Bad Jazz day

I’ve been having a whole lot of bad Jazz days lately where I feel embarassed for owning it.

Most of the time it’s too slow, playing the fuel game where I aim to get 600km/tank every fill up is getting pretty boring and being bullied from behind is frustrating.

I think I want something that refects my status a little more. Something a little more mature and a lot classier than the Jazz but I don’t want to sacrifice too much comfort.

Jazz traits I love:
– Can fit a lot of shit in it and I don’t give a crap about getting the interior dirty.
– Great on fuel and cheap to insure.
– Don’t give a shit about the exterior so much either, dirt, scratches, dents, bring it on.
– So easy to park in the smallest of small car spaces.
– Auto – ultimate laziness, perfect brainless A-B driving.

Budget for the new car would be around $30-35k and in consideration so far:
– EVO 7 GT-A/8/9

But there are sooo many cars in this price range-ish. IS250/350Z/RX-8/WRX/List goes on.

Any suggestions?

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