Donut Garage






Dropped in to the opening of Donut Garage in Marrickville this morning. Great vibes. Awesome donuts!

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Tubeless Fail

Clickety Clack.

Rotor crankset.


Welp, had to happen at some point, but I scored a flat tyre today whilst doing laps around Centennial Park. I scored the flat a couple of laps in and half a lap away from my car, and what’s worse is I was just trying out my new Specialized S-Works Torch road shoes (what’s next? Lycra?!) and as expected, there’s just no way you can walk in these fucking things! I ended up taking them off and walked around the park bare foot, and you know what? It was nice (I feel grounded lol!).

I’m trying here, to be less stubborn and at least give new technologies a go, but nah fuck that. Tubes are going back in ASAP.

PS: These shoes are awesome. I’ve got wide feet and these shoes come in a wide version and the fit bang on. They’re a lot stiffer soled than the Adidas Velosamba’s and clicking into and out of them is way harder than MTB SPD’s but I like this. The new carbon deep wheels are awesome too. Crosswinds weren’t an issue, love the hollow sound they make. The freehub isn’t anywhere near as loud as I thought they would be, but that’s probably a good thing!

PPS: Also got some more fixie parts in. A Rotor crankset + Brotures pedals and straps from Japan. Just waiting on wheels for the fixie now so I can start the build!

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Specialized Allez Sprint – ENVE Foundation Collection 65 Carbon Tubeless Disc Wheelset

ENVE 65’s, ENVE tyres (running tubeless now) + a 100mm 12 degree stem.

New rotors.


Dropped in to see Sam at CCACHE today to pick up the bice! Looks unreal, will have to test ride ASAP.


2022 Specialized Allez Sprint Comp in Tarmac Black/Brushed Foil.

GROUPSET: Shimano 105 11-speed 165mm crank arms, 52/36T, 11-28t, Shimano 105 R700 Carbon Pedals.

WHEELS & TIRES: ENVE 65 Foundation, ENVE SES 27mm, Lightweight Road Tubes 80mm valve, Shimano 160mm RT-CL900 Ice-Tech Centerlock Disc Rotor.

Specialized Shallow Drop handlebars (6061, 70x125mm, 31.8mm clamp), Body Geometry Power Sport saddle (steel rails), CCACHE x Kalloy Uno V2 Stealth Stem -12 Degrees, Supacaz Super Sticky Kush bartape, S-Works Tarmac Carbon seat post (20mm offset), AliExpress carbon cages, Lead Out Eco-Bottles.

FACT Carbon, 12x100mm thru-axle, flat-mount disc.

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Fo Shizzle My Grizl

I love this thing more every time I ride it!

Reward for laps.

Daily driven. Nick’s S3.

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Yum Cha with Nana and Mac



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Have a great day all!


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More goods for the Dosnoventa

The weight weenie in me had to have these. Probably the lightest brake levers in the world at 46g a pair. Definitely the sexiest!

Izumi Mash chain and Ultegra calipers.

Picked up these goodies from CCACHE this morning. The Extralite Ultralever 3’s are so sexy and so god damn light in the hand, you wouldn’t believe it if you picked them up. As much as I love weight weenie culture, the Dosnoventa isn’t going to be light, and I hate giving up strength and functionality (especially with brakes!) for weight savings, but they look so hot and they were in stock so I caved.

I had my mind set on some Dura Ace calipers, but they weren’t in stock so I picked up this Ultra set instead. Forgot to also buy some pads for carbon wheels, will have to pick them up next week.

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Shaun’s Triumph


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Saturday hangs at CCACHE

My ENVE 65 wheels are in!

Trying on a 100m -12 degree stem (PS: Sam is the man!).

No turning back now. Chop chop!

Spent the morning at CCACHE. Got to meet Sam the mechanic (he’s such a rad dude!) and holy shit small world stuff, my mate Sean who I met through my ex-fiance Christina when she worked at Saatchi works at CCACHE! Good vibes. Jing has done so well with the shop.

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Goodies in the mail

Grips from Blue Lug Japan.

All familiar quality MTB stuff from back in the day, the mountain biker in me wouldn’t have it any other way.

Bits and pieces for the Dosnoventa LA are starting to come in the mail. I won’t be building this bike myself, but the best man will be! More news on that when we get there. Excitement!

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