Nuvo 16 Update – New fishie!

My new Six Line Wrasse. Not named him yet!

Full Tank Shot.

I got a Six Line Wrasse for the Nuvo 16 the other day, he’s awesome!

I’ve always been curious about owning one, so I made the call to look for one and when I dropped in to Aquaristic (my fave local fish store) the guys had a new fish delivery and were just floating bags in their tanks. I asked Dave if there was anything awesome in the batch and he mentioned that he had an awesome Six Line Wrasse! What a coincidence! It was meant to be, right?!

Turns out this wrasse is more colourful than what the guys at the shop are used to. He’s got a really bright top fin, which you only see when he displays (or yawns lol!).

He’s awesome and has settled into the Nuvo 16 nicely. My rockwork has a LOT of caves and he’s constantly swimming through the holes, super cool to watch (he’s also demolishing all the pods on the glass!).

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Nana working her touch screen ordering system.

I went for the salt-grilled mackerel. So so good.

So did Nana but hers was presented differently to mine (with skin).


Nanami took me to YAYOI who have opened up at The Galeries (where Kinokuniya is) and it’s awesome! If you love the more fishy stuff you’ll love YAYOI. Super clean food, tummy was so happy post meal!


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It’s confirmed! Zen Decals in Need For Speed!

Zen Graff sticker applied to windshield.

All the Zen logos!

I’ve had my fingers crossed since my trip to Sweden (where I consulted on the new Need For Speed) earlier in the year, but it’s confirmed! All the Zen logos feature as stickers you can apply to your cars in the new Need For Speed (the most successful racing video game series in the world!). I’m beyond stoked!!!

For more info, visit:

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Sticks and Stones agency


Day made! My shoot with NYC Artist/Model Cacia Zoo and my bestie/Photographer Jess Ta has been featured over at Sticks and Stone agency! My Instagram followers just jumped a thousand overnight! In love the words by Cacia at the bottom of the feature too, what a gal! Massive thanks to her for making this happen.

View the full feature:

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Brooklyn Boy Bagels

Reuben on rye complete with McClure’s pickles (yum!) with a side serving of McClure’s spicy chips if you’re really hungry.

But the bagels are where it’s at! A garlic bagel with Bacon Bourbon and Maple cream cheese.

BBB is becoming a bit of a haunt for me as they’re just down the road and their bagels are so good (I’ve got so many more bagels and fillings to try!).


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Babylikestopony Test Fitting





Did a test fitting with NYC model Bri yesterday for an upcoming shoot for Darlinghurst based shop Babylikestopony (I feel privileged to be working with such an awesome brand and group of people!).

Photographers: I’ve got a pretty crazy shoot concept in mind for these outfits and would like to involve you guys on the night of the shoot. It’s gonna be wild! If you’re interested to hear more please get in touch via PM!

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Photoshoot with Helen Rose for Geedup








A little while back the guys at Geedup Co. reached out and asked if I’d be interesting in collaborating on a shoot with them. They supplied the gear, and Helen, the model, and I did the rest!

A little more commercial than most of my work perhaps, but focussing on a brand isn’t much different to focussing on a tattoo, or some other more distinguishable or interesting asset. Helen’s gorgeous! Tall and lanky She wasn’t as experienced a model as I expected, but we made it work (she’s keen on doing more modelling so I’m sure she’ll only get better!).

Full Set:
News Story on Geedup Co.:

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Spotted! My name on the Need For Speed Wiki!


Random, but cool and it brings a smile to my face! Visit:

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I’ve decided to start an automotive section within my online photography portfolio. I’m not sure if it suits my folio, but Squarespace makes it easy and getting all the shots up there has been pretty painless.

Please note I’m by no means an Automotive Photographer! Most if not all of the shots are taken off-the-cuff for my personal blog and I’ve spent no time in post editing out trees, poles, reflections, etc.

Check it out and let me know what you think!


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Photoshoot with Bri from NYC




Hung out and shot with Bri today, a model from New York who’s agency represented (I feel lucky when models with management want to shoot with me in their spare time!).

She brought it! My lens couldn’t keep up with how she moved.

Post shoot and post conversations with Bri I find myself a little inspired to travel more at some point in my life. I’ve visited so many places, but not lived out of Sydney before. It’s got to happen!

Full Set:

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