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Finding Space



Some of us are broken. Sometimes breaking down, picking up the pieces and putting ourselves back together makes us stronger.

Just some of my thought process in designing these very early rough logo mock-ups for #FINDINGSPACE

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Shoot with Juici Luci




Had a great day shooting and hanging with Luci Fang last weekend, waaaay too much wine! Nick got some studio shots in too, will share those in another post. My photos are up in the folio:

Follow Luci:

PS: Starting to get pickier with which shots I choose to publish to my Photo Folio ( I used to be really proud of the fact that I posted photo stories in the folio, each with a lot (10-30) of shots, but now I seem to be hunting for that one shot, or 2… just like every other photographer?!

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Feeling Blue


Had an awesome shoot with Viv and friend last weekend. She’s just turned 25, and she’s going through some seriously heavy family shit, stuff that’s going to make her grow up real fast. Super proud of how she’s handling it all. We spent a day drinking and shooting, we all had heaps of fun and she managed to forget about her issues, at least for the day! All of the stuff we shot was for Patreon. IE: All of it’s way too much to post on social media as Viv’s panties were see-through (and we ended up taking them off anyways!!!). You can find shots from the set on both her Patreon, and mine.

Viv’s Patreon:

PS: Just a huge thanks too to all those who are supporting me via Patreon. I’m still WAY in the red. I’m legit starting to feel like this is just normal. I’ve gotten rid of my credit card. I just had to. I’m not making any money with ZEN Garage as I’m really not pushing product right now, and we’re not paying ourselves a salary yet with Threesome either. I’m now making $500/month on Patreon and it’s literally paying for my groceries, which I’m very grateful for!

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FUJI X AUS Talk at Ted’s World Of Imaging

2019-06-16 - Fuji X Aus [Ted's World Of Imaging] 017

2019-06-16 - Fuji X Aus [Ted's World Of Imaging] 029

2019-06-16 - Fuji X Aus [Ted's World Of Imaging] 024

2019-06-16 - Fuji X Aus [Ted's World Of Imaging] 057

2019-06-16 - Fuji X Aus [Ted's World Of Imaging] 038

2019-06-16 - Fuji X Aus [Ted's World Of Imaging] 067

2019-06-16 - Fuji X Aus [Ted's World Of Imaging] 059

2019-06-16 - Fuji X Aus [Ted's World Of Imaging] 048

2019-06-16 - Fuji X Aus [Ted's World Of Imaging] 073

2019-06-16 - Fuji X Aus [Ted's World Of Imaging] 078

Last Sunday I was invited to speak at Ted’s World Of Imaging as part of a Fuji X Aus panel discussion on entrepreneurship.

First up on the stage was Warwick from Fuji who ran the audience (which was around 60 or so people, small but nice!) through features of the new Fuji GFX 100. 100 megapixels… I’m sure gear heads in the crowd might have been frothing at the specs, but I’m no gear head and I was chomping at the bit by the end of Warwick’s presentation for Nick Turner to get up and do his thang!

And what a thing of beauty Nick’s presentation was. He had half an hour to go through his creative process. I was so impressed with his talk that I’m going to do my best to get him in front of design students in future to do the exact same talk. They need to hear what he has to say! In fact, any creative out there, whether just starting out or seasoned professional, would have gotten a lot out of his slick talk. Sincerely. I loved it. I even think he should make a book out of it.

Next up was the entrepreneurship segment. I was on the panel with Tina Lee, founder of No More Ugly camera bags (check out her bags, they’re amazing! Especially love the all black one), Nick and Sydney based Photographer Kevin Case of MainFocus Photography.

Charlie Blevins, the MC did an awesome job in keeping the conversation flowing. We discussed how we developed the concept for our businesses, how we advertise our businesses, tips for others starting out, other hats we wear in life and what we look for in quality connections. I said nearly everything I wanted to say, and then some.

After the panel discussion we all headed to the QVB for a Photo Walk. Rad! The theme was timeless. You can see the entries here.

Ultimately I had an awesome time and it felt really fucking good to be on the stage once more.

PS: Photos above my Sniper Sam!

No More Ugly
MainFocus Photography

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Keiichi Tsuchiya Drift King T-Shirt for WTAC 2019


A lot goes into making something right and sharing is caring, so if you’re interested in my creative process, check out this feature on the 2019 WTAC Keiichi Tsuchiya Drift King T-Shirt which I designed:

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THE JURY reviewed in Heavy Metal Magazine

Found this with waybackmachine!

THE JURY (my old high school 3 piece rock band) reviewed in Heavy Metal Magazine!

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Family United

I caught up with my sister yesterday (it’s been 3 years since I’ve seen her) and I’m honestly so happy right now.

I’ve changed (a lot) since getting off the weed. I’ve been smoking weed since I was a teenager, an ounce a week in recent years and I never had any intention to ever quit. The weed smoking me was the only me I knew, so when my sister refused to see me ever again unless I got sober I fought against it, hard. In my mind I was right, and she was wrong. I just never understood how she could do this to mum, as the stress of us 3 being split apart as a family unit was killing her.

I now clearly see that I was putting mum first, and not my sister first. I desperately tried every angle I could to convince my sister to keep it civil with me for mum’s sake, but this was wrong, and in retrospect I’m so proud of my sister for standing strong (it sure as hell wouldn’t have been easy for her).

We had a great heart to heart yesterday, lots of hugs. Mum is SO happy we’re talking again.

I have a strong desire to help others who are addicted to weed. To help them stop, but I know what a weed smoker thinks like. Denial is a weed smokers strong card, their ace of spades. I don’t think I can do much more other than sharing my story, and accepting that no one can help a smoker to quit but themselves.

In my case I had to hit rock bottom to stop. I truly wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

So if you’re a pot head reading this, just know you can stop. To all friends and family that have heavy pot smokers in their circles; I’m sorry, all I can suggest is you stay strong and continue to be as accepting as you can.

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Meeting with Leslie Lau

“Being diagnosed with cancer was the best thing that’s ever happened to me”

I recently spent some time with Leslie Lau. I’ve known Leslie and his brother Jonnie from the car scene for years. Both car guys, both buff AF, but when Leslie called out for help with a new venture I had no idea what to expect.

This buff guy had lost all his muscles, grown his hair out long, had round spectacles and looked more ZEN master than the young car guy I remembered.

Within the first 10 minutes he let me know that he was diagnosed with cancer a few years back, and that it changed his life for the better.

We spent the good part of 4 hours talking real talk. No facades, no time for fake. We had a heart to heart, something I value SO much. In this short time with Leslie I got to know the guy, for real. We spoke about everything. We agreed on everything.

He’s on his way to start a community to help others. I’m in, and after talking with Christophe and Dianne, Threesome is in. Baby steps, but I’ve got a really good feeling about this new platform Leslie is working on and can’t wait for him to share more with everyone!

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Nathan Kumar

RAZOR SHARP! Racecar Driver and Driving Coach Nathan Kumar shot in the Threesome Photo Studio.

We’ve started work on his logo too (it’s looking good!). More updates as they come!

PS: Drop me a PM if you need logo work, or photography!

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Viv and friend at the Old Clare






Had a blast the other night shooting in dying light with Viv and friend at The Old Clare hotel in Chippendale. Shots came out real nice, and many of them way too cheeky for social media. Uncensored photos on my Patreon:

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