Chilli & Vanilla Sydney Box

Sexy as! Box was way bigger and heavier than expected!

Our design insert.

Design insert products page printed out real sexy, thankyou card too

Mia bomb!

This tea looks amazing!

Star and I got the first Chilli & Vanilla box delivered to us this week! Unboxing was super special for both of us, especially Star, who designed the insert inside the box.

Quality quality quality! We both just couldn’t get over the whole unboxing experience, it’s all just so cutely packaged and there was stuff in there that we had to break open right away, namely the marshmallows, which were awesome and the Pleasure chocolate bar which is sincerely other worldly, and definitely not something we would have found otherwise (likewise with every other product in the box).

For someone like me (the laziest busy person in the world), getting a box of amaze foodie goodies delivered to my door once a month would actually increase the quality of my life, both consuming the goods, and the goods looking great in my (empty) kitchen!

For more info on Chilli & Vanilla boxes, visit: http//

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Shoot with Bettina Banks




Gets to a stage where it’s years between seeing friends. I’ve not seen Betty in AGES but I’ve seen her on TV! Betty’s on My Kitchen Rules this year. That’s prime time TV! I’m SO proud of her. The girl just wants to be famous, and man, she’s there! She’s always been super driven, a strong self believer and she works her ass off on her self image, as well as representing her clients (check her blog for more).

Having been caught in corporate land before I knew she must have struggled with MKR. All the shit they would have told her to do, what she couldn’t do, etc. It’s easy for everyone on the outside watching the show to judge, but the community rarely gets to see what goes on behind the scenes on any of these projects. Knowing this I couldn’t wait to hear all the goss when Betty messaged to catch up and shoot.

Was a dark late afternoon hang and shoot. We caught up and shot (in my kitchen of-course!) at the same time. Was funny that we had no plans, but ended up shooting the same exact shoot we did the first time, with a vape in the lounge room, but instead of all black, noir, this time Betty was wearing all white.


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Destiny – All 3 characters at 400 light!




Using up my luck on gaming lately. RNG loves me. In the 3 years that Destiny has been around there are the more casual gamers and solo gamers who never got to light level 400, then there are a lot who have, but haven’t managed to do so for their other characters. I got to 400 in a week, and on the 8th day I got my other 2 characters to 400 light too! Next! (Destiny 2 here’s looking at you!).

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Happy B’Day Dad


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Destiny – 400 Light in a week

400 in a week, WHOO!

Find your Zen.

Top of the charts (a rare instance). Early on, in PVP I thought I was getting good, but in the end game I’m horrible! The other guys are just SO awesome (PS: it’s amazing how they’ve balanced PVP and PVE in this game).

Hanging out in orbit is a thing in Destiny. The loading screens are always sequences of your spaceship travelling to your destination. They’re great! Way better than a loading bar (if anything I wish they were slightly interactive like the spinning models are in Fallout 4’s loading screens).

My first Raid (I had no idea what was going on!!!).

Now onto my Titan! Couldn’t get the character looking like me at all… no facial hair in the future apparently.

He’s armoured up nice though!

I’ve heard that getting to light level 400 in Destiny isn’t easy. Over the past week I’ve met quite a few players online who have been playing Destiny for 3 years now and they’re still stuck on 399 (or less). I googled, and youtubed, and found so many frustrated players out there who just couldn’t get to the max light level.

All along I was quietly confident that I could get to 400 in a week (when I get into something I get into something!). I love the grind plus I’m also pretty lucky in general (great for RNG!) … it’s been an insane week but I got there in the end.

1 week 4 hours 58 minutes.

For Destiny players; I did this mostly solo. I had a friend help with raids and a few story missions (and advice! Here’s looking at you Tendy!), but none of that dropped anything I couldn’t have gotten through strike chests. I got all my drops from using skeleton keys, and that left the legs and chest which I had to get through exotic engrams (not easy). I had some heartbreaking RNG moments as expected, the last piece (chest) was the hardest to get. With everything else at 400 but the chest (397) I was convinced I’d have an exotic engram decrypt at 399, which would leave me stuck forever, but luckily I got a 400 chest piece today as an Iron Banner bounty (first day of the Iron Banner week too!)

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Back in Bolivia last weekend

Dynamic Duo.

As a disabled player who’s lost an arm Ved uses a controller with his feet to move his character in-game. Ved had issues with using both a controller and keyboard/mouse setup at the same time in the Closed Beta, he reached out to Ubisoft Support and amazingly they got back to him!

The dev team confirmed that they were testing additional controller support based on Ved’s suggestion and that they hoped the patch would be ready day 1 of game release, what’s amazing is that in last weekend’s Open Beta the controller/key/mouse issue was fixed! That’s a huge win and beyond impressive work whichever way you look at it!


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#EAMES shoot with Cayla


Chop chop! One of many cheeky shots with Cayla, who I shot drunk. Going through the shots they’re loose as (as in framing, focus, etc), but I love them! #sometimesitsnicetoturnoffthegrid #artistbeforeadesigner #eames

Full set here:

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#sniped by Sam at HIN


#sniped by Sam at HIN VIP launch. More photos on Zen Blog:

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Always late to the party; I’ve finally given Destiny a go (got banned off Facebook for a week for posting this Rosamina vid, so I had plenty of time!). I’ve heard a LOT about Destiny, my cousin Nicholas raved on about it a while back and it’s made by Bungie too, the guys who made the 1994 hit ‘Marathon’, which I absolutely loved and used to run on my Mac (playing lan pre-internet with uni mates).

I first tried the demo on PS4 and I liked it enough to then just buy the full game. My initial impression of the game was that the graphics weren’t so great. I looked for a PC version to see if I could run it in ultra (that ultra life!), but nooooo, this game is only available on console. Shame! That said, the game FELT good. Gameplay feels like the new Doom, fast and glossy (but not as glossy as Doom on the PC in ultra!), and the clean visual interface looks and feels like a well polished EA game (think Battlefront).

You’ve got to get to the end-game (level 40) in order to unlock beast gear, and I found myself grinding pretty damn hard, much like I would do in The Division. IE: Yes, Destiny is an RPG, not as complex or detailed as The Division (it’s so much friendlier!), but those hook elements are still there, enough for me to WANT to grind to level 40, which I have done so solo (except for joining a few randoms for a couple of strikes) in 3 days of pretty intense play (!).

The next step is reaching light level 400, which is a bastard to do, but knowing me… I’ll get there.

It looks like there are still a LOT of players in the Destiny community. Now that I’m at level 40 end game, and close to 400 light (I’m on 394!) I’ll be sure to get into the more hardcore raid missions (some which can take days to complete apparently!), as well as multiplayer modes.

My love for Bungie has been rekindled. It’s The Division, but in space! Destiny 2 comes out later this year apparently. I’m glad I’ve managed to get my head around Destiny 1 first and I’ll 100% be getting into Destiny 2 as soon as it comes out.

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HIN – Hot Import Nights Australia

Any excuse to wear a suit, right?!

Remember that scene in F&F Tokyo Drift where it’s a nightclub, but in a carpark? Well that’s been Dennis from Night Shift’s dream ever since, and it’s awesome that the guy has teamed up with HIN, to represent the franchise in Australia.

Star and I were invited to the VIP launch night at Establishment (swanky as!). Super excited for the guys, and I’ll be more than happy to support the HIN Australia crew.


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