Ogilvy Talk

Ogilvy entrance.

Hey it’s Brian! Brian was speaking too, about his new company Common Ventures.

Aus Infront on the big screen.

I’m on a high from a talk I gave at Ogilvy earlier today. Every fortnight Ogilvy have a Lunch & Learn event where everybody gets together and somebody presents on a chosen topic. The whole point is not just to learn, but be inspired.

I was invited to talk on the topic of Start-Ups / Small Businesses. Basically following your passion/dream, breaking out of the mould, pursuing something, tuning it into a business and making it successful.

Of-course I had a lot to say about the topic. Starting with Australian INfront through to Zen Garage, of finding happiness by being in the moment of doing what you love.

Conversations with Pauline helped to get me in the right frame of mind for this talk. I found myself patting myself on the back driving on route to Ogilvy, not just after the talk driving home.

I only had 15 minutes. I’m more used to having an hour to present! I had to take big chunks out, but I shared a little, showed a little and I had an absolute blast. A quick Q&A at the end let me say a little bit more, which was great. I just wished there was more time as I love any opportunity to speak (haha!).

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Cam Tu Nguyen



























Last Sunday I had a shoot with Cam Tu Nguyen, a girl who I’ve featured on Zen Garage before (shot by Nic Mesker, Cam is one of Nic’s fave muses). Cam came around in the morning. I was still on a high from the shoot with Pauline, and like that shoot, Cam and I just ended up having a great D&M straight off the bat. We could have chatted all day (well, we did actually!), but we thought we’d make the most of the amazing weather and shoot outdoors (something I’ve not done with a model yet), but like I said… I was on a high from shooting with Pauline, who’s been mentoring me a little and my newfound confidence is helping me to try new things without fear.

We drive down to Botany and did a small trek down to some rocks. The initial idea was to get to the old war bunkers but Cam was in heels, which made it pretty much impossible (next time!). We grabbed some burgers at some point, then rattled off a few shots at home. Feeling adventurous we then shot in my R32 Golf. Again, something I never really wanted to do. Photos of girls with cars just don’t do it for me, most of the time they’re pretty tacky, but I reckon we pulled it off in style and they’re some of my fave pics from the day.

I’ll be sure to shoot with Cam again. Was super fun and felt a lot more like hanging out than working, which is exactly how I want it to be!

Be sure to follow Cam on Instagram: http://instagram.com/camm_n

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Photoshoot: Pauline Nguyen – Yoga Session












Today I had a photoshoot with restaurant owner, author and international speaker Pauline Nguyen of Red Lantern. Pauline’s such an inspirational woman! I absolutely love how she carries herself. She’s an awesome listener (I talked a LOT!), but when she opens her mouth to say something I’M ALL EARS! I really enjoyed talking with her pre and post shoot just as much as taking photos of her in silence whilst she was doing her (quite intense) yoga routine.

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Family Lunch at Red Lantern on Riley

Chef Luke Nguyen and Lely the B’Day girl.

Co-owner of Red Lantern (and Luke’s sister) Pauline Nguyen, Lely and her husband Bernard.

The sisters and Luke (that’s my mum on the far right!).

My relos are always pushing it with the dirty jokes. Their heads are in the gutter I swear! Lely’s pressie, some edible nipple tassels!

Celebrated my Aunt Lely’s B’Day today at Red Lantern on Riley. My family are very used to choosing where to eat, but for the first time I felt like I got a word in and I’m glad I did as they all absolutely loved the food, and the company too as both Luke and Pauline Nguyen were in the house!

My 3rd time eating there now, and I am still in awe of how amazing the food is (yes, the beef, oh my fucking god the beef!!!).

For more info, visit: http://www.redlantern.com.au/riley

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NINJAS @ Zen Garage, one last hoorah!

NINJAS @ Zen Garage last night.

Back in 2011 when we first opened up we had the NINJAS over to bless our space (revisit that feature here). Back then we didn’t have our shop fit out installed, we basically had an empty space, so it seems fitting that we invite the NINJAS back one last time now that Zen is completely empty again.

