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2011 Azzurri UNO Race – Ride report

I think I’m coming down with the flu but I’ve been itching to take the new roadie out for a spin so today I pumped up the tyres to 100psi and just rode down to the beach and back (and I’m huffing & puffing, damn so unfit HAHA).

I put my XTR pedals and Shimano shoes on and damn I’d forgotten how explosive being clipped in is. Being able to pedal up as well as down feel like cheating. I just felt like doing some hills so I hit some back roads and a pinchy hill that caught me out once on my fixie was like a walk in the park.

Gears shift nicely but what’s more awesome are the brakes. My 80’s Paino roadie just doesn’t stop (it takes a lot of muscle to press the brake levers in) but on this thing it’s light and powerful at the same time.

I’ve come back and tilted the bars a little more towards me as I feel a little stretched out but not by much. Lowering the stem wouldn’t do anything but look better and as it is I can actually grab the drop bars and feel quite comfortable in a tucked down position so I’m going to leave everything as is.

Not sure on the saddle yet. My bum still hurts a little from Monday’s epic 3hr Menai ride (lame I know) but so far so good and I’ve got plenty of time to get used to the new bike before the 90km Gong ride in November.

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2010 MS Sydney to the Gong Bike Ride

Richie and I last year.

I’ll be taking part in my 5th 90km Sydney to the Gong Bike Ride this year. The ride has always raised funds for people affected by Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and considering my good buddy Sean was recently diagnosed with MS I’ve got all the more reason to ride.

I’m aiming to hit at least $250 to help MS hit their target of $4 million. Please DONATE (hit the red button!) by visiting my donation page:

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Derailleur hanger straightening session

Ash getting it straight.

Ash (head mechanic at MC Cyclery) came over last night to work on my bikes (what a champ!). He brought over this big tool which he says is the tool to buy if you’re ever going to buy a tool! It was a Park DAG-2 hanger alignment gauge and it’s used to check to see if the derailleur hanger on the bike is out of whack and it’s also used to align it so it’s not out of whack.

It turns out both my Anthem and my Reign were out (the Anthem by a good inch or so) and even the brand new Azzurri roadie was out! It explains why sometimes, even with a new straight hanger I failed to tune the gears 100% perfect.

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Photo by Felix Alim.

Christina and I are pretty happy today. The last meet has been featured on the largely popular US car culture blog Speedhunters. Massive thanks to Charles and Felix for covering it.

View the feature:

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In 2008 I designed and printed up a few of these “Bike” T’s mainly for myself and to hand out as freebies to mates. I’ve since been asked by so many people (even people overseas as I like to pack one in the luggage on trips!) to make more so I’ve done just that.

I’ve got 50 T’s and I’m keeping 10 smalls for myself which leaves 10 small, 20 medium and 10 large.

Price: $35 shipped Australia wide ($5 less for pick-up).

Payment: Direct Deposit: Westpac Bank Account
Justin Fox
BSB: 732022
Account Number: 511745

Payment PayPal:

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Return to Menai

Today I rode Menai with the MCC guys (Ash and Maisey). Maisey does a different loop to the one I’m used to, this time around we parked right out the front of the nuclear reactor (great huh?) which is up the road from the tip (which you can smell for the first 5 minutes of the trail). Nice trail though until we got lost! We spent 3 hours in there trying to find our way out, fun times haha.

A few pics with the old pocket camera (I doubt I’d ever take the new GF-1 along on a ride):

Parking across from the nuclear reactor.

5 minutes in and Ash has submerged a whole foot into the mud.

Maisey: “Yeah I’m just riding Menai at the moment”.

We came across some sketchy looking freeride structures and found this stash of porn that the trail fairies had left at the site.

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Tonight we headed over to Jamie and Richie’s place for dinner (always yum yum!) and they had a lot of hand-me-down goodies to give us!


You’d think that we were having kids?!

Going over was also a great excuse to play with naughty Jasper.

And Layla…

… who has her own home brew!

Our kitten will be ready to pick up on the 7th next month and Christina’s been going cat crazy lately (she’s doing LOTS of internet research!). We’ve got a pretty big list of names, on that list “Ponyo” & “Ebi” stood out but we’re pretty set on naming her “Mia”. :)

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Today Christina and I caught up with Sonny and Mina at Deus Cafe which continues to do well judging by how busy it was. They were having a clothing sale in the carpark too (where I managed to pick up a jacket and shirt). Every time I visit Deus that urge to buy another motorbike kicks into gear (I’ve had a couple and still have a license to ride). A few years back I really wanted a Honda Zoomer and now that I can buy one through Deus (at a reasonable $4k too) I find myself not really wanting one anymore.

Deus – breeding and spreading tasteful bike culture to the Sydney masses.

Today this would be my bike of choice. I’m not sure I have clothes cool enough to be seen riding on it though.

A shot looking into their workshop. Note the Japanese bike culture magazines on the table? It’s no secret that Dare Jennings (founder of Mambo) was inspired by bikes he saw on a trip to Japan, so much so that it led to him founding Deus in Sydney and building customised Japanese bikes.

The rumour out there is that the Deus Cafe does better than selling bikes and T-Shirts combined. It doesn’t surprise me, this eggs benny was delicious!

Sonny and Mina.

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Fratelli Fresh

Not cycling but still into the habit of loading up on carbs! Always nice to have a pasta dish at Fratelli Fresh

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Marque Restaurant

Today we hit Marque Restaurant in Surry Hills for Richie’s B’day. They have a $45/person menu on Fridays so we gave that a go (if you watched MasterChef last night, this was the restaurant they dined in!).

The Menu.

This pre-entrée was really yummy.

Tuna entrée was a little strange. The dill overpowered the subtle but interesting spice I could taste and I couldn’t taste the tuna nor the avocado at all (which both had the exact same texture which was strange).

Mum and Jamie aren’t seafood fans so they asked it they could replace their tuna entrée with something else. Amazingly they were happy to change the set $45 menu and offered up this beetroot tart (the pastry is hiding under the foam). It might not look like much but damn it was delicious!

The main. Everyone loved it except for me (am I really that fussy?). I just thought the crunchy bits were strange. Mine was just a tiny bit overcooked but Christina’s and Richie’s were both raw. Strange as we weren’t given the option to say how we’d like our meat cooked (goes to show how hard it is to cook steak perfectly, even for a restaurant of this calibre).

This pre-dessert custard was insanely good (naughty!).

The this massive Jaffa came out.

Definitely different but I couldn’t eat all of mine.

All in all it was fun, something different and great value for $45/head. Apparently it’s booked up for 3 months+ on Friday’s because of it (I’m not surprised!).

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