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Suga and I spent the day in the city today.

Hot slammed RS4 in the carpark.

Saw this cool warped car sculpture at the Art Gallery of NSW. Awesome!

Street piano outside of QVB.

Then the boys came around for bike night, worked on Eddie’s bike, but Zi was so hungry that we decided to go to Wagaya instead. Wagaya’s quickly becoming my fave Japanese food and beer haunt.

Clifton ordering.

Since young Cliffy got his P’s and drove us all, we thought we’d drink up.

We found another street piano, part of the Sydney Festival.

Also, the ghost bike’s almost finished! Spend a good part of last night putting it all back together. More pics here.

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BMU Loftus ride

I designed the BMU T this morning, will go into print shortly. Limited run of 25, maybe 50 at most so if you want one best to register your interest here.

Also hit the rock pool for a swim today with my sweets, she’s back from a trip to Hong Kong. Saw some really bright neon purple and yellow damsel fish, that’s just awesome as we only saw one of them last year.

Also hit Loftus with the boys but I just didn’t have the legs today. I was totally off. Still fun though as always and the gears on my bike are working a treat with the new XT cassette and XTR chain. We also had Sizzler afterwards for too much food and a few laughs.

More pics and commentary on the ride here.

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Internet fame whore

It’s one thing to gain recognition for being a designer, or a car nut, but getting recognition for being into riding bicycles is SO strange and not quite sitting well with me at all (I find it very funny).

I was just on Farkin (yes the forum I was banned on) and someone had brought up an old thread of mine on the 1997 Specialized single speed. I checked the views on that thread and 20,972 people had viewd it! I then clicked on the button which lists the threads on Farkin by order of how many views they’ve had and it turns out that my threads are some of the most viewed threads on Farkin history. The Ti project thread has had 30,955 views! That’s scary as I’ve only been posting there since March last year.

My thread views on Farkin. Out of control. Click for a full sized view.

I’ve also realised that a lot of the hits come from other blogs. 2 blogs worth mentioning (they’re haunts of mine) are Chirosangaku, a tumblr site which linked my Kuwahara the other day. That brought a smile to my face as I love what he posts on his site a lot. HKFixed have also plugged my road bike, that’s amazing as they never plug road bikes with gears (they only plug fixed gears).

Then there’s the really funny stuff. The stuff I hear over the phone, MSN or in real life. I was just finishing up a ride at Manly Dam and I saw a lady with a pink yeti. I’d seen it before at MCC and had a little chat with her and a guy next to us said G’day and said he worked at a bike shop and that I’d contacted him about a Bianchi (I was looking for one for Christina). I had no idea how he knew what I looked like considering I’d talked to him over the phone but then I realised he was wearing a farkin T-Shirt!

Then there’s the call from Zi, laughing his ass off. He’d just finished a ride at Loftus where some young kids on the trail pulled him over and asked him if he was Justin Fox from farkin?! HAHAHAA.

Matt got me on MSN and said that when he was getting fitted up at Blackman Cycles for his Scott carbon road bike the shop keeper said he knew of me as well?! Kelvin also bought a bike from Glebe’s Inner City Cycles and he said the guy in there knows of me as well.

And to top if off I get a mail from this dude Dittmar, He and his partner Ozlem wanted to interview me about bikes for an upcomming magazine they’re working on.

It’s all a bit funny, and a bit scary too. As if my head wasn’t big enough as it is?!

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Bikes Move Us ride day

Me on the pink thing.


The BMU crew.

Both of Matt’s kids were amazing, and getting big air!

Yesterday’s Bikes Move Us Homebush Monster X day was a hoot. Rhys came over to my place earlier and we car pooled, great to meet new guys through the forum, he was great company.

I ended up taking the pink thing which was a lot of fun, not as fun as my Reign would have been as I’m more comfy on the Reign but fun nonetheless. I also took the Kuwahara Laserlite BMX along too. I only had 2 runs on that thing, it’s so fast and twitchy I came off on the 2nd run and never touched it again!

