Photoshoot with Krystal


Last year’s housemate Krystal crashed over last night. Red wine, ciggies, D&M’s and an impromptu midnight shoot. We tried to channel Terry Richardson (I’m a huge Terry fan and have wanted to have a go at his style for some time now). Really happy with how the shots turned out considering I’ve never shot with a flash before, managed to get that really sharp shadow reminiscent of Terry’s work.

More photos:

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Photoshoot with NYC Model Bri




Rad shoot with NYC Model @zz.bri last week. Picked her up from the airport, she treated me to breakfast (food before a shoot! I love this girl!), then straight into it. She’s such an amazing mover, all I had to do was snap away!

Love how the shots turned out, will leave them largely unedited as I feel I nailed them on the day. Full set up on my photo folio soon!

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Martin Steel String Backpacker Guitar


I’m on a roll. Spotted this on eBay and had to have it. It’s so weird and wonderful! Sounds a bit shit, but hey it’s tiny, and comes with a lovely little bag and strap too. Will definitely be travelling with this guitar instead of my $2 market cheapy I’ve been holding onto for all these years.

PS: Still on the hunt for a GREAT left handed acoustic guitar. One day!

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Westone Thunder IA Bass



Being a left handed guitarist sux balls. All those times when some fucker who can’t play whips out a guitar at the end of a party, but you can’t play it because it’s upside down, and all the times I’ve walked into a guitar store only to find a billion amazing right handed guitars and 3 shit lefties.

I’m always scouring eBay for left handed guitars. I tend to lean towards the $500-$1000 bracket (if I didn’t spend so much money on “cheap” guitars I’d have my ultimate American Strat by now!). Last week I came across this beauty! A Japanese made Westone Bass (they went down in the 80’s). I’ve never owned a bass guitar and I won this baby for $150!!!

When I went to go pick it up I was greeted by an old Italian man. We got chatting and it turns out the guy moved to Australia and landed a job as a session bassist. He’s been a professional bass guitarist his whole life and this particular bass has played gigs with Tina Turner and Roy Orbison! FUCKING WOW! He used to play it on a boat a lot too, and when the seas got wild he’d find the bass on the floor at times, so it’s got a lot of battle scars, which I love! The action on it is SO LOW, and was set up by a Fender technician who was a good friend of his.

What a score, what a story! Love!

PS: Click here for more info on the guitar.

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Photoshoot with Cordy and her R32










I’m not a huge fan of photos of girls with cars. Love some of the retro stuff (and all of the Pirelli Calendars!), but bad taste workshop girly calendars have ruined it for me.

Always up for a challenge though! Our shop manager Cordy asked me to shoot her and her car which now rolls on Toyo tyres. Safety counts so it wasn’t hard to convince Cordy to pay a little more and go for a quality tyre rather than a no-brand cheapy!

I love telling stories with my image sets so I played to my strengths, and that means mostly leaving the finals as shot (I wasn’t about to go all automotive photographer mode and start removing reflections and other imperfections!).

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Rosamina – Video

Rosamina from Zen Garage on Vimeo.

Shot some gorgeous footage of Rosamina last shoot, handed it over to Ved and he’s worked his magic on it once again! Video by me, music by me, editing by Selectnine. X.

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Rosamina for Self~Control Magazine


Published! Chuffed! Visit:

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Track Day Essentials


Due to popular demand we’ve printed another 50 ZEN x TOYO Track Day T’s (for safety reasons you have to wear long sleeves when driving on the circuit). They sold out overnight last time so I expect these to sell out pretty quick too.

Still so chuffed to have Toyo as a sponsor. Sounds crazy, but I swear I love the brand more than they do!!!

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Music Room

Blank canvas.

Hunting in Newtown.

What a find!

Lunch break at Belfield on Botany.

Off to a great start!


Ocean views… so melancholy!

Love the colour of copper!

I’ve decided to move the music set-up from the lounge room (I stubbornly thought it would be a great idea to use the lounge room but I’m starting to acquire too much gear!) to the spare room.

Today Star and I spent the day brick-a-brack shopping around Newtown, Tempe and Waterloo for stuff in an attempt to make this music room something special. We just had one of those awesome days where shit off the shelves leaped out at us and we pulled the trigger on heaps of stuff (except a gorgeous leather couch which I might have to go back for tomorrow!).

The room is coming together so nice! We can’t wait to christen it with a song!

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It’s the me! Toyota T86RS Video

Man! I had no idea they had so many cameras going on the day! SUCH A GREAT LITTLE VIDEO! Props to Toyota, big time! Full Feature on Zen:

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