Last Epoch

A couple of years ago I bought an ARPG called Last Epoch (which was in early access). 4hrs in I decided it wasn’t really my thing. The graphics were a bit too colourful and cartoony for my liking and at that time I was really just looking forward to Diablo IV launching.

Fast forward and the game is set to officially launch in 2 days from now.

Last weekend I bought another game called Helldivers 2 and sadly, even though the game was 11 days into launch, their servers melted and the majority of players who bought the game can’t get on to play. Seeing the frustration (understatement as some people are VERY angry) on the Helldivers 2 subreddit, and seeing the game review bombed on Steam I thought I’d hop on the Last Epoch subreddit to ask if we should expect the servers to melt on launch. Amazingly I got this response from Judd, the game director for Last Epoch and founder of Eleventh Hour Games:

We’ve scale tested for months with third parties, consultants, the help of infra providers, and our own backend team. We have the ability to scale servers quickly, have reserved a large amount of bare metal machines, and do not have a maximum spend for cloud overflow- it’s all elastic. From the extensive testing we’ve done, unless we do have a really crazy turnout, we should be stable. It’s not lost on us that many much larger companies than us have had issues at launch though… We’re optimistic and if there are issues it certainly won’t be for lack of effort, spend, or ignorance to the importance of launch day.

If we do have issues I promise that we’ll stay very communicative and you can be 100% certain we’ll be all hands on deck working to resolve anything that comes up. We understand what’s on the line.

I will say that this is probably the most stressing thing to team as we’ve seen games be review bombed and eviscerated when there are launch issues. I remember being frustrated when games I was excited for had launch issues in the past, but now being on the other side of it I’ve seen how much of an emotional toll it can take on a team to face hatred for something that people have tried hard to prepare for but it not be received/gone well despite best efforts. Just in general I think it’s a good thing for the gaming community to understand the impact those types of things have on development teams. That’s not me asking for leniency for our team, just rather an insight I feel worth sharing for gamers in general.

Another thing I’ll share because it’s interesting and something I didn’t understand before being in game development before LE – it’s nearly never the game servers that have issues at launch as those are easy to scale as long as you have the funds and willingness to pay the server providers (typically Google or Amazon), it’s more often an issue with services like login/authentication/database rate limiting. We use Steam and other services that are battle tested at scale for these things.

But, in summary, we’ve prepared heavily and have every reason to suspect we’ll be in good shape come launch day. If there are issues we’ll be communicative and working to address anything that comes up immediately.

Thanks all, sorry for the long post here.

Screenshot (10)

Now that’s how you do community! What a response. If you watch the video above you’ll note that this game started as a post on reddit. I’m pretty excited to play the game now knowing that the devs have clearly been working with the community to develop this game.

EDIT: Launch day was today (4am Sydney time) and the game was down for 6hrs (though you could play it in offline mode if you chose to). I managed to log in at 11am or so and have played for most of the day without any issues at all! Awesome work by the devs. Here’s a day 1 recap from Judd the game director/founder:

EDIT 2. My reddit post made the news!

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For your viewing pleasure, a beautiful and powerful image that evokes a Bionic Bride for the 21st Century, decked out in sizzling circuit boards and robotic body augmentations.

Justin Fox is a powerhouse. A graphic artist, online designer, a teacher and an illustrator working in digital and mixed media, he is also the founder and the passionate mover behind Australia INfront, a collective promoting home-grown design and art. INfront’s manifesto proudly states: “Our work is Australian and of international standard. We seek GLOBAL RESPECT.”

No problem. Justin Fox deserves respect, and admiration. Check out his website, scroll down for a generous gallery of his dazzling digital illustrations. The page also has links to INfront and other Fox-driven projects.


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6th year anniversary dinner at Woodcut









Gina and I celebrated our 6th year anniversary at Woodcut at the Crown last night. So much love!

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On this day in 2013

Weekly stats. Zen Garage facebook page refuses to chill out. One picture post got 6.5 million reach, no idea what’s going on… but it’s mad!

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Returning to Destiny 2, just like that I’m hooked again

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Back on the horse.

