2007 Kuwahara Laserlite Team

I accidentally won this bike off eBay (LOL someone save me please?). Of-course I’d been hunting for NOS/vintage Kuwahara gear for the Kuwa I found at the markets but all of it had been going for sky high prices (a simple pad set went for over $160 last week!).

This as new (I’d even call it brand new) 2007 Laserlite Team BMX came up in the searches and I did a little research on it and found that this was the bike that marked the Kuwahara comeback (they hadn’t made a bike in 20 years!). The RRP for it was $1285AUD and apart from some reviews saying that the bars and fork were heavy, every other review was fantastic (especially this Australian review). I did some math on the Funn parts. The crankset is actually a Funn MTB downhill crankset with hollowtech BB worth $400AUD, the pedals are Funn soljam MTB pedals worth $90AUD so I placed a bid for $500 thinking the bike would go for a lot more than that, well it didn’t and I won it at $457.

2007 Kuwahara Laserlite Team

Chunky much? (Note: internal MTB canecreek headset).

So new that a protective sticker was still covering the headbadge…

… of-course I took it off.

Funn stem.

Avid speed dial SL (super light) brake lever.

S/M grips.

Massive American influence all over the bike, note American spelling “Aluminum”.

Funn seatpost.

Funn saddle.

Check the lightning bolt detail on the rear dropout.

Sunn Rhyno Lite’s.


Maxxis Exception series tyres are lighter than their standard tyres.

Holy Rollers.

Naf skull caps put on by the previous owner.

Funn Hooka DH crankset.

Hardcore Funn soljam pedals. So massive, so much grip.

Ridiculously light considering it has pedals which weigh half a kilo and a downhill crankset which must be super heavy.

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