Shoot with Abby




Drunken Master.

Finally got to shoot with Abby again (we had to postpone the last 2 shoots!). We shot a LOT of nudes this time for her new Patreon page. If you want to support her, visit:

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Shoot with Viv

Got to be in it to win it.

Really sexy shoot with Viv yesterday at The Sheraton. Full set on both our Patreon pages soon!


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Got along SO well with Esse the last time (first time) we shot. We click, she’s one of my kind in so many ways. I reached out to her again recently and was stoked that she was up for catching up whether it was to just hang out, or to shoot. We made it happen last weekend and had such a rad time, we’re totally going to make more hangs and shooting a thing!

I’m still in the process of editing photos for my Patreon, look out for them next week! In the meantime, follow her:

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Hangs with Viv

09_viv__x_balmain_paris 21_viv__x_balmain_paris 27_viv__x_balmain_paris 41_viv__x_knee_high_socks 42_viv__x_knee_high_socks

Celebrating 2 years of shooting together, and becoming great friends in the process. Find the full uncensored set on my Patreon soon:

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Miss Aria May




Introducing Miss Aria May! Happy to have her as a new client. We did really well for our first shoot. Look out for the photos soon. In the meantime check out her web site:

Also find her on Patreon where she will be giving her Patrons access to daily uncensored content that does not make it to social media as well as allowing you to interact with her & even request content! Visit:

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Hangs with KPOP







Role reversal! Caught up with my BFF KPOP today and she took the shots! I’m SO happy that she’s really getting into using the GF6 camera I used to love using so much.

Kristi has a blog now too, so be sure to follow her:

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Babes in bed










Mia and Viv. Full set on my Patreon soon:

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Playing D2 with Amanda

Playing Destiny 2 with Amanda!

Watch live video from ApandaY on

Follow her:

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PC is back

Back on PC with the Fireteam.

I searched for a local Eastern Suburbs PC repair shop and found Eddie of Eastside Computers in Coogee, just up the road from Maroubra. He was quick to reply to my messages and came to my place to pick up the case and once fixed he dropped it back off for me too.

I had to replace the motherboard and chip but everything else was good. Lesson learned though, from now on I must clean out the PC of dust at least a couple of times a year.

I did spend a bit of time playing Destiny 2 on the Playstation when the PC was down. 30FPS is just so janky and the really tight FOV is ridiculous. What’s worse is the insanely slow loading times for simple things like loading the character screen. PVP was a bit of fun though. I play D2 on PC with a controller which I feel has given me an edge when playing competitive on the PS4 Pro against other controller users.

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Just an update


I’ve been in a pretty shit place lately.

Super unmotivated. Smoking a lot (rolling tobacco not weed), drinking a lot, starting to bail out of family get-togethers and shoots too, not showering for days at a time, watching Netflix (Animal Kingdom, it’s great!) and gaming a lot too.

I’m still stubborn AF when it comes to my medication. Trying to stick to 25mg a night (I was at 300mg when I first started early last year) but I find that when I up it to 50mg/night I actually wake up singing and wanting to put Rufus on in the morning to start my day, but it quickly fades away.

This morning I booted up my PC to play some Destiny 2 and bam, it glitched out and the motherboard went up in a puff of smoke.

Maybe it’s a sign.

I’ve spent most of today working on my charcoal (using burnt trees from the fires) piece for the RISE exhibition instead. It’s not been easy, but I’m in the zone for sure. I’m not exactly in a confident place right now, but the music is up and I’m getting my hands dirty.

To anyone else having a shit time right now. I’m with you! Not sure if it ever gets any better, but distractions and good music on full blast help to break up the rhythm and that’s a good thing.

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