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Little Maxy’s first visit to the Vet

Little Maxy at the vet.

A few nights ago little Maxy fell off the top rung of the cat tree and he mustn’t have landed right as he was meowing in pain from his fall. He limped out from behind the cat tree (which is in the corner next to our couch) and I managed to pinpoint the pain to his right wrist (as he’d meow when I massaged it in that area). Turns out Christina said he was limping a few nights before that so I assumed he already had hurt himself and the fall from the cat tree just further aggravated it. Later that night he jumped off Christina’s shoulder and this time he really screwed himself. He cried a lot, curled up in a ball under the coffee table with his sore arm tucked into his tummy.

Pretty stressful shit. I mean seriously… I was stressing out, worried and pretty angry and upset.

The next day Christina called the Vet, but being the Easter holidays they were shut. A few days later he seemed fine except you could see at times that he wasn’t quite putting all of his weight on his right foot and when we massaged it where it hurt he’d still meow.

Today I finally got around to taking Max to the vet. The vet was certain that nothing was broken, and that it’s just a sprain, and with more rest he’d be fine (she offered medication but we both agreed that he’d be better off without it). Kinda knew nothing was broken, but it’s nice to have the vet’s assurance in any case (phew I can sleep again!).

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Entrance is a little freaky to get to if you park downstairs. There’s a little lift up and choosing the right button to press was almost a challenge!

Service staff was pleasant but they stuffed up placement of meals more than a few times, something that probably shouldn’t happen at this level of dining. They also kept forgetting my sister was pregnant (offering her wine a few times).

Kingfish was a nice start…

..sea pearls looked (and sounded) more amazing though!

Marron was nice. I found the sauce a bit too sweet for my liking, but it was cooked to perfection and the little details on the plate were amazing both on the eye and taste buds.

Pig jowl was otherworldly.

Snow egg was also amazing, like a deconstructed modern pav, just so refreshingly sweet after such rich foods.

Towards the end of the night (luckily for us, but not lucky for the table next to us who were just starting their entree’s) a young Asian kid threw up creamy light brown vomit which splattered all over the dark carpet (we assume he was drunk and on his way to the bathroom). Just not the kinda thing you see in a restaurant, period! Shocked everyone, even the staff initially didn’t know what to do!

Group shot.

The mothers.

Richie and Jamie.

Jess’ balloon pants…were…amazing!

Christina and I finally got to dine at Peter Gilmore’s QUAY restaurant last night (we were there to celebrate Christina’s 25th B’day!). We’ve read many mixed reviews over the past year or so and in retrospect I can understand why some would think some of his dishes are hit and miss. I just think that his signature dishes are just so damn good that it makes some of his lesser known dishes seem lesser quality.

My only word of advice: If you’re going to go, be sure to order his signature dishes, or to make it easier, go for the tasting menu. DO NOT order a dish different to your partner thinking that you can “share” as his dishes are so small, and his signature dishes so good that you won’t want to share (his dishes are so intricate that taking them apart to eat them is like a game in itself, one that you don’t want to end so soon!).

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Brooks Challenge Tool Bag

Brooks goodies always come very well packaged.

This tool bag is originally designed to be hooked up onto the rear of your bicycle saddle.

I’ll get to grinding down those ugly indicator tabs once I buy myself a grinder!

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Din Tai Fung

“How to get the skin so thin?!”. Hands down, best Xiao Long Bao in Sydney.

William and Yan.

Zi, Charlie and myself.


Had a glass of soy drink. Reminded me a lot of my childhood where dad always ordered me a glass when eating out at Chinese restaurants.

Colin, Mei and Nicole (didn’t trust myself with bringing the GF1 so I took the IXUS instead, crap crap crap!).

The boys have been trying to organise a dinner with Yan (ex work mate at Buddy Club) for a few weeks and it somehow came together last night (amazing!). The plan was originally to hit Wagaya, but they were booked out so we went to Din Tai Fung instead.

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Video by Cameron Curle.

Cam’s just uploaded a great video of the recent Tasmania Roadtrip. If you’ve got fat pipes, be sure to watch it in HD!

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Licky licky! Yay they’re grooming! :)

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Max and Mia – Day 8

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Nat’s cupcakes

So much win.

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Casual Riding Group Sydney

Zoomer in the city.

I counted 5 L platers.

Steve’s ugly looking Supermoto.

Zi’s SR is looking great.

Nelsons 125cc race bike.

Zi invited me out for a ride with the boys last night. “The boys” has gone from a handful of us to a facebook group 48 members strong. The idea was to meet up in Chinatown then make our way to Palm Beach (that’s a long way away for the little Zoomer!).

I checked out the facebook group and quickly realised that most, if not all of these guys own race bikes. That and the distance put me off the idea of the cruise to Palm Beach, but it was a nice night out so I at least went for a blat through the city to meet them at Chinatown before they headed off.

The Zoomer got a LOT of positive attention last night. People on the side of the road were giving me the thumbs up and once I parked it everyone seemed to flock towards it and some even helped themselves to hopping on it (probably not something you want strangers to do when parking your bike?!).

Lots of Q&A, laughs and ultimately despite not being powerful enough to go for longer rides I’m just happy to be owning and riding something a little different. :)

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Maxy Day 6

Yay! Finally! :)

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