Old School Crew Reunion at Chi and Co.

Juxtaposition! Chi and Co., a hip Asian restaurant with very ‘now’ branding and interior decor, but… in Canley Vale!

Hey Papz! Eating here was Papz’s suggestion.

Just like the good old days.

Pakula bomb.


Here’s cheers!

Food was good! Tasty, punchy. I liked it.

Pakula making it rain!

Mad catch ups with the old school crew the other night. Auto Salon magazine, IS Motor Racing, JDMyard, all the guys who inspired me to create JDMST back in the day. Time flies, but everyone still looks and acts the same. Lots of laughs as expected! Always great vibes when these guys are all together (which sadly is a real rarity these days).

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Need For Speed




Embargo has been lifted! I’m now allowed to reveal that earlier this year I was flown over to Sweden to play and consult on the new NEED FOR SPEED.

I’ve played the game (in development) and it’s going to be AMAZING. I just kept say “about time!”, especially in regards to car customisation. These in-game grabs should get you pretty excited, and give you an indication of what’s to come.

More about NEED FOR SPEED on Zen Blog!
Visit: http://www.zengarage.com.au/2015/05/all-new-need-for-speed/

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S9 Caddy Update


A swappable photograph print on the rear window.

We’re there on the S9 Caddy!

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EZY Slider Trike






I’ve kept the EZY Slider Trike build nice and simple. Swapped out the standard stem for a beefy FUNN Rippa stem, and the tall polished BMX bars for the left-of-field On-One Mary Bars (mounted upside down for extra points). I’ve also changed the polished brake lever for an all black Tektro lever, swapped out Fitbikeco grips and an Alligator serration disc rotor and scored an awesome set of 80’s BMX wheel covers for that 80’s flare.

View the full feature on Zen and also before photos here, and look out for action photos ASAP!

For more info, visit: http://www.ezyslider.com/

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B’Day Dinner

LOL decorations! Mum couldn’t help herself!

Photos of Mum and Dad and I, from Mum.

Spot that DTM car Miles?

Yeah! Go Miles!

Leo’s growing up so fast.

So crazy cute too!

Richie’s little oven thingy! So awesome!

Looking and smelling amazing.

My haul! Love the MAY 1975 Wheels Mag! Excited about the beer which I first/last had (and loved!) at Pork’d. Nougat too!

Robot money box from mum.

Pre dinner photos.

Jamie makes the best salads.

Richie’s chicken, served. SO JUICY!

40! Fek!

If Black Forrest cake wasn’t enough, there was also one of my fave desserts, baklava!

Miles reppin’ Star Wars.

Has been a really chill B’Day weekend. Dinner and drinks at Richie and Jamie’s on my B’Day night was awesome. Lounging on the couch for most of Sunday before heading out to lounge on a mate’s couch all afternoon into night was great too. Haha.

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Boostcase Hybrid Snap Case for iPhone 5S

Slim case on the phone, and battery on the right.

Battery snapped into slim case and connected.

Charging now with supplied USB cable into Apple usb wall charger.

I’m still being caught out and about without the little keyboard/battery I got for my iPhone 5S a few weeks ago. My power button is playing up and battery life is draining faster than ever. Short of buying a new phone and constantly adjusting the brightness settings manually (I like to have my screen on max brightness) I thought I’d give it one more stab and I’ve picked up this Boostcase Hybrid Snap Case, which has 2 parts, a slim-fitting case, and an attachable battery sleeve charges the phone. It’s subtle in design, feels nice to touch (it’s matte and grippy).

I’ve had the screen settings set to full brightness and I’ve gone for 1.5 days without a charge so far, very cool! I’m also no longer bothering with sometimes having to press the power button a billion times in order to put my phone to sleep (IE: I just let it auto sleep). This product should see my phone lasting a fair bit longer (I hope!) before having to upgrade to a 6.

I bought it from MobileZap.

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Under the radar

Birthday Selfie. Still camera shy. Wavy hair from excessive hair twirling.

Then all of a sudden. I’m here. 40.

I never really planned for anything past 40. Does that make me a free spirit?! In keeping with my latest life decisions (to not attend weddings or celebrate birthdays) I’m going under the radar with this one too (boo!).

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Photoshoot with Nycola





A gift from Nycola (I love gifts from my models!). Like me, Nycola also loves Japanese culture. She also brought me a duck and potato pie (it’s so yummy!) and I got to keep a massive bunch of roses from our shoot too.

A couple of weeks ago I got a message from my cousin Nycola who was terrified to ask me, but she wanted to shoot. My instant reply was “I thought you’d never ask!” (lol I crack myself up sometimes), but seriously, of-course. She’s a beautiful girl, mother of 3 gorgeous kids with my cousin Fred.

Last weekend I shot a couple, and of-course a few questions came up in regards to shooting a cousin. Whichever way I look at it, it’s been rewarding to push the boundaries within my photography!

We discussed the shoot, and locations, but in the end we just met up at mine, braved the chilly weather and shot in the sun. Was a nice session. Great conversation and I’m really happy with the light in the shots by the tree.

You can view all the photos from the day here: http://www.justinfoxphoto.com/girls#/nycola/

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Photoshoot with Emily





Photos from my 2nd shoot with Emily are up! Was a sunny but windy day. Emily and I headed out to Cape Banks. One location, one outfit, one day, nice and simple!

View the full set: http://www.justinfoxphoto.com/girls#/emily-1/

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Elvis Burger at Brewtown Newtown



Post shoot Elvis Burger at Brewtown Newtown with Emily. So late to the party! Ground beef, savoury cronut, Canadian bacon, gruyere and mayo served with chips and relish.

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