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Africa Trip – Day #06 & #07

Our chariots for the day.

Cheeky monkeys at the first pit stop.

Elephant skull.

Caged up! We had a picnic in a cage so the monkeys couldn’t steal our food.

Loved these beautiful blue birds.

Getting friendly as they were after our scraps.

Termite mound.

We saw lions, but everything we had spotted was pretty far away until a couple of elephants decided to cross right in front of us.

I got a little concerned, won’t lie! Amazing stuff.


Our trusty steeds.


Photo stop.

Arrival at our accomodation after a very long off-road safari.

No it’s not dirty water! We were greeted with tamarind juice.

I heard we were staying in huts, but this is about as luxurious as a hut gets!



Way wider than widescreen view.


Beer o’clock till the sun goes down.

We lost a day in transit, and it was a nightmare as our flight was cancelled which threw us into chaos as we had an interconnecting flight to catch in order to make it all the way to Tanzania. Our tour manager Benjamin is a christian man, he prayed his ass off, and somehow, with the help of an amazing airline hostess, we made it by the narrowest of margins.

We got to our hotel at midnight, had a quick meal and we were all in bed by 1-2AM, the next morning we were straight into these mighty Toyota Land Cruisers, and off on a Safari, which started out pretty damn slow as many of the animals were so far away (a zoom lens would really have been good…), but the pace picked up when we found a pack of lions, with one young female attempting to sneak up on some wild boar, but with no success, then, whilst watching a large group of elephants, the largest of the group decided to head straight for us and cross right in front of us, day made, that was quite an experience for sure.

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Africa Trip – Day #05

Memories of Vegas.

ZEN found.

Lani on the red.

Casino, so… might as well roulette!

Transit day today. We had a flight in the morning to Johannesburg, then a late lunch/early dinner at the casino (where I had the best grain fed steak I’ve had in AGES!). Bet on 8’s and lost!

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Africa Trip – Day #04

Today we hit the wineries!


1st stop, De Villiers Chocolate in Paarl.


2nd stop, beer for breakfast! Beer tasting at CBC Brewery.

Cheese and wine tasting at Fairview.

Owners ride. First time I’ve ever seen a 4WD on a wine bottle!


Old till at the perfume museum.

Chanel No. 5.

This is an artwork.


Good name for a Burger Shop?! Die Burger is a daily Afrikaans-language newspaper.

Franschhoek Motor Museum.






A few guys on Facebook suggested I visit the Franschhoek Motor Museum which our guide says is owned by the 2nd richest family in South Africa. Turns out it was on the way to a few of the wineries already on the list for the day so I was granted my wish!

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Africa Trip – Day #03

View of Cape Town from Robben Island.

Nelson Mandela’s courtyard at Robben Island.


Rust Bucket #1.

Rust Bucket #2.

Crocodile, Kudu, and Springbok! 3 animals I’ve never eaten before. Crocodile tasted like Chicken, the Kudu was a bit tough, the Springbok tasted like veal.

Cableway up to Table Mountain.






Early start to the tour today with a ferry ride out to Robben Island, an island which was a high-security prison where Nelson Mandela was held captive for 18 years. The first half of the tour was a bit meh, as we never got off the bus, but the 2nd involved a tour guide who was an inmate once, he added a personal touch to what would have been a pretty dry history class.

We then hit Marco’s African Place for some real African food (loved it!), and then we caught a Cableway up to Table Mountain where we spent the rest of the evening. At some stage the sun was really starting to burn me so I found the only stretch of shade up at the bar, there I ended up making friends with someone who was also hunting down shade, she ended up being from Bondi, Sydney. SO RANDOM!

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Africa Trip – Day #02

Local Art by Daniel 2019.

Boss taking a shot of the ladies.

Mum & Jen, her drinking buddy!

Eternal Paper Flowers. Flowers that feel exactly like paper. Leave them on and they die, pick them off and they last forever.





Low clouds enroute to Cape Point.


