Cacia Zoo x Krysti Mclellan x Audrey




Krysti and I have been meaning to shoot for years. Today it finally happened! Krysti’s selfies are AWESOME. She’s the selfie queen. Heaps of emotion. I love at least 80% of all her selfies. Put her in front of the lens though and she stiffens up! We didn’t quite get there today, but hey, we’re close and we will get there eventually! I definitely got some great shots though and I’m looking forward to uploading them, hopefully tomorrow some time.

Just as our shoot finished Cacia Zoo flew back in to town from Noosa (where she was shooting too). I got Cacia to meet me at Krysti’s place, and snapped this fun sequence of shots of the girls posing with Audrey, Krysti’s awesome KE55.

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Photoshoot: Dayanne





In the whirlwind that was February 2015 I’d forgotten all about this awesome shoot I had with Dayanne. She works for one of the largest magazine publishers in town, and reached out after seeing images from my shoot with Kimmy.

We’d been chatting on Facebook Messenger for a while, and though nervous, she agreed to a shoot. It was a really nice day on the day of the shoot so I grabbed a doona and we shot out in my backyard. Great conversations, she’s got a beautiful soul and I love how the photos turned out. The full set is up here:

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ES03: Dan Boud – LYNX Expression Series Book



When I got back form Melbourne last night there was a parcel waiting for me from LYNX. I knew exactly what it was going to be! The LYNX Expression Series had Photographer Extraordinaire Dan Boud take a portrait of me and the photos have been printed in this limited edition book. One for my mum me thinks!

You can view the book online here:

Where do you live? I live in Maroubra Beach, Sydney. Moved here over 10 years ago now (was previously living in the city). Very much in love with the sunlight, fresh air and sleeping to the sound of waves crashing.

What do you do? What don’t I do?! I sincerely do what I love and through Zen Garage (my latest and perhaps last project) I’ve found a way to combine all my passions into the one project where I’m free to promote whatever it is I’m into at this very moment.

Any claim to fame? I founded the Australian Infront design community in 1999 (it’s still running today). That got me places and helped me to learn how to build communities (I now run quite a few). Infront got me on the cover of the Sydney Morning Herald twice and helped to get my work published in magazines as well as speaking at Semi-Permanent Design Conference in front of 3,000 people.

What inspires you? Family and my upbringing mostly. I’m a child of the 80′s. All the stuff my Dad was into when I was a kid I’m into now. Cars, bikes. I was a skater and still love skate culture today. I used to be in a 3-piece rock band in university and still play the guitar these days. I’m also really inspired by Japanese culture (I used to do trips to Japan every year as a kid as my parents did business there).

How do you express yourself? Online, mostly. I’ve become a bit of a social media marketing expert, and have been coined a social media influencer. I’m not massive on taking selfless though. I’m more into blogging (I find it therapeutic and I love that I’m documenting my life), and for the past 6 months I’ve been getting into photography a lot (specifically shooting models).

Does what you wear reflect your personality? I don’t think so. I used to wear it on the outside when I was younger. Heels, leggings, dreads. I wasn’t quite punk, or goth, just somewhere in between. These days I tend to wear only black, white or grey and I very rarely wear anything with prints on it (unless it’s my own Zen merchandise which also only comes in black, white and grey).

What’s the one article of clothing you can’t live without? That’s a tough one! Probably my black Levi’s 510′s.

What style trends should we look out for in 2015? Personally. I think much more black and white. People just look better in it. When I see kids wear my Zen gear they 100% look better in it that wearing T’s with cars or bikes on their chests (sure I love cats but I’m not about to wear a jumper with cats all over it).

Is there an “Australian style for men” and if so what does it mean to you? I’m guilty of it myself, but it’s overwhelming how many guys just revert to wearing a T-Shirt, jeans and sneakers.

What’s your go-to gadget?
iPhone, for sure. MacBook a close 2nd.

Got body art? (if yes) What do you love about it? Tough stickers. No bull, they make me feel stronger.

Any stories about some of the art? I have a few pieces, all of which were done on the night (a year after) between my Father’s passing away and Kurt Cobain’s passing away. They all represent Yin Yangs to me (at least in my mind). One is an MC Escher piece featuring 4 lizards in a circle, another is a biohazard symbol and another is Itchy & Scratchy fighting in a cloud of arms and legs, bombs and knives.

Got a beard? (if yes) What’s with the Beard? I don’t have a chin, so I have a beard.

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Photoshoot: Maya & Katana




I’ve just uploaded the full set of photos from my Katana shoot with Japanese model Maya Kaneko. We took a fair few more shots without the sword elsewhere in the house, but in the end I’ve decided to just use the Katana shots as they make for a pretty strong standalone set (first world problems!). View the full set:

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Bridgestone Adrenalin POTENZA RE003 Test Day

I had very little sleep (3-4hrs) but was feeling AOK. In the morning we caught up with Jared from Downshift (QLD) who landed at midnight last night.

Mix Master Alain at it again, this time en route to Calder Park.

Calder Park has to be one of the most run down circuits I’ve ever seen. Mad Max comes to mind. Post Apocalyptic!

