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Photo of mum 50 years ago

OMG! My mum! 50 years ago from her first visit to Bali. Can’t wait to share my Mum’s amazing story with the world. She’s the real OG!

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#bifocals #oldman #lasiksurgeryexpired #raybanandy

I was one of the earlier Lasik Eye Surgery adopters in the early 2000’s (they used to cut a thin layer off your eye like a lid, they’d then laser away and finally close the lid back on your eyeball when done for faster healing).

I’ve enjoyed 20/20 vision ever since then, but last year I gamed harder than anyone should. I found myself rocking backwards and forwards whilst playing games (even having microsleeps with eyes open).

Reading chat text at the bottom left was starting to get impossible unless I leaned forwards and reading instructions on microwave packets is near impossible no matter low light or lights on.

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MDT Free




So now that I can drive again without fear of MDT I was thinking of buying a beater like a Hyundai Excel, something I would never modify… but then I saw this. #ohiforgotmodderforlife

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Television, the Drug of the Nation

Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy (Franti!). Television, the drug of the Nation. Breeding ignorance and feeding radiation.

Is TV Dead? Last week a friend urged me to watch the Tennis Finals. I couldn’t find it live anywhere online, and I realised I’ve not had TV in years. Does anyone still watch Television?

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Best Cry Ever AUTOTUNED!

Best Cry Ever AUTOTUNED!

On the topic of the homeless; Who else laughed SO hard when they first saw this “Best Cry Ever AUTOTUNED!” video years ago? We recently came across 2 time world champion Rocky’s Intervention, and the Intervention series itself (we watched every single one of them and got more good out of them than bad).

Watch the actual episode below; men being real without women holding their hands, it’s a thing peoples!

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25 Things For The Grouchiest Person You Know


Where is the ADD ALL TO CART button?!?!?!?!

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I feel a lot of weight, but also whole lotta great

I like who I am and I HATE how people don’t get me
It’s such a conundrum
I hate it but love it
It’s fucked up
I feel a LOT of weight
But also a lot of GREAT

I’m even rhyming
These are lyrics for my next song, Hun

But it’s scary babe
I’m legit scared
I feel like crying right now for fear of having to deal with the haters

It’s hard for me and a weight to bare
I love it
I mean yeah
I have to be a man
I am 44 this year
No Fear

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One of many.

I’ve been watching YouTube videos of homeless people complaining about how they’re struggling with people (society) running away from them when they’re asking for the time of day (why even care what time it is tbh?!).

I’m scared of bums too now cause the last bum that asked me for spare change (is there even such a thing as “spare change” these days?!) I replied; “Sorry bro I got no coins on me” (I didn’t have anything but my ID and bank cards). He replied to me: “You will be sorry!!!” which kinda caught me off guard.


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Pulling out the Full Stops

City Folk. Let’s stop being in denial. We all need to reconnect to nature again. Full Stop.

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Fighting the fight


I’m fighting the fight, but I feel like I’m alone most of the time. Funny how a family friend who can look into the past told my sister that I was once an astronomer; and that I was ahead of my time, and everyone in the town thought I was mad.

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