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Shoot with Christine Joy Somera

Spent my Monday funday with gamer and Star Wars fanatic Christine Joy yesterday. Had initially planned to maybe shoot her out at Cockatoo Island, but decided to stay in my comfort zone, literally, by having a lazy day shooting her at home.

Really happy with the results. Just the right amount of light (it was on and off all day) and little Christine (she’s tiny!) was such a pleasure to hang with.

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19th Biennale of Sydney


















Braved the rain and checked out the 19th Biennale of Sydney at Cockatoo Island today with Mimi. Full feature on Zen Garage:

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Geedup x Zen Garage




It’s here! The result of our collab with Geepdup. A long sleeve T that’s just as home at a track day as it is on the street.

Model: Bettina Banks
Stylist: Melanie Fernandez
Photographer: Selectnine

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Red Lantern On Riley Zen Feature







View the entire feature on Zen Garage:

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Red Lantern On Riley


Last night the Zen Crew checked out Red Lantern on Riley. Celebrity Master Chef and Restaurateur Luke Nguyen’s second Red Lantern restaurant (the original still running on Crown St in Surry Hills).

More specifically we spent the entire night in the Red Lily Cocktail Bar out the back of the restaurant. A small but racy space with wooden stools and a marble bar. Our bartender Ken was an amazing man and had us exchanging pot shots all night. We pretty much tried every cocktail on the menu, all of which were amazing discoveries, we also had most of the ‘bar food’ menu which was next level and had some of us saying that it was the best bar food we’ve ever had.

We got to briefly meet Head Chef Mark Jensen who’s the co-owner and brother-in-law, and his wife Pauline (Luke’s sister) ran us through every dish that came out. Amazingly Luke was also in the house as he was serving dinner to 2 lucky winners of a competition he ran where the winners were flown first class from anywhere in the world to have dinner with Luke at Red Lantern on Riley! In between keeping the winners entertained Luke came back to the bar to hang out with us more than a few times during the night (he’s a champ, as down to earth as they come, we’re all converted!).

Ved took a lot of shots. I’ll be writing up a full feature for Zen Garage soon!

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Mimi Kumai Haircut No.2



Recently I had my first haircut since I was 15, and it’s been growing out, fast as expected. I’ve thought about cutting my own hair again, but I doubt I’d pull it off so I contacted Mimi Kumai again, and somehow managed to con her into coming over to my place to cut my hair on a day off (both her day off and mine as well!).

SO happy :) Mimi’s off to Japan to live soon too, pretty sad considering I’ve only just found her! If you’re after one of her cuts, be sure to book her in ASAP.

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Brewtown Newtown + White Rabbit Gallery

Caught up with Jess today, which started out sunny, but as soon as I got to Jess’ place it was grey. Jess asked if we should bring an umbrella, to which I replied “nah!” and as soon as we parked up in Newtown it came pouring down!

Jess knows where to eat. I knew I was in for a treat and boom! Brewtown Newtown did not disappoint!

Starting to get really familiar; yet another converted/industrial/rust/wood/beams/more wood space.

I love blood sausages! Could not resist. Black sausage, hash browns, canadian bacon… was sooo good!

Jess got the quinoa salad, which was tasty.

These guys make cronuts, a croissant-doughnut hybrid. They smell amazing as they bake them upstairs and a little Asian man comes down the steps with fresh batches every few minutes. I couldn’t wait for a fresh batch of the glazed ones so I opted for the cinnamon and damn it was amazing! So soft in the middle. I’ll be back for more of these no doubt.

We then dropped in to White Rabbit Gallery.

This piece was massive in size, and when you look up close…


Church of BDSM! Such a substantial piece! Love how it was suspended too.

Loved this installation! Inner robot geek couldn’t help but geek out.

Jess, she’s camera shy!

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Jamboree Sydney

Serg and Rob.

The view from our Zen Stand. Amazing! The grand stand on the right and the strip on the left.

The Zen Stand.

Wouldn’t be Jamboree without a Bikini Comp!


Zen Sponsored drivers Schembri and Jabbit of Blaze Unit going off as usual.

Attended my first Jamboree yesterday. We were given the primo position for our Zen Stand, right at the top, overlooking the drag strip. Was a fast paced event, the action on the drag strip was amazing, so many 6 second passes! The drift shows really broke up the day too, probably the closest the crowd has gotten to drift action in some time.

Unfortunately it rained at around 4pm and that sent everyone packing, we packed up and bailed, but found out afterwards that the rain stopped and racing re-commenced at 7pm! Shame to miss the finals, there’s always next year though!

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MX-5 Update

NA8C at JDMyard getting full MOTUL fluid flush, Hardrace Bushings too.

More updates on Zen Blog:

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LOST: Leichhardt Open Studio Trail 2014

LOST (Leichhardt Open Studio Trail) is an event held in conjunction with Art Month each year in March. During this time artists studios throughout the local area open their doors to the public and Zen Garage was on the map!

Lost Maps showing all the open studios in Leichhardt.

Our resident arty chick Krysti Mclellan drawing live on the day.

Resident Zen Cars: Ved’s MK1 GTI and Justin’s R32 GT-R.

On the Go mobile mechanic working on Rob’s E30.

ARTcycle ran a guided tour of a variety of galleries and spaces on the LOST trail and Zen Garage was on their checklist.



There are always amazing rides dropping in to Zen Garage.

Michael’s awesome ‘KE04ME’ F20C powered KE30 Toyota Corolla.

S2K everything!

Yono’s super clean E30.

Sam’s absolutely amazing Lebanese BBQ, such an epic way to end the day.

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