Photosets with Viv are up!


I’ve got 2 new photo sets up in my photo folio. One in Foxes, another in Tails! Enjoy!

PS: The uncensored photos and outtakes will make their way to my Patreon and Viv now has a Patreon too! Mine/Hers.

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Threesome Crew

2019-04-15 - Threesome Creative 001

2019-04-15 - Threesome Creative 002

2019-04-15 - Threesome Creative 009

2019-04-15 - Threesome Creative 010

Sniped by Sam Law!

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You left

It’s not often I walk away from a fight, but I’ve been on a WhatsApp Mountain Bike group for the past week which started out good, but after a while it felt like being back on the forums again where some people would put you down for the choices you make for yourself.

IE: Cloak and dagger shit.

There’s been all sorts of pressure to get a new $6,000+ bike (there’s nothing wrong with my old bike!), nbt nbt nbt… I’m like WTF is nbt? NEW BIKE TIME. I bought a new hydration pack, but got bagged out for that as all the new kids are using hydration bum bags these days. It was suggested that I get new tyres as mine are 10yrs old, fair call. I did just that, but now there’s lots of poo poo over my tyre selection.

End of the day I just want to get out and ride. Full stop.

PS: Love this video, reminds me of old times when we stopped to try something gnarly out on the trails, no egos, no pressure (just gentle encouragement!).

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OG JDMST EOMM meet tonight was awesome. Loved running into some faces I’ve not seen in YEARS. Great people, great vibes! Thanks to all who made it happen. So good. My heart can’t take anymore!

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Threesome meeting with Joff of By San Sebastian

2019-04-15 - Threesome Creative 017

2019-04-15 - Threesome Creative 018

2019-04-15 - Threesome Creative 019

2019-04-15 - Threesome Creative 020

2019-04-15 - Threesome Creative 021

Got to stay tight lipped for now, but we had an awesome meeting with Joff of By San Sebastian who brought a whole tonne of energy to the table.

The big man has big ideas! We’re pumped to dive in the deep end!


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Shoot with Viv

On grid in the first few minutes of our shoot yesterday.










It usually takes a little while for me to get in the zone when shooting with my models. Most of the time I get the girls to put on my least favourite outfit first as the first batch of shots are usually throwaway shots, used more to warm up than anything else.

Yesterday I shot with Vivienne Law, who’s more shy than many would realise, but we know each other well and we’ve created some amazing photos that we both love.

These are the very first shots from yesterday’s shoot. I wouldn’t say they’re great shots, far from it, but I’m happy that they’re not as off as most of my early shots on a shoot (added one shot where my grid is on!).

I just thought I’d share! We ended up shooting under the sheets many hours after this shot was taken, and whilst most of the shots are too much for social media we’re planning to kick off Viv’s own Patreon for the more revealing stuff.

I’ll get Viv’s Patreon up later today and post outtakes to my Patreon too.


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LatinPoet at The Whitehouse








Great hangs last night with the LatinPoet Rodrigo Cerda Salas – No doubt about it I knew every song he played, eccentric AF. Loved it!

Follow him:

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My 4th Honda Jazz!





This morning I picked up my new 2019 Honda Jazz VTi-L. I was more than happy to settle for the VTi-S but we got a great deal on the L which has a bucketload more features over the S.

Features over the S:
Paddle shifters
LED high beams
LED daytime running lights
Climate control with touchscreen panel
Smart keyless entry
Push start button
Front seats heating function
Centre fold down arm rest
Black premium fabric
Black leather seats
Leather wrapped gear knob
Front tweeters x 2 (6 speaker vs 4 speaker stereo)
Reverse parking sensors
Security alarm system

It’s a fair bit bigger than my old Honda Jazzes! Drives pretty much the same, body roll aplenty and that vague steering feel is in full effect lol! Should munch up 2 mountain bikes for Loftus rides! Can’t wait to get back on the bike!

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2007 Giant Reign

Neverdie 2007 Giant Reign 1.

I’ve been meaning to get back on the bike as I’ve got an old man belly that just won’t go away. I hate gyms, and exercising for exercising’s sake. For me, fitness has to be a hobby. The skate parks way too hardcore (downtime from injury is a sure way for me to get unfit quick), so I figure cycling is the key.

I’ve got a lovely old 80’s road bike, but doing laps of Heffron, or Centennial Park gets pretty boring fast. I also look ridiculous in cycling shorts, so I figure I get back into Mountain Biking as I love being in nature (one lap of Loftus Oval feels like a trip out of Sydney to me!).

I’ve still got my trusty 2007 Giant Reign. I spent some serious money on this thing over the years. The only component on it that’s standard is the frame, even that’s powdercoated black. The bike was in bits, but I’ve put it together, and with a little bit of TLC it’s come up diamonds.

I’ve almost managed to convince Chris to buy a MTB so we can lob them into my new Jazz and do Loftus rides. Earlier today Chris and I dropped by my local MC Cyclery, turns out Ash from back in the day is working there (hands down legend, best nike mechanic in Sydney!) and he explained that the scene is nothing like it once used to be, and that inflation has hit hard. $3k won’t buy you a top of the line bike these days, now we’re looking at $6k!


You can buy 2 iMacs with that (my iMac is 8 years old and still making moneys!). $6k… you still have to pedal the fucking thing, right?! MC Cyclery don’t cater for the MTB crowd anymore (sad face) but they suggested we drop past Summit Cycles just down the road so we dropped past Summit and fucking hell, bike start at $6k! I’m like WTF! $6k buys you a bike heavier than old school bikes due to bigger wheels, thus bigger forks and such, but hey they’re more comfy like a lounge chair… I was left speechless.

I’m determined to get Chris a bike in the $3k department, as $3k is still a shitload of money to me, but it’s sad to think a Dad has to buy his kid a $6k bike just to get off the streets and out in nature for a ride. Times truly have changed!!!

Will post updates as they come. I’m so keen to ride it’s not funny.

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My 4th Honda Jazz


Spent a bit of time on Carsales every single day for the last month. First with $5k to spend, and later with a $20K budget thanks to Mum (she’s been driving me everywhere for the past few years!).

At $5k I was looking at an NA MX5 or a Yaris, but the $20K budget had me looking at everything from M3’s to Clio Cups… I was losing my mind!

In the end I think I’ve done the grown up thing and bought myself my 4th Honda Jazz, brand new from Suttons City Honda. The sales guy had a hard time (as I wasn’t at all excited about buying another Jazz lol) and we walked out of there with a great deal.

I take delivery of it on Friday if all goes to plan. The 5 year warranty will hopefully stop me from modding it. My next step is to put my mountain bike back together for Loftus rides!

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