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BBS RS 15×8 +15

Have always loved BBS RS’s although I never thought I’d ever own a set.

I spotted an immaculate set on Yahoo Auctions Japan which was set to go over $2,500 (which apparently is about right for some freshly built ones), was about to place a bid on them, but then this set came up locally for $1500 and I didn’t hesitate to grab them!

I’m looking forward to being a wheel whore with the MX-5. I’ve got a set of Watanabe’s on order. A set of SSR meshies waiting for me at JDMyard and now this set of BBS RS’. Happy Days!

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All Stars Spring Picnic II

What do you do when you’re at work, have to do a new flyer for ‘Spring Picnic’, but have Grand Theft Auto V on the brain…

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Grand Theft Auto V

Goodbye world.

The last time I bought a Playstation, it was to play Grand Theft Auto III, which I had to source from NZ as it was banned in Australia because you could bang a prostitute, then beat her up to take your money back (!).

I couldn’t resist the Grand Theft Auto V hype (damn there’s $O much hype around things these days?!), and despite the PS3 being an old console I had to buy one in order to play GTA 5. I found this bundle at JB, plug and play, the game is great, graphics are nuts and I’m totally addicted. Goodbye world. See you in a week!

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We Support the Women Behind the Boobies!

The Sefton Playhouse is holding its Second Breast Cancer Benefit for the McGrath Foundation on Saturday 26 October 2013 and we’re proud to be sponsoring the event.

The Sefton Playhouse, being the major sponsor, is donating the venue, 100% of the bar sales on the night and 100% of the door takings. An impressive $16,444.60 was raised last year. With your help we can raise a lot more.

There’s going to be some fantastic entertainment for the night that will take place in Factory 54, as well as your favourite girls on stage in the main bar.

Tickets are $50 and include a complimentary drink. 100% of all ticket sales are being donated to the McGrath Foundation.

You can purchase your tickets online by visiting the Sefton Playhouse website:

Sefton Promo Girls Photoshoot by selectnine:

For more images from this shoot, visit:

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F1 with the boys

Charles Kha (ex Autosalon, ex Speedhunters and currently director of digital communication at EA Games in Canada) is back in town and last night we had a mini reunion at my place to watch the F1 live. Amazingly I didn’t fall asleep watching the race (lol). I think I’ll have to have to boys over for every race from now on haha!

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Maroubra Beach to Bondi Beach Coastal Walk

Spent the glorious day in the sun with Jess today. We thought we’d do the coastal walk from Maroubra Beach to Coogee, but ended up going all the way through to Bondi Beach (then then Bondi Junction to catch a bus back home!!!).

Lurline Bay.

Hey Jess!

Serious rock hopping.

Don’t touch my flowers… please.

Lots of nice houses to admire.

Love these wooden walkways over the marsh areas close to Coogee Beach.

Coogee Beach.

Gordons Bay.

Clovelly Beach.

Waverly Cemetary.

Rock wall walk into Bronte Beach.

Bronte Beach.

Tamarama Beach.

And whoo hoo! 4hrs later we made it to Bondi Beach!

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NA8C update

Spent the day at Zen working on the MX-5, in between chin wagging with the usuals, new customers, forza and beers. Click here to check out the new mods.

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NA8C update


Interior all done.

Zoom Engineering reverse light.

KG Works rear view mirror.

Retro goodness.

Another box of goodies from Japan :) More on my build thread.

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Me? Writing for MOTOR MAG?! No way!

Be sure to pick up a copy of the all new MOTOR MAGAZINE at your local newsagent now. Look out for an article on a widebody supercharged M3 written by yours truly. I’m so chuffed to be writing for MOTOR, a magazine which I respect so much!

Photos above my Matthew Everingham.

PS: MOTOR Magazine is also available at Zen Garage:

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Interview on Raised By Wolves

An interview with yours truly on Raised By Wolves. Read up here:

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