Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KotOR)

Actual screen grab. Old school cool!

I’ve spent the weekend in Bolivia, playing Ghost Recon and it’s been AWESOME fun! The closed beta mission was short lived and the map was small, replayability wasn’t that great but I did find myself logging in again and again just to fly around and check out the world, which looks absolutely awesome from in the air, and amazing on the road at night, especially when it’s raining. That said I had a lot of discussions with players comparing Ghost Recon to The Division, and what we love about The Division is that it’s an Role-playing Game. Out of curiosity I did a little search for the best RPG’s of all time and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KotOR) popped up time and time again for being the best Star Wars game ever made, period. I’m a Star Wars fan, but this game came out in 2003, that makes it 13 years old!

I did a google on running KotOR on Windows 10 and quite a few people had succeeded in getting it to work (though many couldn’t even get past the loading screen). I pulled the trigger on the game (it was $10 on Steam), and had no issues getting it to run on my new PC (it’s only crashed once and sometimes the audio stops but a quit and reload fixes that). It’s so old school the video cut scenes are tiny 640 x 480 vids! I can’t use the controller so I have to use the keyboard and mouse, but I’ve been playing a little Unreal Tournament as well which has been great fun (I’m so much better on the keyboard and mouse than the controller still!).

Loving the story so far! Love it that old school games make you work for it; I didn’t get a lightsaber until at least 3-4 hours into the game! Gameplay is super old school, but the fact that it is adds to the charm. I usually hate music in games (I always turn it off), but this is Star Wars, and the soundtrack, as well as SFX blasting out of my bass heavy Logitech surround system really does make the game feel more current and immersive.

If you’re a Star Wars nerd you’ll love the Knights of the Old Republic story. As with all games, there’s a lot of gameplay and walkthroughs on YouTube. Try watching THIS movie.

Or if you prefer commentary, this guy does a great job. If you like what you see 10 minutes into either video, stop it and just go buy the game!

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Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta




Screen grab of my character in Ghost Recon Wildlands (running in ultra!). I’ll be in Bolivia all weekend! Uplay: zengarage

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Chilli & Vanilla Print Insert

Less is more?

Star and I are on a roll with design work for new startup Chilli & Vanilla!

Chilli & Vanilla boxes will include an A4 print insert which will describe the box contents. This mock-up threw Star into the deep end, but after some constructive to and fro this design has just been approved by the client.

For more info on Chilli & Vanilla visit:

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Welcome to the Wildlands

We’re in!!!

Ved and I have scored access to play Ghost Recon Wildlands BETA before release. We’ll be jamming on it tomorrow, should be sick! For more info, visit:

PS: Ubisoft are creating a doco as a companion piece to the game. Directed by Colin Offland, Wildlands explores the war on drugs in Bolivia and South America. Check out the trailer below.

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Australia Day EOMM

Photo by Full Flutter.

Didn’t make it to my own meet last night (was drunk by lunch time!), but some pics are making their way online.

Pic above of the S15 that we (ZEN) built for Need For Speed, which has now changed hands once more. Great to see it’s looking just as clean as when I sold it!

Kudos to all who went, and thanks to all who took photos for those who didn’t. More photos from other photographers here:

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Chilli & Vanilla


Design Update: Some mock-up designs for Chilli & Vanilla, who are launching next month! Star (my design junior) has taken the helm on this job, and she’s been super happy that it’s not been car related!

Chilli & Vanilla encourage foodies to take a culinary tour around Aus. Sign up to get a box delivered to your door filled with select gourmet food made exclusively by Australian artisan producers.

For more info on Chilli & Vanilla visit:

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Photoshoot with Kylie

Magic carpet rides with Kylie.

My set of photos that I took with Kylie last weekend are up! You can check them out here:

Some of these shots turned out alright, but we’re only just scratching the surface I believe. With most shoots I throw away the first 30 minutes or so worth of shots as they’re usually part of the warm up process, with models I shoot often I feel like I want to throw out the entire first shoot as the shots taken early on just pale in comparison to what you can produce when there’s trust and respect involved.

PS: Have had a lot of people complain about the slow load speeds on my photography site, it’s a Squarespace site which isn’t really designed to hold so much content. If I split up the main gallery into 2 it would help load times by a LOT so I’ll look into that ASAP.

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The Darkzone Agent Action Figure






I ordered this (expensive!) VTS Toys Division action figure a year ago, and I never got it. I figured I got ripped off as it was on a strange/ugly site, and it was a pre-order, but hey, it came today!

It’s HUGE, and very much like a Barbie and Ken doll, pretty awkward! Love the detail but, super cool! #geekout!

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Shoot with @ky_ls


Lazy Sunday shoot today with a girl I’ve been wanting to shoot for AGES! Kylie’s tied in with my friends at Babylikestopony (anyone who’s a friend of those guys are a friend of mine!).

I follow Kylie on Instagram, her insta is so crazy hot, drives me up the wall… It’s a combo of select images she finds (which really reflect a lot about who she is), and selfies which I absolutely love for their candid cheeky nature, natural light, and bedroom eyes kinda feel.

Shoot was a little awkward at times, but super fun! I’ll get to posting up some sets ASAP!

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Lamspeed Logo Mocks


Late last year I took on Star as a junior and I’ve been consistently mentoring her ever since. We’ve been taking on whatever jobs we can get our hands on (it’s not about making money right now, but all about the experience!), and we’re really getting somewhere!

Check out this initial round of mockups (rough sketches) for Lamspeed Racing. We’re also working on an awesome foodie related job atm, refreshing for Star as she’s been mostly doing blokey design work lol.

If you need design work done, or know of anyone who does, feel free to get in touch if you like what you see.

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