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EOMM January 2016





Last night’s meet was MASSIVE thanks to amazing weather. Vibe was electric, such a rad way to kick off EOMM’s for 2016!

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Test Drive: Supercharged Widebody M3 for Motor Magazine










In 2013 I test drove the first widebody Vorsteiner GTRS for Motor Magazine. Ramspeed built the car (they also built my Supercharged R32 Golf). The first time I went to test drive it, the car wasn’t set up right; it was scrubbing so bad in corners that we had to postpone the test until they sorted the alignment out, a week later Sydney based Photographer Matthew Everingham and I were out at Ramspeed again and this time we took the car out for a VERY long shoot and drive, on everyday roads, highways and twisties too (we even tested the widebody in a McDonalds drive through!).

The concept was for Motor Magazine to start opening up their pages to modified car culture. Unfortunately the new editor at the time ended up losing his job, and thew new editor who replaced him hasn’t been in touch with us to do more collaborative work.

Full Feature on Zen:

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KOI Dessert Bar





Celebrated Mum’s B’Day dinner at KOI Dessert Bar, which is owned by Reynold, that Asian kid who killed it on Master Chef last year. LOVED IT! Will be back for more!

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New 2016 Zen Garage Web Site


The ZEN web site has always been a temporary site, but we hit the ground running, and next thing you know it’s 2016. IE: I’ve never been happy with it. Good news is I’ve spent the last 3 days on the new site (FINALLY!) and it’s now live.

Bigger images and much cleaner design. It’s a great start (I like to look at it as a stock car) and from here I’ll do what I always love to do; and that’s tweaking the site theme whilst I go along, modifying it until it’s ours.

So check it out. I’ve got to somehow figure out how to edit all the previous features to make them work with the new theme (all the old images are the wrong sizes now), but I’ve got the best dev guy on it (James Linney​ who even worked on the site yesterday on his birthday of all days!!!).


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At the Driving Range










Robbie and Krysti picked me up on their way to Moore Park Driving Range for a hit today. Always an awesome release! I’ve lost my club somewhere, so I’ve now got an excuse to maybe buy one again (of-course I don’t care for anything but that “ping” sound the titanium drivers make!).

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Photoshoot with Cara


Hangs, photoshoots. I don’t even know what to call them anymore! Cara and I did the Lazy Sunday thing for reals. She didn’t even bring anything to wear! So rad! We also went down to the beach and I rattled a few shots down by the rocks too which ended up being my fave pics of the bunch. You can view the set here.

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Little Leo turns 2!












My nephew Leo turned 2 yesterday! Cutest little cheeky monkey, ever! ‪#‎halfie‬ ‪#‎hessogonnabreakheartswhenhesolder‬

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COLLECTEDworks Volume One


I have a photo of Cacia Zoo in an outfit from babylikestopony printed over 2 pages of COLLECTEDworks Volume One. Just ordered my copy! Can’t wait to check it out cover to cover!

You can buy the book (and preview it) here:

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Last Night’s Party: Nanami’s B’Day








Nana’s B’Day x Bowie Tribute. Was nice to be hanging out with people my own age for a change!!!

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ZEN Deathtrap V3: Di Blasi R7 Project Bike





I’m always on the hunt for interesting scooters. I’m still a little upset that I never saw the Honda Monkey bike project through too (sold it to a dude who also still hasn’t finished it!). At one stage I was super close to buying an 80’s Honda Spacy (so ugly but so coooool), but I was outbid. There was a ‘buy it now’ button on this little Di Blasi though, and after doing a little bit of research online, I pulled the trigger and now it’s a new Zen project!

No doubt about it this is the Zen Garage Deathtrap V3. I mean just look at it. A 49cc two-stroke scooter that folds down and fits in your boot. It weighs 30kg and best of all it’s street registered!!! Bad news for everyone else on the road though, it’s top speed is only 45km/h.

The guy I bought it off explained that he bought it off a company which was using a fleet of these bikes for a drink driving service, where if you get intoxicated and can’t drive your car home, one of these guys will come out to you, fold and pack their scooter into your boot, then drive you home (then they would ride their Di Blasi back to base). Overseas it’s marketed as a unique auxiliary vehicle for boats, caravans and motorhomes, even light aircrafts.

We think this thing will be hilarious on back roads, but even more fun at EOMM’s and other Zen related events! We’ve started tearing the bike down so we can paint the frame, from there we’ll trick out the bike too, so stay tuned for updates!

PS: More on Zen.

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