Some of us headed straight to Loftus after the dirt jump session too, that was also a lot of fun.

James and Tai checking out the steep roll-in.

Rhys hucking the roll-in!

James doing the same. Rolling into it is one thing but these guys hucking it? That’s all balls.

More great action pics of the Homebush Monster X ride day are up HERE, go check them out.

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Yeti hardtail huck bike

After last nights bike night where Jing donated an XT rear mech and Clifton donated the brakes, the Yeti’s done!

Full bike shot.

More pictures here.

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Strida folding bike GROUP BUY!

I’ve just been speaking to the head poncho over at Strida Australia about these fun little folding bikes. They’re $1000rrp but I’ve managed to score them at $500! The catch is I need 9 other people to buy one at $500 with me. So if you’re keen please let me know! I’ve already got one guy down, so I need 8 more people!

More info on the bikes here. Colours here.

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Yeti DJ update

She’s coming together, the pink huck machine!

More on the update here.

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Turning Japanese

Dear justinfox,

Video Disabled

A copyright owner has claimed it owns some or all of the audio content in your video Compact Cup. The audio content identified in your video is Turning Japanese by The Vapors. We regret to inform you that your video has been blocked from playback due to a music rights issue.

The YouTube Content Identification Team

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Was chatting to Andy on MSN when he mentioned he was going to Hurricanes for dinner with his flatmate Miki and her sister from the states Yuki. I called him a “c*nt” as I was hungry and thinking of ribs made my mouth water, a few minutes later I get an SMS asking if I want to tag along, w00t! I then get an SMS saying he’ll pick me up (sweet me thinks I can get pissed!). What a champ!


Yuki and Miki.

Yuki’s amazing tatts.


Mr Phee Cies who comes from the states, and is going to stay in Australia for a while.

The ribs weren’t great (even with a few downed Peronis) but the company was. Conversation of the night included: Relationships, bikes (haha), relationships, Tattoos, relationships, personal history, relationships, gender related generalisations, relationships and Mr Phee Cies’ travels. :)

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BMU Manly Dam session

14 people strong! A ride was organised by Tony/justified on the Bikes Move Us forums and 14 people rocked up, that5’s just awesome!

Some pics from today:

Nick’s dead sexy Cannondale Prophet.

Jarod’s bike, single speed? Hardcore! Especially considering that the gearing was a little heavy for the trail.

Andrew/JDMpulsar representing Specialized with his Hardrock.

I thought Jarod was hardcore until Rhy’s rocked up (haha), damn Glory. What a man/tank/beast/thing. He got up EVERYTHING too.

Kevin (left) and Tony (right) did great considering they’re both new to riding and it was their 1st time to the Dam too.

Timmy (left) and Clifton (right). Can’t deny that the young kids have learn something from the oldies as both of them are sporting duallies now!

Zi and Dave rocked up late (it’s becoming the norm now guys! Come on!) AND Zi had to change his tyres over too (I’m ‘lending’ him some Nevegals). Zi had another bad day on the bike, goes to show how a ready build bike (his old Giant Trance) was great in that it was all designed and set-up, ready to go but he’s in a world of set-up nightmares on his new Santa Cruz and he’s riding nowhere near as good as he was on his Trance. I had a little go at his bike at the end of the day and found the front fork way too sensitive to braking and too squishy too. I’m sure he’ll get there.

THE CREW!!! 14 riders united.

Totally missed the shot, but this is Rhy’s doing a steep roll to huck.

I was a bit paranoid pre-ride about my fitness level considering I’d been in Melbourne for a week doing nothing but eat and drink (even had 5 meals on one of the days!!!) but surprisingly I felt stronger than I’ve ever felt on the Dam. Maybe it was the excitement of riding in such a big group of people, or maybe it was just being back on the bike. One thing’s for sure. I’m feeling it!!! My legs are hurting tonight. That’s a good thing though, right?! :)

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