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It’s only a dream

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Michael Schumacher returns

First Lance, now Schumi!!! I’m so excited, hope he knocks that pussy (excuse the pun) Hamilton off track. More here.

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Heffron Park Pt III

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Awaken the beast

Photography by Mark Pakula.

I’ve not driven the GT-R since January LAST YEAR (Eastern Creek) where it developed a power steering leak.

A series of events since then forced me to give cars a break. Some of it’s got to do with “finishing” the car, the journey, or part of it, was over. It was featured in Auto Salon Magazine which felt climatic. The car drove nothing like it used to around a track and I also went through some pain with my S2000.

I opted out of the scene after selling the S2K and thanks to a new found passion for bicycles I’ve never been so fit and wealthy in my life.

I had always been planning to get back into it, but I wasn’t ever sure when. Sure I felt a little guilty for a few months, but I’m not one to ever let anyone tell me what I should or shouldn’t do so feeling guilty about taking a break never really set in despite some of the comments I’ve heard directly and indirectly.

I did plan on getting the car going again AFTER the house rennovations are over but the house rennovations are taking longer than I thought (surprise surprise) and recently I’ve had a few dreams about the GT-R. At the same time I was thinking about getting a new car as I’ve had just one too many bad Jazz days lately (let’s not go there). I’ve thought of an EVO 9, or a 350Z but then I decided to just get the GT-R going again, and to contemplate getting it street legal so I can drive it without the paranoia of being defected.

That said paranoia has to be the single most important factor for me. I know many of you don’t give a crap about being pulled over in your modified cars but I personally cannot deal with it and I’ve chosen not to.

Initial reactions from co. were to cut my losses and sell the car. But I fucking love my car and I’d never make any money back on it. I’ve put so much into it (on so many different levels) that selling just isn’t a viable option (I’d rather keep it and pass it on to my kids and let them deal with it when the time comes).

So it was a massive shock then when I saw this in my garage:

Almost burried alive.

Yes all that pea sized rubble on the floor was ON the car. Turns out there’s a huge gap in the ceiling above the GT-R and all the construction work going on upstairs has literally fallen onto the car.

I swept most of it off, then filled up the power steering reservoir with fluid, turned the alarm off and turned the key. AMAZINGLY the car started first go!

It took a little while for the power steering to kick back in, and even then it was acting very strange. The car was idling mega lumpy but I managed to reverse it out, hose it down and then without hesitation I thought I’d drive over to Indy’s.

Made it to Indy’s.

The car drove fine, the power was still there but on Foreshore Road I spotted a bright green pursuit car and my heart started pounding. It’s this feeling that I fucking hate. I stepped back into line and shifted down to 1st gear, crawling along hoping the cop car would go through the lights and that I’d be able to catch a yellow. It worked.

I got to Indy’s and after some discussion with Indy, Paul and Zi I’ve decided that I want to de-tune the car.

We’re talking street legal, full engineers certificate (valid one too not some dodgey cert) and whatever it takes to get there. Stock airbox, raise the car, rip out the roll cage, you name it.

I am upset about this, but I am also excited! More news as it comes.

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Bad Jazz day

I’ve been having a whole lot of bad Jazz days lately where I feel embarassed for owning it.

Most of the time it’s too slow, playing the fuel game where I aim to get 600km/tank every fill up is getting pretty boring and being bullied from behind is frustrating.

I think I want something that refects my status a little more. Something a little more mature and a lot classier than the Jazz but I don’t want to sacrifice too much comfort.

Jazz traits I love:
– Can fit a lot of shit in it and I don’t give a crap about getting the interior dirty.
– Great on fuel and cheap to insure.
– Don’t give a shit about the exterior so much either, dirt, scratches, dents, bring it on.
– So easy to park in the smallest of small car spaces.
– Auto – ultimate laziness, perfect brainless A-B driving.

Budget for the new car would be around $30-35k and in consideration so far:
– EVO 7 GT-A/8/9

But there are sooo many cars in this price range-ish. IS250/350Z/RX-8/WRX/List goes on.

Any suggestions?

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Goodbye chewy

At the end of 2006 Christina was given Chewy, a Siamese Fighting fish, as a present. He initially had a set-up at her place, then he kept Christina company at work (she was working in Saatchi at the Rocks) and since October last year he’s been living on my work table, keeping me company. He’s always been a tiny fish, like the runt of the litter, but he’s always animated, full of energy and super friendly (especially at feeding time!). R.I.P. Chewy 2006-2009. He’ll be sadly missed. :(

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House rennovations update

The kitchen is coming along nicely and the master bathroom is on the way too.

We’ve knocked down a wall which separated the bathroom from the wardrobe and we’re putting in a skylight to let more natural light in.

