My dog ZEN.

My latest frame: Loki Prime.

Then, from out of nowhere, a player I met recently invaded my Captura session! CRAZY! Freaked him out too as he had no idea you could do that (IE: Have screen grab sessions with your mates!).

Turns out Warframe has the best in-game screen grab app I’ve ever seen in a game (they call it Captura). I’ve only just started playing with it, but you get to choose a scene, and shoot in real time, controlling camera angles and progressing in movement frame by frame (if you like), not to mention lots of camera adjustments too.

I then realised that if you progress far enough with a faction you can unlock a green screen for Captura hells yes I’ve unlocked it! Think the construct in The Matrix, it’s fucking awesome!

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400+ Hours into Warframe

I’m with these guys… scarily.

Go hard. Son. My little feature is up on ZEN Blog:

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Project Cars 2




Hey all, the full feature from my day playing the latest build of Project Cars 2 is up on ZEN Blog:

Awesome timing as this image just got sent to me last night!


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Raijin Fujin Shop Updates

How much is that Zaku in the window?




Signed by Andy Kubert!










I dropped in to Kensington, to see how the Raijin Fujin guys were going with their new toy shop and man it’s come a long way since I last swung by! They’ve got these awesome huge display cabinets in there loaded with just as huge sculptures. The shop is off to a great start!

I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Be sure to follow them for updates on when the shop will be opening!


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Nanami painting live at Wintergarden











Spent the day supporting Nana, who was live painting at Wintergarden in the CBD (for aMBUSH Gallery). She’d never done live work before, and she killed it! Check out more of her work on her new site:

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Warframe – I’m addicted

200hrs in 2 weeks. So addicted to this game right now!!!

This morning I log in and get a message to say there’s a special ribbon I can wear on my character. What it represents:

Help us support those with Leukemia.

This September we’re introducing an item to the Warframe community that tells a story.

A wearable orange ribbon – signifying Leukemia awareness month – will be given to all players with the option to equip it and show support in game.


Cancer is a devastating disease – even more-so when support is unavailable to those suffering. At Digital Extremes we’ve committed to learning everything we can about helping those with Leukemia as it is a cancer that has hit very close to home.

This month we’re asking you to show your support and spread awareness about helping organizations support those with Leukemia. Wearing this ribbon will do just that.
If you’re able, we’re also setting up a DE team for the Light The Night Walk on October 14 in our hometown of London Ontario. As a company we are matching any donations made to our team.

Tenno, we ask you to consider supporting one of our own however you can. Your Harmony Ribbon is waiting for the month of September in-game and will be removed when September ends. All you have to do is log in starting September 1st at 11 a.m ET.

Our team:

Further Reading:

Thank you, Tenno!

NOW THAT IS AWESOME! Great Devs, great community, great game! The game is free too, check it out: WARFRAME.COM

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Same same!

So KPOP and I hung out the other day and she read me out some of her poetry (lol we are such arty farts!), in turn I read out some of mine (which I wrote when I was 18). Was amazing how similar our styles were, topics too. I’m going to share some of my old stuff over social media over next few weeks. It’s super depressing, but it’s raw and I love it.

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Hangs with Nicolas Hamilton and Rod Chong












Yesterday I was invited by Bandai Namco Entertainment to the Developer Tour for Project Cars 2. Attending the event was Slightly Mad Studios (Speedhunters Founder) Rod Chong, together with British Touring Car Driver, Nicolas Hamilton (Lewis Hamilton’s younger brother who races with a specially-modified car due to his cerebral palsy).

We got to play the latest build of Project Cars 2 on two DBOX full motion simulators at the event (each retails for over $40,000) as well as full VR support with Oculus Rift and PS4 Pro enhanced versions of the game. We also had a full 12K tri-screen PC setup to play with. I’ll be sure to blog that all up on ZEN Blog soon, but this morning I got to spend quality time with Nicolas Hamilton out at my hood. Seeing him on the sim yesterday was pretty mind blowing stuff (ZEN feature to come!), but getting to know the legend and having him over at my place was pretty spesh!

Check out his story here, it’s amazing, and be sure to follow him: @nicolashamilton

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It’s time to sell the Golf


Due to MDT (or at least, my paranoia of it) I’ve not driven much at all in the past year. I’ve mostly relied on friends to give me lifts and uber. The Golf is sitting out in the car port unloved. It’s bad enough I have the GT-R in hibernation, the Zoomer too, but the Golf as well?! I can’t fight logic anymore so I’ve made the call to finally let her go.

I’m asking $25K which is way under what it’s worth, but I’m after a quick sale without the game play. If you’re interested, or know someone who might be, do get in touch. More info on my build thread:

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Raijin Fujin Shop








I’m hanging out with the Raijin Fujin crew again today, this time checking out the progress on their new shop in Kensington Sydney (where I used to live as a kid in high school so the area brings back HEAPS of memories!).

The shop is amazing. It’s got plenty of space with storage, a great office and even a kitchen out back. Plenty of natural light, great shop front and a very busy Anzac Parade outside. The glass display cabinets arrive in the next few weeks and they’ll take the shop fit-out next level!

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