Crumpet!

Dog in a bag! All set, ready to go!

Crumpet loves the car!

Nana and Crumpet at the Airport.

Noms. Big brekkie at 5th Earl, Rosebery.

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Happy B’Day to me!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I’m not massive on celebrating birth days, but I appreciate the love!

Can’t not mention Dad. My father Joe passed away from stomach cancer at the age of 46 when I was 18. His last message to me was to not worry about life without him, and not to worry about getting cancer, and that I will be just fine; “you are lucky”, he told me.

When Dad died I truly gained his strength. I gave myself a deadline of 46 years to do all the things I want to do in life, and fucking hell, at 41 I feel like I’ve done that and SO much more!

So again, thanks to all who wished me a happy B’Day, and thanks to everyone I’ve shared a Zen moment with. I’m so happy with how I’ve turned out (LOL!), and any more time I have in this life is truly just a bonus.


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Festival of 86

R888’s FTW.


Always a soft spot. My first car was a Celica.

Tetsuya Tada and I.

Ved and I covered the Festival of 86 in Canberra last weekend for Toyo Tyres Australia. I got to meet the Toyota 86’s Chief Engineer Tetsuya Tada who Toyota flew in from Japan. Was a great day out in general, no traffic, perfect weather, great food and I especially dug just being in the Caddy with Ved on a road trip!

More photos on Zen! Visit:

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Video: Natasha

A little while back CJ Miles pushed me (not so gently!) to shoot video of her, with Ved’s help the end result came out pretty good! One of the last girls I shot, Natasha, asked for a video too, she specifically had a song in mind for as well (which made it easier), so in between shooting we blasted the song, and I shot some footage, again I handed the footage over to Ved and he worked his magic. Enjoy!

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Nanami & Crumpet

Babes in bed.

Boom! If only Crumpet was looking up!


Nanami’s latest piece. Fucking WOW, right?! She’s beast!

Doggy kinda day! Spent the afternoon with ex-flame/bestie Nanami and her new puppy Crumpet (he’s amaze!!!!!!).

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Will go anywhere/do anything for Fried Chicken

Thirsty Bird with Nanami.

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Meet Charlotte




Mums new doggy! :) Check out her new backyard too! Lovely!

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The One (feat. STAR)

Yesterday I took time out from playing The Division and hung out with Star. We downed a bottle of red by 11AM, bottle of champagne by 1! We started a song from scratch and this is what we came up with.

Please have a listen! Hope you like:

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