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Last time I ran into Carby at the Deus swap meet he told me he opened another Deus shop on Oxford Street. I’ve been meaning to check it out since then and finally got around to visiting the shop today.

Deus frames colour chart.

Cycle shop at the back of the store.

Had to buy something! More stickers for me (I love stickers).

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Basso time trial frame

OK so here’s my new acquisition.

My 2nd bike with World Champ Stripes :)

Reynolds tubing!

More info and pics here:

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HK Fixed

Got excited when I saw this in the mail today, glad the snails didn’t get to it before I did!!!

Reppin hard! Thanks so much Brian!

Courier also brought this to me today. Always have wanted to own a Salsa product and now I do! She’s a beauty!

Latest full bike shot.

And what I want her to look like when I’m done!

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It’s fun to convert. I think I might have managed to convince Andy, Hurricanes lover, into thinking that the ribs at Kelly’s Grill in Bondi Junction are better.

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Night riderz!

We’re starting to get into it me thinks! Monday night Loftus rides! SO FUN (feels naughty!).

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In bike news, the SE Lager is finally fixed and I’m finally getting my head around it. Here’s a little clip of me attempting a track stand on Day 1 (not the most exciting thing to be watching though!). I managed to try it a few more times during the weekend and I’ve got them nailed now and averaging about 5 minutes each time. I’m on to pedalling backwards now :)

I’ve also managed to flare up the little kids on Farkin again. A few of them don’t believe the bike is fixed in the video above. So funny as there’s no way I could track stand for that long on a non-fixed bike without using brakes (which I’m clearly not using in the clip). Cracks me up (a lot). I love it.

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Weekend wrap-up

Huge weekend of booze this weekend. Bender plus!

Friday night was my sisters 30th which was at Wagaya (whoo hoo I love Wagaya). She booked a private room which was awesome, shoes off, sunken table, DVD/CD player and plasma screen, 2 ordering screens and BYO booze! We cabbed it in for a change, that was a good move despite feeling sick because of the cab ride home (why do they always have to drive like that?!). Was a great night!

On Sat night one of Suga’s friends Gen came around for dinner, it ended up being another bender with drinking until 2.30AM in the morning. At some stage we turned on the TV and watched music clips on [V], this Beyonce clip came on, blew me away (ok I was smashed). It’s hot!

Little Chloe checking out Tony’s ADA tank.

Sunday was Christina’s Gramdma’s B’day. Huge feast as usual. Check out her Dad’s ADA tank, it’s looking great huh?! I loved how little Chloe was checking it out, that’s what fish tanks are all about! :)

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HK Fixed

Mad propz to HK Fixed for the plug. How I love their blog.

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Dirty 30

My sister turned 30 today, we headed to longrain for lunch with the family (her mates party will be at Wagaya tomorrow night, that’ll be killer!). Food was as awesome as I remembered it from when it first opened. “Wow! It’s like having Thai for the first time!”. Why can’t all Thai restaurants lift their game?!

Cleanest food tank you’ll ever see (poor Barra!).

This monster was parked outside, seen a few different iconic cars promoting beers lately.

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Campagnolo Borraccia Biodinamica


She’s MINE!!!

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