Lamspeed Logo Mocks


Late last year I took on Star as a junior and I’ve been consistently mentoring her ever since. We’ve been taking on whatever jobs we can get our hands on (it’s not about making money right now, but all about the experience!), and we’re really getting somewhere!

Check out this initial round of mockups (rough sketches) for Lamspeed Racing. We’re also working on an awesome foodie related job atm, refreshing for Star as she’s been mostly doing blokey design work lol.

If you need design work done, or know of anyone who does, feel free to get in touch if you like what you see.

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Nanami’s B’Day Cruise

















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PC Build: ZEN PC

Goods are in! Massive order from MSY.

I think PC stuff is pretty ugly, from the packaging design right through to product design, but I won’t lie, this thing looks like it belongs on my car not my PC! Pretty fucking sick!

EVO, Turbo… what’s going on here?!

Had no idea what I was doing, never built a PC before, but I’m not lazy when it comes to research. It’s amazing how much you can learn with a bit of light reading and watching YouTube videos.

She turned on first go! No bad burning smells, all good! Pat on the back for succeeding in building my first PC. Massive thanks to Ved from Selectnine for not only putting the general list for this build together, but also lending a hand to be there during install from hardware through to software setup (he was my QA Inspector!).

Testing testing 123. Man she runs super cool. 43 on idle, and up to 70 when playing The Division (ON ULTRA!!!!!).

The case sits between the couch and the TV, making it possible for cables to reach the couch if need be (charging controllers, corded headsets etc).

I hid the Logitech main control unit under my Stormtrooper helmet, it’s the little things!

The NZXT case came with a cool magnetic gizmo which lets you hang your headphones, very nice.

The case is pretty wild at night, maybe it needs even more LED’s!



I’ve used a Belkin USB hub to hide the XBOX and Mouse/Keyboard wireless dongles in the book shelf.

Ahhhhh, WE DID IT!

Now to finally play DOOM (thanks again for the copy Bethesda!), which came on a CD (Ved’s last PC didn’t have a drive!).

The Division on ULTRA, on my couch, with a controller. WE DID IT! The console killer, now a reality. I’m so happy with this PC Build; which all went super smooth amazingly.

No blood, sweat or tears were had. Initially I was sure Ved was going to build it for me, but you know me… once the goods came in I was ripping boxes to get my hands dirty, next minute I’d built it as far as I could go, but had a couple of cable connections I wasn’t so sure about so Ved came over to look over everything before I started up the PC for the first time.

Have to admit, I was super nervous about the PC starting up for the first time. I felt like an American Chopper, turning the key over on a motorbike build for the very first time wondering if it was going to run, or melt. Amazingly it lit up in a blaze of LED lights, and WOW! She hums along real nice!

The fans that came with the case are super quiet, the cooler fans are crazy quiet, and the shitty little fan that sits on top of the RAM is the noisiest fan of the lot, go figure! I can’t hear the PC at all where it sits though. The NZXT S340 Elite case made it super easy for me to create a minimalist clean setup. Cable management on this thin is fantastic. The only issue was the cooler was too big to sit in front of the fans, as the case has a control unit up there, luckily I figured out I could mount the fans first, then the cooler, which made for a way sexier build in the end IMHO!

We had no issues installing software, and getting my games from Steam and UPLAY onto the new machine was a breeze. My Skyrim and Fallout 4 are heavily modded though, and moving mods over didn’t quite work. It looks like I’ll have to re-install all game mods again, but that’s no biggie. Sound is super bass heavy, but that low volume rumble is exactly what I was looking for to fill out the space. TV is crazy sharp and all my concerns about using a huge TV instead of a computer screen have been put to rest, big time!

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PC Build: NZXT S340 Elite White & Sony X850D LED TV

Finally putting a gaming PC together! I’ve had Ved’s media PC (his old gaming rig) on and off for almost a year now, it’s been amazing (graphics are so much more amazing than console!), but I want to run shit in ultra, and I’ve gone from wanting a gaming laptop, to wanting a PC connected to the TV (makes sense as I play games on the PC with a controller).

I’m a mac guy, so I’m in the deep end a bit. Good thing is Ved’s nuts about building gaming rigs and he’s helped out massively by giving me a base build, which I then took and went bonkers on. I posted my shopping list on Facebook and had lots of Facebook friends chime in with great advice, so a few tweaks later and my build is a thousand dollars more than what I thought it was going to cost me, but the end result will be amazing and should last me a couple of years easy.

Intel i7-7700K 4.2GHz 8MB Kaby Lake

Gigabyte Z270X Gaming 7

2 x (2X8GB) Corsair Vengeance Black 16GB 3000Mhz

8GB GTX 1080 Gigabyte Xtreme Gaming Premium Pack

Corsair H115i Hydro High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler

Corsair 1000Watt Digital 80Plus Platinum Full Modular ATX

Windows 10
Samsung 960 EVO 500GB M.2 SSD
WD 3.5″ Black 2TB SATA3 7200rpm HDD
External ASUS DVD Writer

NZXT S340 Elite Matte White

Logitech MK520r Wireless

Sony X850D LED TV
Logitech Z906 THX 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers

Alright in white (still no mac though!).