We were greeted by the cars we were going to be driving. WRX’s and Golf GTI’s on the new Bridgestone Adrenalin POTENZA RE003′s as well as competitor tyres.

Still don’t like this car. It’s just so stylistically awkward.

I was so looking forward to driving the GTI.

Lightning bolts! Love the tread pattern and square semi-slick like sidewall.

Into the WRX I get, and boom! The Fox!


Our group hit the wet slalom first. Whilst the competitor tyre was fun as I managed to get the car to lose traction and get into a four wheel drift, this wasn’t what we were here for. The Potenza was the clear winner with much more direct steering and much smaller steering input (much smaller steering wheel adjustments).

The next test was dry slalom where we got up to much higher speeds. The competitor tyre was awesome, and predicable, but it scrubbed off speed on each direction change whereas the RE003 didn’t. Both winners on this test I thought, though the RE003 definitely won the test (and had the WRX showing off much more body roll due to more grip).

The last test involved a fast 80km lane change which made for some pretty crazy sideways action with the competitor tyre (smashing cones down like bowling pins!). The RE003 smashed the competitor tyre in this test. Definitely the biggest difference out of all 3 tests on the day, and definitely the most fun too.

We were asked not to use our driving skills to avoid hitting cones, and instead hit 80km/hr and literally yank the wheel as hard as we could, thus simulating avoiding kids running across the road for example. After this we were treated to some heated track battles on the full circuit between the competitor tyre and the RE003. This had everyone on the day truly appreciating how awesome the RE003 was, and also how amazing the Golf GTI was. The MK7 just feels so fast, fun, playful and light (IE: It shat all over the WRX).

We wrapped up the day with some filming, and at the carpark we spotted this amazing Honda Beat owned by Grant from Gripshiftslide.

So good!

As wide as 3 license plates. Check the lines on the ground, that’s a standard car park space!

So rad, and still a work in progress.

We smashed a few drinks with the Full Boost boys, then we were off for more drinks at the airport.

Landed in Sydney. I’m SO over planes. We almost missed this one, getting in trouble with the people at security check for being so late and literally running our asses off onto the tarmac to board the plane (lol).

PS: Yes. I had to buy a set of RE003′s for my Golf. I’m almost down to the canvas and have been meaning to get new tyres for ages! I’m really looking forward to getting these babies on my car ASAP!

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Melbourne Day 1

On a plane, again. Nuts… right?!

Berty from Cars For Hope, Cam from ClubITR, Alain, Rob and Sean from Motorculture and Photographer Matthew Everingham on Tiger air.

Hello again Melbourne!

Our chariot.

Now a Zen Chariot.

Staying at the Quest, at the airport. Whaaaat?! Nice room but, even better room mate.

No food around the airport so we went out hunting. Mix Master Alain put some Beastie Boys on, we had arrived.

Money wall at Lazy Moe’s, a huge food stop we saw on the side of the road.

The menu was HUGE.

MB long necks (so much better than VB!) one for each of us!

V8 Supercar Driver for TEKNO Autosports Jonathon Webb, our pro driver for tomorrow’s drive day.

Chicken Parma, as huge as the menu!

And I’m jet setting again! This trip had initially been planned for QLD, but the cyclone hit, and it not only got postponed to after I got back from Sweden, but moved to Calder Park in Melbourne.

We’ll be testing new tyres on the circuit. I’m tired and still very much recovering from my Sweden trip, but hey… I’ll recover later!

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EOMM February

Dat Sunset.

So whilst I was away in Sweden I missed my own car meet, but thanks to a great team of people I can rely on (I call them friends!), the meet went on and it looked like a great one despite the rain. More photos can be found on EOMM.

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Photoshoot with Maya Kaneko

Maya x Katana.

I landed yesterday morning but slept all day yesterday day, and also slept well last night. I woke up from a dream I had with Robbie in it, then I grabbed my phone and it was Robbie welcoming me back home! It’s freaky how connected to the world I am right now! Robbie and Krysti came over, we had some Brewristas cold drip (aw yeah!) and a great little catch up.

I then got a message form Maya who was on her way over for our shoot! DAMN IT! Google Calendar hadn’t changed time zones and I’d completely forgotten about the shoot! I cleaned up the house a little and bam, Maya and I were shooting with the Katana (culturally correct! Japanese girl with Katana! Yew!). She’s a rad girl, we clicked and I’m looking forward to uploading the shots we took. Here’s a teaser for now. More to come!

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Happy Birthday Dad

Today my Dad would have been 68 years old! R.I.P. Joe, always in my heart.

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Mia Mao Mao x Anne-Marie in Motion

My photo of Anne-Marie feeding Mia (in my kitchen).

Sydney based film producer Dennis Ardel came across my photo (pictured above) of Ann-Marie La Dupont on tumblr (you can view the full set here), he was inspired to turn it into a video, and managed to track both Ann-Marie and myself down, and a few weeks ago we got together at my house and this is the end result! Hope you love it as much as I do (Mia’s a star!).

Timeline – Short Film from Dennis Ardel on Vimeo.

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