Group shot!

Mum & Son.

This couple from Germany shipped their bikes (BMW of-course) in for a ride around South Africa.


Cape Point.


So far from home.

Boss on top.






Simontown’s Town.

Enso spotted.


Zebra skin.


Old school change rooms by the beach.

Andre and his M3. Met up with this guy who I recently met on Facebook. He was once head of search at Saatchi. We had a few beers and talked about as much shit as we could before the bartender called last drinks!

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Africa Trip – Day #01

First stop, the lounge! Travelling with Mum is always the best!

Mum in Business Class.

Business Class to South Africa like a boss.

Landed in Cape Town. The Singapore airline hostesses were so damn cute. I had a little chat with one when the plane landed, she was wondering why I’d want to visit South Africa, suggesting that it’s a violent place! Geez, way to make me feel comfortable lol!

You could see this housing from the plane as it’s right next to the runway, leaving the airport you see a whole lot of it too. Apparently 1 million people or so live in these tin sheds.

We were too early to check in to our hotel so we headed down to the waterfront for lunch.


Mum getting in on the local music!

Ran into this guy Zenn Viljoen and instantly recognised him from a few YouTube videos I’ve seen of him, so trippy! Check out a video of him here (I didn’t record this).

Perfect weather.

Group Shot!

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Coming Home

Rad abbreviation for Singapore Airlines.

Jewel Changi Airport.

Couldn’t resist.

Look better than they taste for sure!

So close to home!

My 3 week Africa trip comes to a close. I’m at Jewel Changi Airport in Singapore which features the world’s tallest indoor waterfall and a rainforest theme, but no fucks given right now. I’d much rather be at the Daintree Rainforest in Queensland than at an airport ANY DAY.

Couldn’t resist Shake Shake tho!!! I feel somewhat human now that I’ve had some burgers.

On the topic of Burgers. When I land in Sydney tomorrow morning I’ll be getting right into work for Burger Me Up (who took over Chur Burger in Surry Hills).

I’ve had the Burger Me Up Classic burger twice now, and loved it twice and I legitimately rate it over the classic I just had at Shake Shack (more flavour, better bread, better meat too!).

I’ve also had a few of you tell me in person that you’ve dropped in there after reading my positive review of the burgers there (and the bit about the shop having financial issues), and you’ve all rated it as well.

Chur Burger did awesome when it was around. Burger Me Up has kept the same location, interior design, food suppliers, vibes, awesome burgers, everything but the name, and he’s lost a LOT of business because he’s lost the Chur Burger name. My job will be to try and help Jo (the shop owner) keep the business alive and get more bums on seats over this month!

You’ll see my work over Jo’s socials as I take over his Instagram and Facebook accounts. Please follow:
Burger me up on Instagram: @burgermeup
Burger Me Up on Facebook.

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Chen Lu





It’s a small world. I’ve had SO many cases of 7 degrees of separation and coincidences in my life that they rarely surprise me anymore. What I tend to do these days is just acknowledge that I’m not in control of my own life, and to just embrace these instances.

On my recent trip to Africa I met Jane, who, on returning to Sydney, let me know about an art show that a good friend of hers Chen Lu was putting on at yuill|crowley gallery in Potts Point. She thought Chen and I had a lot of things in common, and that we’d get along. She sent me a link to his web site, and to my surprise I had just visited his site a few weeks earlier when I was looking for site design inspiration. The site was made by Zann St Pierre, my Australian INfront business partner, small world!

I invited my Spacewalk team mates to Chens show and we made a day of it. Chen designs objects, furniture and spaces. From his site:

In each project Lu starts with Malevich’s black square and within the boundary of this infinity he questions or proposes another way of seeing and experiencing our relationship with the world around us.

When Lu applies this exercise to objects they develop an ambiguous function. Lu’s objects invite interaction intended to stir the users’ imagination. The abstract forms challenge object-memory, promoting creative thinking and personal insight.

