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Hands on with Dylan Harper




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Pulling Weeds, Folding Laundry

You can buy your copy on Leslie’s site:

Cancer survivor and good friend Leslie has published his first book, ‘Pulling Weeds, Folding Laundry’. I don’t read books, but excited to read this!

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RB26 X TME by Christopher Sentosa


The legend that is Christopher Sentosa lovingly created 2 of my favourite past rides: RB26 and TME. Right down to the plates! Best parcel I’ve received in the mail in a long time!

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Tantric Arts


My sex drive is coming back (it’s been lost for years)! I spent the weekend in the mountains with these two amazing women.

Charlotte is a master of tantric arts, and Gina asked me if I’d be OK to be a body for her to learn the art of tantra on (Charlotte is training her up to join her business White Dakini).

I can honestly say that Charlotte helped me to identify my “blockage”.

I thought my insensitivity was potentially due to years of shooting erotic boudoir photography and disconnecting in the presence of beautiful naked women, but Charlotte thinks it’s more to do with my very weak stomach (I have IBS) and my short and shallow breathing, and in strengthening my stomach I’ve in essence blocked off flow to my groin.

Was an amazing weekend! I feel blessed to have both of these amazing women in my little circle of friends. Great vibes, trust and lots of love.

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One shot from my 2nd shoot with Diablo gamer friend Lacivious (can’t share the rest, private shots!).

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Bungie the Destiny Killer


I was called a hater whenever I complained about the state of the game, but like many, I was only complaining because I loved the game. There’s been a few games that YouTubers were calling the next “Destiny Killer”, clickbait at best as I always knew that if anyone was going to kill Destiny 2, it would be Bungie themselves.

Even though I’ve not played Destiny 2 in over 12 months I still hear about the game from a mate who still plays, as well as vids that pop up on my YouTube feed. I can’t not watch. It’s like watching a train wreck. Ultimately I’m truly sad that it’s come to this.

Having said all that I’m looking forward to the showcase. I truly enjoyed The Witch Queen, and I knew there was no way Lightfall would be as good so I skipped it. Part of me wants to play The Final Shape to finally put a nail in the Destiny coffin for good. My gut tells me it’s going to be an amazing expansion.

PS: All I ever wanted was an all black shader.

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