Nanami Cowdroy x Chatswood Westfield








So proud of my little kumquat Nanami Cowdroy who’s artwork is splattered all over Westfield Chatswood!!! She’s killin’ it. Holy Shit! We’re all killin’ it!

More photos:

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NFSZEN – Heasman Steering Video

Heasman Steering video by Selectnine. Enjoy!

You can view the full feature here:

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Jigging School with Madeleine







Spent a couple of hours earlier this morning shooting with Madeleine down at the rocks in front of my place. There’s a secret little path which starts at the road and leads down the cliff face to a private little nook which reminds me a lot of smoking ciggies in the bushes during high school, or jigging school to hang out at the lake across the road.

PS: Madeleine’s face… IT’S AMAZING! Shooting was such a nice break from all the NFS stuff I’ve been working on lately!

Full Set is up here:
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Need for Speed x Zen Garage – Crew Create Week 1

Welcome to week 1 of Need for Speed – Crew Create. First up, wheels! We’ve got 3 choices; Rays TE37SL’s, Rays 57DR’s and Fifteen52 Tarmacs! Check out this video to learn more & how get involved.

Also, the most creative reasons for your choice of wheels will be rewarded with an ‪#‎NFSCC‬ prize, so be sure to comment here, under the video on the official Need for Speed Facebook Page for your chance to win.

More info + terms and conditions:

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HOT HOT HOT! BBQ in a heatwave? Probably not the most logical move!

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From game to reality! Thanks to for making this happen!

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Photoshoot with Melisa Mendini



Not shot a girl in a while! Today I shot with Czech pornstar/erotic/glamour model Melisa Mendini (aka Kristina Uhrinova who’s a friend of Markéta who I shot earlier this year). Loved her accent! She loooooved Mia (turns out she dreams of opening her own pet store).

Full Set here (and a naughtier set here).

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Nuvo 16 update



Lots more corals for the Nuvo! :)

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Need for Speed x Zen Garage S15 Build Kicks Off!

And in 360!

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People to thank

s15 (1)

The Need for Speed x Zen Garage S15 Build Project hasn’t officially kicked off yet (kicks off next week!) but I’ve already got a few people to thank!

The budget is tight, timeframe is damn short too (4 weeks!), but the support is there and I’ve been overwhelmed by how many local businesses want in to help out on this build!

Many thanks to Ved at Selectnine for being my wingman on this project. To Pete at Hypertune for stopping all work and letting us film in their amazing workshop. To Zi, Yonas, David, Adam and Kiet at JDMyard for all the advice and parts, to Chris for staying up late after hours to work on the car at Heasman Steering, to Budi at Autotechnik Tuning for wheels, to Leo at JDM Concept for parts, to Toyo Tyres for tyres and to Chern at RWB Australia for wheels too.

Cant wait to get started!!!

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