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VW/Audi Dyno Day

Photos by Steve.

Suga and I drove up north for a dyno day yesterday, we got a little lost on the way as we were following the sat nav, we missed lunch (thanks to me for being slow in the morning) and we were too hungry (well I was) to wait for a go so we bailed. Still nice to drop in and say G’day to the friendly faces though.

On the way home I followed Christina again who was following her sat nav and we were going around in circles, what a piece of crap. It’s interesting when you stop following your sense of direction and turn left when the stupid lady voice tells you to. Suuuuuuper frustrating /vent.

More pics from the day here.

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Truckie’s Brekky

Last night Christina and I caught up with Felix and Di, we had Spanish this time at Kiki Tapas in Darlinghurst (used to be Fez, which I used to love). I’ve eaten there before and found it super salty, it was super salty this time too (just makes you want to drink more!). I was surprised to see a truckie’s brekky on the menu so we ordered it.

Sounds awesome yeah?

Shame then that it looked like this when it came out…

My own version!

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Dinner at Jamie and Richie’s

My sexy secretary.

Jamie’s soup, the best soup I’ve had since I don’t remember when!

Richie’s duck was the yum!

Note: Christina and I really need to learn how to cook. Our kitchen is twice as big as Richie and Jamie’s but we only use it to make coffee.

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If only we COULD instead of SHOULD

I get bombarded by people suggesting I “should” do this or I “should” do that. Fair call if I actually asked for opinions, but I rarely do. I mostly find the suggestions frustrating as I like to think I know what I’m doing and that I don’t need the guidance (most recently it’s been in relation to modifying cars which is what I love doing, at the moment anyway).

I understand that people are only trying to help by suggesting what I should do buy maybe if they used “could” instead of “should” it would be a lot less frustrating. IE: You “could” do this? Instead of: You “should” do this.


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Painted plate border

Love the plates but hate the silver border, short of buying a plastic frame to cover it I thought I’d paint it instead.

Painters tape worked a treat.



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Yesterday I got 2 Superlap Tickets in the mail. Media Passes too which will let me get really close to some of the fastest time attack cars in the world. Even if you’re not into cars I highly suggest you get some early bird tickets for the 22nd of May. This event is going to be huge and the beginning of something new in Australia.

More info on Superlap here:

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New R32 Tail Lights

Old GTI Tail Lights.

New darker R32 Tail Lights.


Thanks to Howie I now have a set of R32 Tail Lights on the GTI. Yum yum!

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Four Eyes

Jess with her new Rayban Prescriptions.

Christina and Jess both wear glasses now (Christina’s glasses are being made and will be read on Thursday). Christina’s been having tired eyes lately and I urged her to go see an optometrist. We did that earlier this week and it turns out on of her eyes is +1. Trying on frames is always funny. Jess has gone too cool for school Wayfarers and Christina’s gone for the sexy secretary look (I approve!). Pics of Christina’s glasses on Thursday!

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Mah new plates!

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Picture books

Spotted at Market City. Gah… so hot.

I bought these Japanese books yesterday from Kinokuniya. I love these Japanese books. I can’t read Japanese but there are a heap of pictures in there and flicking through them reminds me of when I was a kid. Dad had heaps of car books and magazines and I used to flick through them every day, each day I’d see a new car I hadn’t seen before in the same magazines, it’s as if someone secretly put new images into them.

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