As expected, seeing the space so empty stirred up a few emotions. Zen Garage is but a shadow of the space it once was, the logos on the walls are the only real remnants of Zen, and as strong as they are they don’t carry across that great Zen vibe without all the other goodies we managed to cram into our man cave over the past 3 years.

Like the first time, we ordered Pizza and again we had no table or chairs to eat it on, but the great company, conversation, food, tunes and beers helped get our minds off the empty space that once was Zen Leichhardt.

Soon after dinner we got the Pedalkhana going. A course which saw a fast slalom through the pylons, a slow and slippery figure 8 through some posts then a roll up a couple of down low ramps into the office through to a step drop off into the finish line.

The first round saw contestants use their bike of choice, the second round was much the same except riders weren’t allowed to set a foot down (if they did they were instantly disqualified). The third round levelled the playing field and saw all competitors use the funny bike!

View the full feature on Zen Blog: http://www.zengarage.com.au/2014/08/ninjas-zen-garage-the-last-hoorah

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Star Projector

Alain and Glenn following the video installation guide.

We have light!

Almost there!

As soon as it was finished we turned the lights out in the lounge room and… Boom!!!

We then went to the bedroom to test it out, awesome!


I stumbled on some images of a bedroom on tumblr lit up with the galaxy, after some hunting around I found the device! It’s a cheap LED powered light which you have to build on your own. The instructions are rubbish (they’re wrong) but there’s an easy to follow video online which makes putting this gizmo together quite easy (not that I did a thing, Alain and Glenn made it!).

The results are stunning! Can’t wait to do a shoot with it!

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Photoshoot with Ari Putnam




















Had a great shoot at the beach house yesterday with actress Ari Putnam, who brought a LOT of energy to the shoot. Ari also brought a whole suitcase full of gear. You’d think she was moving in! Lots of great Black Milk stuff which was fun to shoot. Be sure to follow her on instagram: @ariputnam.

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All the photos gathered from the Zen Photowalk last weekend are now up on the Zen Blog! Was such an awesome day out, so much luck was on our side, from the rain holding out, to the cops not pressing charges when they caught us breaking into the Rozelle Tram sheds!!! Check out the full feature, it’s a rippa!

Visit: http://www.zengarage.com.au/2014/08/zenphotowalk

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Goodbye NA8C

New owner driving NA8C home.

On a whim the other morning I put up an EOI on my MX-5. I was never meant to sell this car as it’s my second NA8C, and this time I was going to go all the way, flares and a high comp engine. I’d bought some stupid expensive rare parts for this car. Stuff that is totally not worth the money. I even had a spare engine too, but my looming Japan trip (want more spending money!) combined with the loss of Zen Garage as a place to store my cars pushed me to put up an EOI, and as soon as I did the interest came in fast.

$5k, $6k, $7k offers came flying at me. Just when I was going to sleep on the $7k offer an offer of $7500 dropped. I decided to ask for $8k and had a mate keen on the car, as well as a kid who knows the car well, has seen it in real life and he was just waiting for insurance money to clear (as his MX-5 was totalled in an accident which wasn’t his fault). I then got a call whilst I was at Zen from a guy who dropped in and boom, he took it. I feel bad for the kid who really wanted it, and my other mate had taken the cash out and dropped by later that afternoon despite the car already being sold!

It’s amazing what a detailed build thread can do when it comes time to sell a car. The build thread on JDMST was so many pages long. Every time someone asked me about the car I just sent them to the build thread instead.

The snap above is of the new owner driving the car away. Locked into memory now, it’s always sad seeing your cars drive away at the hands of their new owners!

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Mia Mao Mao

Mia Mao Mao now on facebook, tumblr and Instagram!

Had to be done! Mia’s now got her very own facebook page, tumblr and Instagram account!

Like: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mia-Mao-Mao/695893073831537
Follow: http://instagram.com/mia_mao_mao
Follow: http://mia-mao-mao.tumblr.com

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