ZEN Podcast #18

Oh man I was a bit TOO drunk for this one!!!

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Stay Young. Stay Hungry.

I’m fucking 43 years old next month. 43!!!!!!!! Thanks to Nana and Cee for making me feel good this week by telling me I’m looking good. My sweet AF uber driver took it a step further and said I looked mid 20’s!!!

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Ankle Cuffs

A new set now up in the TALES section of my folio: http://www.justinfoxphoto.com/stories#/ankle-cuffs/

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Nanami Cowdroy Mural at MullenLowe Profero Sydney







Nanami invited me to see her put the finishing touches on her first mural at MullenLowe Profero Sydney. Be sure to visit Nanami’s site for more of her amazing art: https://nanamicowdroy.com

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Julius is in town!

Mum jammed between 2 gay guys!

Julius (who I hung out with in HK in April last year) is in town! He’s rocking a pair of ZEN sunnies BTW ;)

PS: You can check out Julius’ performance on Australia’s got Talent 2013 here.

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Monster Hunter World


Monday: Monster Hunter World
Tuesday: Monster Hunter World
Wednesday: Monster Hunter World
Thursday: Monster Hunter World
Friday: Monster Hunter World
Saturday: Monster Hunter World
Sunday: Monster Hunter World

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Hotel Shoot with Viv


Easter 2018: A hotel, Viv and her bag of toys!!! More photos to come!

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Alain is over teaching me how to quickly cut out clips from ZEN PODCASTS (which are sometimes over 3hrs long) so we figure it’s a good thing to highlight the juciest bits! In this clip we discuss the clubbing scene (well, what I remember of it!). Hope you guys enjoy!

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Hangs and a Photoshoot with Milky






Hangs and a shoot with Gamer Girl Milky Pixel yesterday. Here are a couple of teasers!
Follow: https://www.instagram.com/milkypixel/

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ZEN PODCAST #017 – Justin Holden

This time I have New Zealander and Hardcore Motorsports Fan Justin Holden on and we discuss millennials, the internet, development of his products which are trying to help the world and cocaine.

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