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Korean Hotpot

So spoilt! Nana’s Korean Hotpot with Porterhouse steak. Yum yum!

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Honda Monkey 50R

R as in Type-R! HAHA. :) Now at Zen Garage (finally out of my boot!).

Old mate that I bought it off used it as a Golf Cart!

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Goodbye Salty

Dave came around to pick up the tank this morning. It was really smelling up the entire house, so gross!

I was expecting the wooden floorboards under the tank to be totally destroyed by the salt, but hey check it out! It’s totally fine! :) Now to find something exciting to sit in the tanks place.

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Seriously spoilt!!!

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Have been meaning to dine at Masuya for some time now. Loved the underground venue, reminded me of being overseas.

The Deluxe Sashimi was awesome, surprisingly filling!

Kingfish Wing Grill was simple and perfect.

Teriyaki Angus Steak was great, could have done without it though, too much food!

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Monkey 2

Never one to do things in halves, here’s my 2nd Honda Monkey which I’ll strip to bring the other one back to life. That’s in my boot by the way! I can’t get it out myself so I’ll be driving around all weekend with it in there haha.

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Fratelli Fresh

Yessss. One of my fave places to eat good honest simple fresh food.

The private room is adorned witha LOT of hilarious framed photos of Italy’s ex-president.




Mum and Miles.

Miles is always the man at family do’s. :)

And then the Spag Bol came out, my goodness. The huge meatballs are just too good.

Lemon fresh pasta.

Chicken & Fish. At this stage I was way too full to eat anymore!

Celebrated Mums B’day with the family at Fratelli Fresh today. I love love love love love Fratelli Fresh!

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Chicken & Ribs

Nana knows how to cook up a storm!

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Goodbye Salty, you’ll be missed

It’s over.

Thursday night Carmen and Alan came over to tear down my very neglected saltwater tank. Now that I work at Zen Garage I’ve just got no time for tank maintenance.

Tearing it down was a HUGE job and it’s amazing how rapidly things deteriorate when things are going bad (tank crash they call it). Carmen has taken all the fish and corals, gear too. What a mess… free 6ft tank with stand and lights if anyone wants it! I just want it gone!

Positives: The house is super quiet now, damn the tank pumps were loud. I should save thousands/year on electricity too.

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Living Jungle @ Ramsgate

Nyaw puppies.


Hallo fishies.


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