Quite a large bathroom now. Walk in shower at the end and the raised surface on the left is for the bath tub.

Doors are on.

All the doors and drawers feature a 45 degree angled lip which allows you to easily get your fingers in there to open. That means no door handles! Super minimalist FTW.

This wall was structural so we had to work the bench around it. Worked out fine me thinks!

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Motorised bike Race #3

Had a race today, same guys as last time (MC Cyclery, Hell on Wheels, where are all the new guys with engine kits?!).

Grant’s beast.


I had the Go-Pro too for some video:

More pics here.

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More pics from yesterdays Stromlo ride

Jing had a Go-pro camera yesterday, more pics on his Flickr.

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Stromlo Forest Park Canberra

Just got back home from a crazy day out at Stromlo Forest Park in Canberra.

In attendance was Jing (Trance), Zi (Blur LT), Crazy Dave (Anthem), Simon (Cell carbon hardtail) and myself (Reign).

I had little sleep last night, and was more than happy to bail but with a bit of pressure from Zi and Jing I considered my arm twisted and up I got.

We hit the M5 and stopped over at Pheasants Nest/Mobil for a bite of brekky ($25 for 2 sandwiches and a pie? What a rip!). I handed the keys over to Jing at this point and went to sleep for a couple of hours (thanks Jing!).

The carpark was full when we got there, the park featured all new signage and identity design since I was last here (Word cup). There was a big group of newbies playing around on logs in what looked like an introduction to mountain biking course of some sort (nice). And it wasn’t long before we were sitting at the base of the mountain checking out the trail options.

We ended up going for trail Loop 2

Rating – Intermediate
Time – 45 to 90 minutes

Loop 2 is one of the shorter loops climbing, traversing and taking you to access points to most of Stromlo Forest Park. The trail uses the main trunk trail network to climb gently to the top of Mt Stromlo, before a long, flowing descent back to the car park area. Riders are rewarded with expansive 360 degree views of the ACT from the summit and a descent that will leave you smiling for days. This trail requires a degree of fitness and skill level as there are a number of challenging climbs and obstacles.

As soon as we got going there was a funny log ride structure the boys were standing around. I had Grant’s saying “those who hesitate, masturbate” in my head and despite not being warmed up I did it and that pretty much set my confidence levels up for a good part of the ride. Helps I was riding flats too.

The trail had a lot of tight switchbacks making the climb up the mountain (all the way to the damn top) interesting (ie: less painful). Once we got to the top the view from the observatory was amazing. And from there the descent back down to the carpark was an enlightening experience (yes the climb was well worth it!). Fanging it through the massive green container into a massive series of berms put a smile on everyone’s face.

We had a bit to eat and set out to do Loop 6:

Rating – Intermediate/Advanced
Time – 60 to 90 minutes

Loop 6 is a demanding ride that takes you over the Northern trails, climbing steeply to Echidna Gap before plunging down to the Western side of Stromlo Forest Park. The superb Double Dissolution trail drops you out near the Western Car park before you make your way back along the northern trails to the start point. The trail takes in a wide variety of the terrain and is able to be linked with a variety of other trails. Make sure you have your climbing legs on and enough in the tank to enjoy the fun and moderately technical descent

The climb was a little less fun than the last loop we did, steeper, more relentless but never boring. Again we climbed up to the top of the mountain but the descent down was more along side the mountain than straight down offering more variation in terrain. There was a silly see-saw thing that I had a go on too (only because the boys egged me on!) I almost fucked it, but managed to somehow pull it off :)

I was spent at the end of this, Zi had a few bad cramps, Dave and Simon were done too but Jing and Clifton wanted more, Zi decided the same but he didn’t want to climb up again so the three were shuttled up to the top and did the downhill part of Loop 2 again, at this time the rain came too so I was glad I was all warm and cozy in the car lol.

All in all despite the farking cold weather I had heaps of fun. The signage was insanely clear and you were never ever lost. I did think that the trails we did felt very man made, in the end I couldn’t help but feel that you really just had to climb up to the top of Mt. Stromlo in order to have fun going down.

6.30AM, stinging eyes but ready to roll.

7am at Zi’s. Dave’s Stagea is soooo hot. I love it. Lots.


A cyclocross event was happening.

Far from the best cyclocross bike there but unforunately the only one I got a snap of.

Decisions decisions!

Main map.

More trails!

Jing and Clifton just checking out some of the double diamond stuff.

At the very top of Mt. Stromlo these were these remains of an old observatory building.

I thought I’d go inside it and take a snap of the Reign.

We thought we’d check out the observatory building whilst we were here.

These things looked like space pods! So sci-fi cool.

Black Diamond warnings.

Loop 6.

Great signage througout.

Great names too.

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