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Honda Showoff 2013

Photo by Seb Voll.

Big weekend for Zen Garage as we ran the Zen Garage Stand at 2 meets. The JDMyard Honda Showoff on Saturday and the Garage 88 Christmas BBQ on the Sunday.

Between you and me (lol) I got to judge the entire show on Saturday on my own which was damn tough (I went around the entire complex at least 4 times!). You can check out my winning picks on Zen:

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Visual Response #07: 15

Name/title cards.

Hey Zann! Setting up earlier in the day.

5.30PM, it’s beer time.

Mist spray in the courtyard.

Damien, who leaves for Seattle soon, and photographer extraordinaire Garry Trinh.




Visual Response #07: 15 exhibition went well last night at The Tate in Glebe where we celebrated 15 years of Infront and revealed the top 10 winning entries.

All 147 entries are now online for your viewing pleasure! Visit:

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NA8C Update

Adding weight?! WTF!


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MX-5 Update

Too broke to play with the MX-5. Heaps of parts waiting for me at JDMyard to install, but just no time, no cash either. Track Days are going to have to wait till 2014!

Our new Zen reservoir socks look rad!

Toys sent to me by Anh Minh To! Love getting goodies in the mail! :)

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Back in Sydney, totally burnt up too as Serg scored a flat tyre on the highway home and Claudio and I had to sit in the sun and wait for him to return from the nearest tyre shop!

REBUILD the Philippines was awesome and Melbourne turned on the weather, hard. So many marshals and volunteers greeted the hoards of amazing rides into the amazing venue in West Melbourne, which almost had a Daikoku Futo vibe going on. We loved it!

More pics on Zen:

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