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Dino shot by Larry

Just came across this photo on Facebook.

Legendary Speedhunters Photographer Dino wearing a ZEN hat, shot by legendary photographer Larry Chen at RWB.

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Foot Fetish?

Viv’s little feets.

Over the years of shooting boudoir photography (especially in relation to my Patreon), I’ve had LOTS of guys ask me more specifically for feet shots. I’ve also had a lot of guys assume that I have a foot fetish. I’ve even had guys send me very explicit photos of sexual acts with their partners feet (they must have been thinking; one of us! One of us!). So today I thought I’d delve a little deeper into the subject.

I’ve always been more into a natural look with my photography. Natural light, backlit shots and minimal photo editing. Part of achieving a more natural look has been to capture more of a “girlfriend experience” (GFE) vibe; lots of eye contact and big smiles as opposed to a high class Escort in french lingerie, Louboutins in a bourgeois hotel kind of vibe. IE: Keeping heels off the bed works for the vibe I’m mostly going for.

But do I have a foot fetish?

I’ve recently had an Escort tell me that a foot fetish client of hers thinks I’m doing it all wrong (he loves being stepped on, so to get it right I’ve apparently got to start shooting feet from a lower perspective). But I do like to give foot massages. I think footsies under the table over a fancy dinner date is cheeky fun, but the one time an ex-partner tried to give me a footjob we just ended up cracking up and we never went there again. 100% I appreciate nice feet with natural or French nails, but I’m definitely turned off by some of the foot imagery my fans have sent me (cum on feet? NO thanks!).

End of the day I’m not opposed to a bit of fan service (so long as it’s within limits!). The models I shoot that use my content to generate an income on their OnlyFans know that the foot shots are much sought after, and the times I’ve invited my patrons to PM me shoot suggestions I’ve had requests for more feet shots. So for now, I’m more than happy to oblige!

Find all my photo sets on Patreon and DeviantArt.

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Photoshoot with Viv




Photos from my latest shoot with Viv are making their way up to my Patreon (full set will be on my DeviantArt this week too).

Visit/Support/Thank You:

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Monday Morning Rant


I finally retire my 2014 Sony a7S and replace it with an A7IV. I also rant about a busy (and positive) week in general with 3 apartment inspections and making the move from Patreon to DeviantArt.

EDIT: Accidentally somehow cropped off the intro to this video! Apologies! I’m talking about a feature I wrote on ZEN Blog and my personal blog about Sex in Art, which was inspired by thoughts around my recent Instagram ban and Patreon suspension.

I can’t change the video out I’m afraid (YouTube would create a new URL) so I’ll just leave it as a learning lesson to perhaps start reviewing the videos I make BEFORE I upload them!).

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Sony A7 IV

Chunky boi!

Dropped in to digiDirect this morning in Bondi Junction Westfields (fuck I hate that place!) and picked up my new Sony A7 IV. Guy behind the counter was like woah! You not been in here since 2015!

The new A7 IV has a really nice and comfy grip (much more ergonomic that the one on my a7S). Looks like Sony did an Apple on me though, the camera came with a battery, but no charger!

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New camera time?

Sony’s Real-time Eye AF feature can automatically detect and track the eyes of animals as well as humans.

Nick sent me the video I posted yesterday about how awesome the original Sony a7S is (watch the video, it’s conceptually awesome!), and it gave me some motivation to put a little love into my camera. I decided, that after all these years of use, that I was finally going to remove my scratched up lens filter which has been stuck on my camera since I bought it in 2014. At some stage I must have dropped my camera and it bent the filter ring making it impossible to screw off.

I watched a few YouTube video tutorials where people were hacking their lenses with pliers, screwdrivers, hacksaws and even band saws. I also looked at some expensive tools, but end of the day I just used brute strength to unscrew the filter and amazingly it came off! I had tried SO many times in the past, and thought about taking it in to a camera shop to take it off SO many times (I’m SO lazy!), but last night, it just popped off!

I took the opportunity to order a new filter (mainly to protect the lens), and I was left feeling pretty excited about potentially taking much sharper and clearer shots now that my scratched up filter is no more.

Thing is, after watching the video Nick shared with me, the YouTube algorithm served up a few reviews of the much newer Sony A7III and A7C cameras, and the few videos I watched went to town with showing off how amazing eye tracking technology is on these cameras. I shoot locked in at 1.4, and I very often miss focus on eyes, so what I do to compensate for this (once I find a shot I like) is take a few shots “just in case” some of them miss focus. Buying any of these new cameras with eye tracking would absolutely be a game changer for me in nailing the shots I’m after with much more confidence.

So I started looking at the A7III and the A7C (same camera but smaller). I posted this up on Facebook and immediately got comments suggesting the A7IV. I’m no gear head (I usually only replace things when they break), and had no idea the A7IV even existed! Turns out it’s the perfect camera for me. Insane real-time eye auto focusing, faster, more durable design and longer battery life. At $3.5K it sure isn’t cheap, but my trusty 35mm Zeiss will screw right on and all in all I think it’ll be a great investment for me.

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I created the “buy now” button for the very first online shop concept for Telstra. I spoke in front of 3,000 people at Semi-Permanent design conference. I founded and ran the Australian INfront design community and we ran Field Trip design conferences in Sydney and Melbourne as well as running design events at the Apple Store in Sydney. End of the day design made me money, but the lack of respect I had for myself as an artist made me quit.

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The old adage “sex sells” is becoming “sex smells”

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Why you SHOULD buy the Original Sony A7s in 2045

I’ve been shooting exclusively with an original Sony a7S ever since I bought it in 2014. This video from the future suggests it’s going to last me many more years!

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Warm welcome to DeviantArt

You know what’s fucking awesome? Getting a personal email from the Marketing Manager and Head of Artist Relations at DeviantArt to tell me:

“Hi Justin. I’m sorry to hear that both Instagram and Patreon have been giving you issues. Your content is welcome on DeviantArt. If you have any issues with anything, feel free to reach out.”


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