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Lets take it back to the old school

Last night’s JDMST End Of Month Meet was awesome. About 50 cars rocked up to Fox Studios carpark, great cars, great people, great vibe! Only a couple of guys got a bit excited on the way out, it always happens, but for the most part everyone was super well behaved.

Pics are already being uploaded here, but here are just a couple of mine:


Babs’ amazing Hako.

Massive engine + little car = win.

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Woodford to Glenbrook official video

The official video is now up. I spot a couple of T’s :)

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Suga’s new wheels

19″ newing wheels, custom powdercoated gloss black and fitted with Toyo T1R rubber.

Perfect offset.

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NRMA CareFlight Woodford to Glenbrook Classic

The annual NRMA CareFlight Woodford to Glenbrook Classic was on yesterday and the BikesMoveUs (BMU) crew were there to represent!

We managed to raise $675 to keep the NRMA CareFlight Helicopters in the air, and what’s more, as a team we managed to come 2nd overall out of 29 teams only being beaten by the fully sponsored Rockstar Racing team who came first. How fucking awesome is that?! We’re so happy. I’m so proud :)

I’ve not pedalled a bicycle in over a month and what’s worse I’ve been drinking a lot, and generally being a slob. Despite not training I killed last years time by 20 minutes and it felt good to dig deep!

Some photos from the great day:

Start times.

Matt and Richie pre-race.

Brandon and Felix pre-race.

The start line!

Matthew Willis post race. He blitzed it with a time of 46:56!!!

Adam at the finish.

Brad and Kirky at the finish.

More photos and discussion here.

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Charles’ B’day @ Wagaya

A wild night was had on Friday night. It was Charles Kha’s 28th B’day at Wagaya (my fave Japanese piss up joint).

It didn’t take too long for the Autosalon guys to start their Jackass’esque daring which had everyone gagging. Willy grabbing sushi with his toes and forcing said sushi into Papz’s mouth scored Papz $200, Andy downing a ping pong ball of Wasabi, delivered once again by foot scored him $200 and then the mother of all dares, Willy squishing cake into Papz’s hairy mangina armpit, Papz doing armpit farts to compact the cake, then of all people, Suga eating the cake off Papz’s armpit and licking the cream off!!! (vomit!) scored her $300.

Shoes off! We scored the private room.

Garthy and Valy Bear.

Wagaya, beer and deep friend Japanaese food = so many kinds of win.

Sushi roullette, where one of the pieces in every round has a shitload of wasabi in it.

Zi got a piece with the wasabi and came so close to vomitting.

Charles the B’day boy also got a piece.

Suga, $300 richer after her shocking dare.

The bill.


You can view Charles’ blog entry here.

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Billie Jean intro

The first 37 seconds is all you need to watch, what an intro. Made me teary last night watching it. I’m so glad I got to see him live in 8y (the Bad tour). I only wish I could remember more of it.

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It’s not what you ride, but how you ride it (no.9)

Whoo hoo we’ve just been plugged on Sideburn magazine’s crazy blog. The magazine’s so good it hurts. I can’t put it down. I’m obsessed, yes I am.

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Michael Jackson dead

RIP MJ. Pretty shocking news.

I was hanging out at MC Cyclery today and already the Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett jokes were surfacing via SMS. Sad!

I grew up on Thriller (vinyl of-course!), and I played my Bad cassette until the sound quality degraded. I even ran out and bought some expensive suede pointy boots with heaps of buckles on the side.

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Holy Dnb!

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House rennovations update

Kitchen is on the way.

We sanded back the painted roofing out on the deck, turns out it’s lovely timber underneath.

The small guest bathroom. It’s bright and a lot more spacious than the old bathroom. The mosaic wall had to be re-done as we were’nt happy with it, it’s looking much better now.

Shelf built into the wall to hold shampoo and stuff.

Sexy drain.

PS: Transformers was AOK. Heaps of action, but even more cheese (totally expected of-course). I really want to say that it was awesome, but cheese really hurts my tummy.

I did however get a gift for registering tickets online. Initially I thought it was just a crappy maglite style thing but turns out it’s a laser pointer which projects the autobot symbol onto surfaces. AWESOME!

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