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And it’s a wrap!!! The car was finished late Friday night. 5am Saturday I was up and ready to pick up the car from Concept Garage out West, then on to the big reveal at End Of Year Festival. The car got a lot of praise! The wrap design polarises people, but that was to be expected!

EA had their 360 film crew at EOYF so look out for a wrap up video soon! In the meantime, check out more photos (taken by Sam Law of 300-CPO at EOYF) of the car here.

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NFSZEN x Arise Auto Body

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Painting the NFSZEN S15 at Arise Auto Body








Gunmetal Chocolate. So so happy with the paint! Chris and Yun at Arise Auto Body outdid themselves.

Photo progression:

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Photoshoot with Ruby


Snuck an early morning shoot in with Ruby before slaying the #NFSZEN S15 Build (which is coming along real nice, big reveal this Saturday!). Was a fun shoot with lots of lols. Ruby’s a gorgeous girl and chill to hang with. Felt like a creative break from all the NFS stuff!

Full Set:

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Thumb Drift‬



Whoo Hoo! My GT-R is going to be in a game!!!!!!!! #ThumbDrift‬ comes out Jan next year! For more info, visit:

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Visiting Exoticars





Massive thanks to Arthur and Mark at Exoticars for getting my Golf back on the road and sorting out the bonnet vent/coil packs issues for good! Best thing? The guys sorted out my scrubbing issues too! Running 245 wide Toyo R1R’s, stock body, no worries!

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Fitting Toyo R1R’s to NFSZEN

Video by S9.

I’ve been a massive fan of Toyo Tyres ever since I bought a set of R888’s for the GT-R over 6+ years ago. I’ve since had R888’s on most of my daily driver builds (20+ cars most of which have been handling/inspired). This year I’ve secured sponsorship from Toyo and I’m still pinching myself about it. IE: I’ve had many “sponsorship” deals over the years, many of them have been sweet, but when a brand that you truly love comes to the party it’s just fucking unbelievable!

When I found out that Toyo Tyres were in the Need For Speed the game, and that we were building an S15 for Need For Speed, it was only natural that we put Toyo’s on the car. The guys have come to the party with some fat R1R’s, 235 front 255’s in the rear. The R1R is an aggressive street tyre. Not quite a semi-slick, but dan close to one. The car was on 4 different tyres before and losing grip on boost as well as understeering and oversteering on wet roads. Now she’s more of a grip monster!

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Alyssa’s 1st B’Day

Alyssa’s 1st B’Day!

The B’Day girl.


Grade 9 baby! TOO GOOD!

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Judging Honda Showoff 2015

My JDMyard 6-Speed Logo Design features on the trophies this year!

That time of year again! Yesterday I was busy with the S15 at Bodyform, but Pete’s next door to JDMyard, who were hosting their annual Honda Showoff! So I dropped in to help judge the show.
Always crazy hard to judge a car show, even harder this year than last! It’s always interesting to see people get upset about who wins too.

If you missed the show, photos are starting to make their way to the events page, visit:

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NFSZEN – Fitting the body kit at Bodyform

Pete fitting the side skirts, only after removing insane amounts of glue left over from the previous side skirts.

Love the kick in the rear, so nice!

Pete had to massage the fitment of the rear bar as our car had had a rear shunt at some point in it’s life.


He worked his magic though! The fitment is so tight!

Removing the front bar revealed some aftermarket goodies.

We applied Toyo tyre stickers, which were a pain in the ass to apply, but well worth it!

Check the fitment! No spacers! BAHAHAHAHA! Excuse the laughter, but sometimes you’ve just gotta laugh when things fall into place so well!

Oh, you look so different now…





Spent the day at Bodyform with Ved, who was filming Pete install the bodykit to the Need For Speed x Zen S15. Was an absolute pleasure to watch Pete at work, his attention to detail is amazing; from panel gaps right down to how he installed our front plates.

We were pretty nervous about the wheels, and whether or not they would fit right. We tried the rears first, and wow… they’re perfect! We then had our fingers crossed for the fronts, and wow! We’ve done great! The car is high, but there’s absolutely no scrubbing at all. We’ll be sure to lower her that little bit more, but as it is, we’re stoked to have her looking and driving so great!

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