In bike news, the SE Lager is finally fixed and I’m finally getting my head around it. Here’s a little clip of me attempting a track stand on Day 1 (not the most exciting thing to be watching though!). I managed to try it a few more times during the weekend and I’ve got them nailed now and averaging about 5 minutes each time. I’m on to pedalling backwards now :)

I’ve also managed to flare up the little kids on Farkin again. A few of them don’t believe the bike is fixed in the video above. So funny as there’s no way I could track stand for that long on a non-fixed bike without using brakes (which I’m clearly not using in the clip). Cracks me up (a lot). I love it.

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2 Responses to Fixed

  1. Dom says:

    What song is playing with the video?

  2. Justin Fox says:

    The E-Z Rollers!