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MKV hits the dyno

Out of curiosity I hit the dyno today.


I suppose I was dreaming to think I’d net a 50kw gain out of the REVO Stage 1 tune, having said that my mate Kevin with a GIAC Stage 2 tune only got 1.6kw more than I did. Considering my car was on semis (apparently less power on a dyno as they’re so sticky) and that I chose to go for a mild rather than wild Stage 1 tune I suppose I should be happy.

More photos from the dyno day today here

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MKV Update

I hit the track (Wakefield) this Friday. I’ve not been on the circuit in sooo long and I’m pretty excited about it (I even had a dream last night that I drove all the way out to Wakefield only to realise I forgot my helmet and gloves at home!).

In preparation I’ve done a few things to the MKV:

I had a one on one session after hours with George from VW Village in Kensington. He REVO tuned my car. He says it’s making about 50kw more now!

“Flashing” an ECU sure seems a lot easier than tuning a car on a dyno with a Power FC. It’s a simple matter of plug, upload and you’re done. Despite asking for a very safe and mild tune, the results are insane and my MKV is a completely different beast now. Too much power for a front wheel drive car in my opinion!

I’m trialing some 20mm spacers up front for wider track. The car feels a lot flatter now. If I kill my guards this Friday on the ripple strips at Wakefield I’ve got no-one to blame but myself!

Yesterday was one of those days. I had a billion things to do; meetings, more meetings and car stuff too. Everything took a little longer than I thought and that put me smack bang in the thick of peak hour. Getting caught in the M5 tunnel sux ass.

Rear green stuff pads are now in and damn they’re punchy. I’m surprised at how much the rear pads work on the GTI.

My shortened end links are in too so I’m all set!

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Hangin out West

Brad’s JUNKA Drag Beetle.

Brad’s desktop background, yup that’s him.

This Beetle is so cool on more than a few counts. It’s owned, built and driven by Brad Young who owns and runs Westside Mufflers in Padstow NSW. I got to know Brad when I worked upstairs from him with the JDMyard guys a few years ago. Like all of the best he’s ridiculously hard working and a super nice guy.

I’ve always known him to be a beetle fan. He’s shown me pictures of some of his old cars but being the busy guy he is (he’s a family man too!) he rarely gets time to work on his own cars.

A few years ago he started work on a new Beetle Project. He aimed to get the weight down and hit 10’s at the strip. Over the past few years I’ve heard about this thing being built but I only got to lay my eyes on the finished product at the recent VW Nationals.

I dropped in to see Brad yesterday to catch up (and also ask him to help me out on the snapped sway bar end links for my Golf), he was actually working on his car and also shared this video too:

Yup, nuts huh?

I then dropped in to JDMyard and caught up with the boys and Zi, who’s back! (man hugz!). He’s sporting glasses now (wayfarers?!) and a new cat (?!!?! so so so cute though in real life ahahaha).

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Pretty chuffed today! Charles Kha and Chris Brasher covered the last JDMST EOMM at JDMyard for SPEEDHUNTERS.

You can check out the feature here:

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Last night my Mum’s youngest sister had her B’day party at Mizuya which is a cross between a festy drug dealer infested Asian style Karaoke bar and Wagaya.

Despite initially feeling like straight clubbing with the parents the booze was flowing and the oldies had a blast belting out 70’s and 80’s tunes (out of key which was a bonus).


My Uncle Bernard – Blue Suede Shoes.

Helen the B’day girl with her BF Michael.


My cousin Nicholas with his girl Romina. 1st loves they’re going 1.5years strong!

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Snappy Tom

Whilst changing my front pads we noticed that my passenger side sway bar end link was snapped clean. Every modification comes with a consequence! (in this case, a massive front sway bar). I’ll have to get this one welded up for now if I’m going to make it to the track next week and look for a stronger aftermarket set later.

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VWG Pizza Night photos

Last Wednesday night on the way to a Pizza night with the Golf crew we dropped in to City Performance (who share a space with Scuderia Imports).


Yes it’s the real deal.

BMW with something different under the hood…


Perhaps the fanciest Pizza joint ever.

The restaurant owners is a Ferrari nut.

Christina playing with Tendy’s iPad (he gave us one to take home!!!).

More pics here

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Fatlace BIKE T

Fatlace BIKE T left, mine on the right.

In July 2008 I made a few “BIKE” T’s for friends. Yes it’s a rip/play on the Nike logo and that’s exactly why I haven’t gone to town on these (by making a heap of them).

Last night Garth sent me this link

Fatlace are known for being cheeky with re-mixing famous logos (their famous illest logo was born from the Golf brand Titleist). Seeing them do the BIKE T makes me want to pump out more of mine.

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Tow Hooks

MKV got some race tow hooks today. Hitting the track next week yeeew!

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Chicken Heart!

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