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New photoshoot with Viv will be up on my Patreon this week!

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R.I.P. Olivia.

I grew up on Grease. And Olivia was Caryn’s (my ex-girlfriend of 7 years) next-door-neighbor.

Super sad.

Grease is a great movie (and I hate musicals). Conceptually a lot of the movie resonated with me later on in life.

Danny (John Travolta) falls in love with Sandy (Olivia Newton-John) on a summer break, but when they go back to school, he had to be one of the boys. Too cool for school. He had to treat her mean to be cool with the guys and it crushes her.

I’ve been there so many times since. I’ve sometimes loved being with a girl in isolation, but mentally was unable to stop thinking about what others would thought about her and I together.

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Diablo Immortal Art



Just some art I made for “Australia”, the Diablo Immortal clan I’m in.

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Rest in peace Chris

I love cancer! Said no one ever.

For the first time in a long time I struggled this past week. I couldn’t sleep. I had no energy.

For the last few days I’ve been thinking about taking my bipolar/antidepressant meds again, if anything just to get some solid sleep, but last night some friends let me know that our high school mate Chris passed away, and well, there it was.

On hearing this news I felt the need to find relief so I recorded this video last night. As cathartic as my Monday Morning Rants are for me I still found the need to call a friend before bed last night (you know who you are, thank you).

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Lunch Date with Viv at Cafe Sydney












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Photoshoot with Marina Glam







Always a little nervous to shoot with someone I’ve never shot with before as I never ever get the best shots on the first shoot, but shooting with little Thai pocket rocket Marina was a tonne of fun!
Shooting is still what I do to get paid. Selling the GT-R has really taken the pressure off but hey, if you feel like supporting me and my work, you can find all of my photo sets on my Patreon (I update it daily!).

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ZEN PODCAST #41 – Willy Lizar

I get to know Willy Lizar, my designated Signature Sound writing buddy.

Turns out we have a lot in common; a love of The Matrix, the UFC, an Indonesian Chinese background, addictive personalities and a shared loss of loved ones.

We have an open discussion about drugs, hitting rock bottom, death, and overcoming the fear of death. Heavy stuff, but only if you choose to look at it that way!

Be sure to check out and follow Willy’s YouTube channel: Home Chef Willy

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Art Helps Heaps – Gemma O’Brien



I’m forever a fan of the amazing work of Gemma O’Brien and couldn’t resist buying this piece she did with Art Helps Heaps. All net profits from the sale of the print was donated to Rare Voices Australia too!

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Monday Morning Rant – Diablo Immortal Clan Dramas

Games are meant to be fun, right?!

A mate asked me this morning how my week was. I replied with “pretty shitty” as there’s been some dramas in relation to the clans I’m involved with in Diablo Immortal.

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Tone is in the fingers

I’ve finally started writing!

I’m writing a piece in response to the question, “What do you sound like when you speak?”. The piece will be published in a book to be released by Christmas this year!

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