The first thing I committed to was the case (once I hit the buy it now button I knew I couldn’t go back!). Initially I thought all hope was over when I checked out what was out there. So much vomit. In the end I just went for the most basic looking thing I could find in white, turns out this NZXT S340 Elite case (I got it through PC Case Gear, a site suggested by a lot of guys on my facebook post) is a decent quality product and much loved out there in the PC community.

Super thin.

Clean (enough) design. Stand is minimalist but quite ugly IMHO.

Next I got a new TV. I’ve always had hand-me-down TV’s and when the last one broke I bought a cheap (but huge 55′) Kogan LED TV (cardboard, basically). I thought I’d test Ved’s PC on my current TV and yup, 100% no go. Jaggies everywhere which had me super nervous. I did a lot of research though, and true enough LED TV’s have advanced a lot since I bought the Kogan (2011-12-ish).

I ended up going for a Sony X850D in 65′ based off technical reviews that whilst it wasn’t the best TV for movies, it has the lest input lag of all current LED TV’s which makes it perfect for gaming (Sony’s new PS4 Pro would suit the 4K screen nicely too!). Won’t lie, pretty excited as it’s my first legit TV purchase. It’s super thin, quite light too, looking at it in situ it’s no bigger than my old 55′, but the 55′ had a huge frame where this TV almost has none. I instantly thought I could have gone bigger! Then again, budget didn’t allow in any case so 65′ it is.

I’ve since plugged it into Ved’s PC, and booyah! It’s fucking amazing! I spent a little time with my MacBook Pro on the couch tuning the TV’s colours to the Mac’s colours and now I’m set.

The rest of the PC order should come in tomorrow!

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iPhone 7 Plus

Continuing the BLK theme…

Won’t lie, life’s been pretty awesome without a phone for a couple of months (!!!), but I semi-lamentably made the steps to reconnect again. Question was: iPhone 7, or 7 Plus?! I asked Facebook and most suggested the Plus.

I’m not a fan of the camera on the 7, but pretty damn impressed with the tricky fake bokeh the plus’ camera pulls off in “portrait mode”. I ended up hovering over the 7 buy now button for ages, but in the end I just hit the buy now button on the Plus.

Free Shipping, availability read next day, but then on checkout (after payment) I get a message to say shipping is free but will take a week OR I could go pick it up the next day. Lame Apple! Definitely a little misleading!

I ended up waiting a day for the phone to be delivered to a local newsagent down the road, then I headed in to Vodafone to see if I could get my old number back, turns out it was a painless 2 minute job!

Looking forward to being able to internet bank again (damn banking web site sends confirmation codes to my phone!), kinda miss Instagram too tbh!

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Zen Graff Snapback – BLK Edition.


I’m pretty excited about this hat. Yup. This hat gets me excited! I’ve been wanting to make an all black on black version of our Zen Graff Snapback for years now (along side our hoodie, it’s our best selling item), just haven’t had the funds (hey we’re grass roots and keeping up with stock demands on our staple Zen range is hard enough as it is!).

LESS IS MORE. Going all black was perhaps the easiest way to further refine a product that up until now, sells so well (and continues to do so). The Zen Graff Snapback has largely been unaltered since 2011 (the first 100 ever made didn’t feature the teal under-brim the snapback has today). I wanted this hat for me, but we’ve had to make a few to make it a reality, so they’re most likely going to make their way to the Zen SHOP soon (we added a new trucker hat design earlier today!).

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HNY 2017

Had a rad night with a few crazy peeps over at mine for the count down, hope everyone had a rad night too. Blasted my own tunes at some point, was awesome! I’ve put a playlist together of the tracks Star and I have created (and a couple of remixes too). We’ll be sure to create more music this year (psyched!). Especially keen to work on the first track; “By My Side” which we left unfinished last month.


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Xmas 2016








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Firewatch – a walking simulator

The game starts with words and music. When there’s words on a screen, you read. Within 10 minutes I was hooked.

No guns, just a walkie talkie and a compass.

SO refreshing to not be in a game where I’m not focussing on the latest and most realistic graphics available. Style is king when it comes to Firewatch. It’s stylistically beautiful in motion.

I have a better sense of direction after playing this game! The compass and map are essential to getting around in the game. They’re such a pleasure to use too.

A static screen grab just doesn’t do this game justice. In-game immersion is where it’s at.

At the end of the game you’re given an exploration gameplay mode with just you, and the world to discover (a really nice touch!).



As usual, I’m late to the party. I played a game called MYST (and Riven, the sequel), many years ago and I truly loved both games. They were more interactive art, than game. More related to the CD-ROM art/exploration era of the late 90’s. I’ve not played anything like MYST since, but I stumbled upon a genre of games titled “walking simulators”, horrible genre description, but it had me intrigued. I googled a bit and found links to a game called “Firewatch”. Turns out Lewis had already reviewed it on Zen, which rung a bell straight away so without hesitation I ended up buying the game on Steam for $20 US.

It’s smart, witty, emotional, and full of great moments. It’ll take you around 4-5 hours to complete. Save it for a rainy day. Savour it. It’s like a good book. I truly loved it.

PS: If you’re still in doubt about spending the $20 to buy the game, check out this video review, hopefully it’ll motivate you to download (PC, or buy on PS4) and play it!

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