Lu has produced works for Hermés, Paspaley Pearls, Monument Magazine, Vogue Living, Belle, Art and Australia, Billy Kwong (Surry Hills), Simon Johnson, Bill Granger, Ondene, Broached Commissions, Ullens Centre for Contemporary Art (UCCA), and Yuill Crowley Gallery.

Chen is awesome. His work is too (find lots more of it on his site linked below). All photos above by Nick.


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2008 UCI Mt. Stromlo World Cup Canberra

We got back from the Canberra world cup last night (about 10.30PM). T’was a great weekend despite the rain (which was pretty shit, but what can you do about it?!).

SATURDAY: In attendance was: Jing and Shirley, Felix and Diane, Timmy, Christina and I. We all met up at the Mobil on the M5 on Saturday morning, the drive was super easy and we were in Canberra before we knew it. We checked into The Parklands, got set up and then went for a bite to eat next door at Dickon Shops (Laksa FTW!). We decided to check out the War Memorial (hey it is voted as Canberra’s no.1 attraction, with nothing else coming in 2nd spot lol). I always see something different each time I go there.

We had an awesome dinner at Pangaea in Manuka (a suburb with such a classy look and feel about the place I thought I was in Double Bay). Diane chose the restaurant which served up a storm of amazing finger foods which blew us all away. After dinner we headed to Mount Stromlo to watch the 4X finals.

Mt. Stromlo was cold, wet, dark and muddy. The course looked great, the crowd was huge and the vibe was awesome. The rain was the only let down. We watched the womens and watched Jared Graves take out the mens. We then headed back to the apartments, watched Aliens on the TV + played Nintendo DS and crashed out.

SUNDAY: The girls had been complaining about the amount of “bike talk” the day before, how ridiculous is that?! We were there to watch the world cup and there they were complaining about us talking bikes?! We tactically decided to ditch them the next day so they spent the day at the Museum and Questacon whilst we headed to Stromlo.

When we got to Stromlo it was raining hard. Too bad for Jing and Timmy who both didn’t bring any wet weather gear (lol). We walked through the pits, which were totally empty as everyone was up on the mountain watching the downhill qualifying. The first thing we came across was the bike wash bay and I spotted Sam Hill’s bike mechanic cleaning his bike. I got a good gawk in.

Can I have the bike once Mr. Hill is done with it… please?

Number 1.

We then checked out all the pitt stalls and the superstars of the circuit were out and about (since the crowd was up on the mountain). Sam Hill was chowing on a salad sandwich (surely that’s too healthy for a pre-race feed?!), Peaty was riding around with a resistance trainer attached to the back of his bike. We spotted Rennie, Dan Atherton and a few other riders. One of the team Yeti riders talked us through a 575 (my dream bike), which sold me even more on one, we ran into a few of the Farkin forum guys (who were all pretty tanked), had some food then proceeded to climb up the mountain to watch the final womens DH as well as the mens.


Graves’ winning bike from the night before.

Steve Peat from the UK riding around with a resistance trainers attached to his back wheel.

Go girl! These girls have got balls!

Last jump of the “triple treat”.


We had awesome views and could get pretty damn close to the riders. Air horns, cow bells and screaming fans, the vibe was electric for every rider (whether Australian or an international) coming down the mountain. We pretty much walked down the mountain and stopped off on points of interest, the riders came down 3 minutes apart from one another which kept the whole event flowing. By the time we got down to the bottom we were in time to watch the final 5 riders on the big screen (perfect!).

The last part of the DH course was more like an XC course, there was even an uphill part! (how strange considering it a DH course). The long flat all the way to the finish line meant that pedallers could shave a lot of time off. Sam Hill was slow on the day, Rennie, who went 2nd last had the hot seat until the last rider, Greg Minmaar from South Africa smashed his time by 5 seconds.

Satisfied, wet and cold we headed back into Dickson to meet up with the girls for a hot Japanese meal before hitting the M5 on the way home.

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