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Abby at her place

Yes she now has a pole in her lounge room!

This set with Abby is now uploading to my Patreon. Find all the uncensored photos there! Visit/Support:

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Vintage 1980s Hohner Professional ST Scorpion Red Electric Guitar

No fucks given. NIRVANA painted on my guitar!

A photo I found of one for sale 5 years ago via google images.

This owner changed out the volume and tone knobs but that Steinberger tremolo is the same as pictured in my old photo above.

Ever since getting back into playing the guitar this year I’ve been trying to remember what my first guitar was. I remember the experience of my Mum taking me to a local guitar shop to buy it. I remember the best guitarist in my high school telling me it was a POS. I remember jamming and recording songs on it with my high school band. I remember graffitiing all over it, but I couldn’t for the life of me remember what brand and model it was… until last night!

I was just getting to bed and Hohner just popped into my head! I did a quick google search and found that Hohner is a German brand known mostly for harmonicas and that they had stopped making guitars for some time. I searched a little harder and found the exact model I had in the exact same colour and specs.

The guitar was a 1980s-1990s Hohner Professional ST Scorpion. It looks like the left and right handed versions came with different pickups and tremolos but the 2 lefty guitars I found via search have the exact same pickups and locking tremolo as my one did. The Steinberger locking tremolo bridge unit has a unique lever at the bottom (you can see it in my old photo too) which completely locks the tremolo turning it essentially into a hardtail (very cool!), it had EMG licensed stacked humbuckers, so they can be coil tapped via a push-pull pot. The guitar also had 3 individual on-off switches allowing you to have the bridge and neck pickups on at the same time, or all three and as humbuckers or single coils. Wild!

I wish I still owned it. It turns out it wasn’t such a bad guitar at all!

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