Forza Horizon 3

Forza Invite

I just got in the door and my mobile went off. A number I don’t know… usually I’d just let it ring out, but this time I picked it up and it was Ogilvy, who let me know that one of my Zen contributors Lewis couldn’t make the Forza gig. I’m now taking his place! So Melbourne, see you again next week!

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Rosamina x Melbourne






Spent the last groggy hour in Melbourne with Rosamina shooting in and around Degraves in the CBD. Full set:

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They have iPads on planes now?! Whack.

We’re staying at The Hotel Windsor as Rosamina’s Photographer was going for a 20’s Oriental themed shoot.

Looks like we scored a special suite! Excitement!

Lounge room.

An old liquor cabinet.


Rosamina’s make-up artist Leah was in town and Rosamina ended up organising a shoot with Melbourne based Photographer James Juranke. I didn’t want to crowd his style so I headed out for drinks!

All the downforce!

Tattersalls Lane.

This is Brett! He’s one of the newer contributors to Zen Garage. Was awesome to finally meet the guy face to face!

Brett’s photos of me, way better than mine of him!


Mojito at Section 8.

We hooked up with some of Rosamina’s friends and ended up at The Meatball & Wine Bar on Flinders Lane. Great conversations, great food! SO GOOD!

I’d read that Whisky and Alement were doing a Japanese Pop Up. I’m not a whiskey fan, but I am a fan of mostly anything Japanese so I was totally up for it. I got educated some, mainly, do not skull Whiskey like Vodka!!!

The good stuff.

Rosamina x Pokemon.

Rosamina and I are in Melbourne for the weekend! Super spontaneous trip for me as I only just realised she had a shoot booked. I joked about coming along, nek minnit I’m here! Craziest thing is that the shoot she booked fell through, so now we have one amazing hotel to shoot and hang in, expenses paid! Just my luck, right?!

PS: Had some really lovely conversations with randoms all day and night. Hard not to make comparisons to Sydney. Also, the concierge guessed I was Indonesian/Chinese! I mean, seriously?! The first man ever to guess. Turns out the hotel is owned by Indonesians!

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Crispy skin Cone Bay Barra with spanner crab ravioli.

Brioche and candied cumquat pudding with cumquat semifreddo.

Coconut and vanilla bean jelly with pineapple sorbet.

Raspberry cheesecake.

My Aunty Lely and uncle Bernard!


Lunch with the fam at CATALINA in Rose Bay to celebrate my Aunty Lely’s B’Day. Not been back in ages and far out, loved being back! Such a cracker day, sea plane parked on the water, light flooding into the huge dining space. So rad and the food was even better. My main was everything I wanted!

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Time to sell the Golf?


I’ve owned and modified over 25 cars, most of the time it was a car a year, then I bought this Supercharged R32 Golf and well that fucked everything.

I’ve owned this car for 3 years now, that’s a first!!! I’ve never owned a daily driver for longer. The car is a trap. It’s the perfect compromise; it’s highly modified but feels OEM+ and it’s also fully engineered. Cops ignore it, the interior is a lovely place to be, especially in traffic, it sounds amazing, is super easy to drive, has enough power to take most people at the lights and I don’t find myself ever being embarrassed to be in it (sometimes in my other cars I’d wish I was in my GT-R if something flash pulled up next to me at the lights, or I’ve had to take girlfriends or family members in raw track oriented cars to dinner, not good!).

Anyways, over the past 3 years I’ve had 2 serious offers to buy the car off me, both offers were substantial and logic should have seen me let the car go, but I couldn’t.

I’ve just had another serious offer. Now 3 years in… I think I’m going to let her go this time.

Thing is, the kid buying it is half my age. I mean, holy shit this is a lot of car, even for me!!! Where the fuck does one go after owning a car like this so early in life? I feel the next owner, if young, is going to have a hard time trying to find better cars to own in life after this one (I mean seriously I’m confused as to what I’d get for a daily after selling this?!).

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Zen Garage x World Time Attack Challenge T-Shirts are at the printers! I’ve created these for our Zen Media Team and Zen Babes to wear during the event, but we’ve ordered 50 units, so we’ll have a few left over to sell at the Zen Stand during the event!

Massive thanks to Maza for helping me trace the logo into vector!

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Joyetech eVic AIO


I’ve been meaning to get my old Vape Pen going again, but it was on it’s way out, and it’s a few years old now so I thought I’d just buy a new one.

I had Alain over the other night, he was after one too so we both logged into the Vape Street online shop and bought up!

We ended up with this unit, the Joyetech eVic AIO. It sure looks sexy, right?!

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She’s finished!


Always hard to know when a painting is “finished”, but I think she’s finished!!!

Haven’t painted since high school really (where I was so obsessed with creating art that I jigged most classes to paint), but my mate Kristi inspired me to paint again and this is what’s come out!

Not sure painting is for me right now, it’s just too slow a process!!! Might save my return to painting for another time down the line.

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Game Over


When I got back from Koh Samui earlier in the year I arrived home to a parcel from Ubisoft containing a copy of “The Division” in my mailbox (read my original review of the game here).

I’ve been pretty much hooked on it since then and I’ve truly clocked the game with well over 1000 hours, 4 characters and 7 min-maxed gear sets. It’s a loot based game, but I spend my time helping others get loot these days… game aside, yesterday I had a mate come over to check up on me. He’d noticed I’ve been a bit MIA lately (he’s not the only one who’s concerned!).

Robbie was outside pressing the doorbell, calling my phone, sending messages, he even got into my backyard and knocked on the back door too. Where was I? In gaming land of-course. Noise cancelling headphones on, they just shut the whole outside world off.

Not the first wake-up call. I’ve lost a lot of balance this year, on purpose btw. It’s been an interesting experience trying to re-define my values on guilt, balance and what truly makes me happy and what I want to continue doing for the rest of my life. What I do know, for sure, is that there’s only one reason for me to be on this planet; and that’s to inspire others, which is something I’ve not been doing much of lately as gaming is grinding, and there’s really not much to show at the end of 1000+ gaming hours.

Might sound a little drastic, but Robbie took the PC gaming rig (it’s Veds machine not mine, I was just borrowing it) from me right then and there and packed it into his car. It’s gone!!!

PS: I’m really going to miss the guys I’ve been conversing and playing with in the game a lot, especially the friendly European guys in the early mornings and Aussies and New Zealanders in the afternoons who I’ve grown to love over the past 5 months. The guys I’ve been playing with are mostly my age (40’s), they’ve got families, and they’re professionals; one is a photographer, one is a chef, one was a director of a large photography agency which focused on war photography and is now a curator… whilst we’re playing the game and shooting shit we’re actually talking about life at the same time, it’s a serious hook and one I’ll miss a lot.


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Catch ups with Liz


Had an old friend stay with me last week. Liz, who I met in my early 20’s through my ex-Caryn (who I went out with for 7 years). Liz and I would always take up the most room on the dance floor (cause our moves man! They were fucking wild!), and be the last few on it too. We even lived together at one point, seems like so many lives ago now!

I’ve not seen Liz in years, but as expected, the catch up was awesome! Deep D&M’s, we even had a fight at one stage (and yup I was put in my place haha!). She’s a powerhouse of energy, a Goddess, a sister. I’m so proud of her. I’ve got her back, always.

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