Marathon, Destiny 1 player and Day 1 Destiny 2 player here (currently 3,168 hrs in D2 on record).

I stopped playing Destiny 2 after The Witch Queen (which I absolutely loved and still think was Bungie’s best D2 DLC to date), mainly because I got sick of complaining about the state of the game so much. IE: I loved the game so much that I hated it.

For the past 2 years I’ve been playing Diablo Immortal, II, III and IV, Starfield, Fallout IV and Starfield. It’s been a good break (much more chill gaming experiences than Destiny grandmasters and raids that’s for sure!), but more recently I played through Remnant 2, and replayed through Remnant from the Ashes too which got me back in the mood for more pew pew pew action again.

A friend I was playing these games with wanted to give Destiny 2 a go (and a friend who never left D2 has been trying to get me to pick up the game again for years now). Initially I was dead set on never playing D2 again as I was certain that I was getting more enjoyment from regularly checking in to this reddit and YouTube for all the Destiny 2 drama, but a part of me wants to put the final nail in the coffin with The Final Shape, so I thought fuck it. I’ll re-install it.

The first few hours of returning to D2 was fucking savage. I was bombarded with pop-ups enticing me to spend money on this and that. I had forgotten just about everything; How the fuck do I bring up my sparrow again? Ohhhh, bring up the ghost first, then the sparrow… how do I do finishers again? How do I upgrade weapons and where do I turn in bounties? The UI is an absolute mess, not to mention my friend who was new to the game was even more lost than I was and my mate who never left was absolutely decimating everything on the screen in every activity we were doing.

I started doing what the seasonal quest tab was telling me to do, then the game was trying to get me to do an activity I didn’t have access to, so I bought the season pass, then the game tells me the activity is part of Season 22 and I can’t do it unless I buy the annual pass?! Fucking what?!

So fuck me dead. I pay for Lightfall + the annual pass (despite watching ALL the negative review videos on YouTube). I start out at 1600 light level and can’t grind for the Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk (Void Hunter for life!) as I’m WAY too low for legend lost sectors. OK I gotta level up. Then it hits me… I have to grind bounties (lots of them) and do the same old shit I’ve been doing for the past 10+ years. At this stage I was just about to rage quit again, but then it happened. I started grinding bounties, then strikes, then the crucible and even fucking gambit and dares of eternity, and just like smoking the first cigarette after quitting for months I was hooked once more.

Fuck this game!

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Dino Dalle Carbonare’s YouTube Channel

If you’re into cars, be sure to subscribe to Dino’s YouTube channel. He’s taking off (deservedly so!).

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IKEA Rudsta Wide 11 month update


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Thai Constellation

Just taking my new plant for a walk!

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Diablo Immortal – Australia Clan members



Just some more photoshop fun (where I photoshop faces of my clanmates onto Diablo art).

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Diablo II Resurrected

My Barb.

Dark, moody, awesome.

Finished the main campaign at level 35, now on to Hell!

I bought Diablo II Resurrected a year or so ago, but just couldn’t get into it. I almost instantly found it too old school and too hardcore, but in retrospect it’s Diablo Immortal (and now Diablo IV) that’s to blame for making me soft. IE: The new games have so much inventory space, waypoints, no penalties on death (in D2 you have to go back to your dead body to pick up your gold and gear) and more mod cons.

Recently I brought up the idea of playing Diablo III with Chardae and Laci who are both on XBOX. I have D3 on PC, but there’s no controller support, or cross play, so if I wanted to play with them I’d have to buy an XBOX. Ultimately I couldn’t justify the costs and feeling left out (fomo as both of them bought D3 for XBOX) I thought I’d try D2R again and I’m SO glad I did.

I now understand why hardcore Diablo fans consider D2 to be the best of the franchise. I feel like I now know and understand the lore of Diablo so much more. In my playthrough I came across so many characters and locations (even specific dungeon names) that have been re-used and referenced in the new games. It all felt a little like déjà vu, or, reverse engineering?! Kinda like learning how to drive in an automatic, but then learning and mastering a manual.

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