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Australian INfront Apple Talk #4

Sign in the window, what a buzz!

From the outside, looking in.

Jeremy shared design related stories from his journey from NYC to Sydney to Melbourne.

The buzz of George Street outside, as well as customers shopping inside makes the Apple Store a very unique venue for these Insight talks.

Jeremy signing his poster.

Me, Zann (open your eyes next time Zann!), Jeremy and Damien.

What the heel! Lorena’s crazy shoes.

INfront’s up to it’s 4th Apple Talk (where we invite creatives to talk at the Apple Store Sydney once a month) and despite horrible weather last night, many people braved it and came out to catch Jeremy Wortsman’s inspiring Apple Talk.

Jeremy runs Jacky Winter Group, an agency representing some of Australia’s top illustration talent. There’s just something about Jeremy (what a guy!). Love how he carries himself, he’s a great speaker and just an inspiring guy to be in conversation with.

Later that night a few of us headed to Gotham, a new bar on Oxford St. Crazy fit-out, loved it. Deep fried olives too, damn. And best of all I got to catch up with Astred (off to check her blog).

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INfront re-brand

Meeting at Damien’s place. Note the pie. Damn they were good pies!

Mood board exercise.

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re off on the right foot with INfront’s new rebranding. For the first time, we’re doing it right by paying an outside source to help us (we’ve had offers for “free” and we’ve also failed many times ourselves to get it right).

Yesterday Damien, Zann and I spent 3 hours in lock-down in an initial branding meeting. As clients we were guided through a very thorough process of trying to identify our brand as it lives today, and where we see it in future. Hard work, but I loved every minute of it. I’m excited, wish I could say more but I’ll keep it a little under wraps for now. More news as it comes!

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Fart Bug Orgy

Spotted in the backyard today.

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If any of you have even the slightest creative bone in your body, you should get involved in this one. All you have to do is submit a visual entry (can even just be a photo), the theme is “WOMAN” and there are some huge prizes to be won ($11k’s worth!), free entry too so you’ve got nothing to lose.

For more details visit:

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VW Nationals 2011

I’d love to put some modern wheels on this thing, so so nice.

This MKI Golf tickled my fancy.

This year Christina and I decided to just rock up and check the show out instead of entering our cars. I have to say, we’re glad we did! Car parking was nice and easy, we got to catch up with some old faces (albeit briefly as we turned up a little late) and check out all the great cars but not have to be tied down to being there from early until end of show.

Many more pics can be found here.

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Christina’s wedding make-up trial

Words can’t describe! Christina had a make-up artist come over yesterday to work on her wedding face. Great job I’m sure you’ll agree!

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District Dining

Sharing style dishes.

Di was just about to relaunch Be The Foodie, her food blog. We got a sneak peek on the new design too, super clean, functional, just how it should be!

Caught up with Felix and Di the other night at District Dining. I didn’t think the food wasn’t that great (but the company more than made up for it!). It didn’t help that we were denied dessert and kicked out as the table was booked for another party after us! Christina and I dined at Emmilou the night before, a Spanish Tapas restaurant which takes Tapas to a new level. I thought Emmilou was so damn good that I’m sure it kinda ruined the District Dining experience for me a little (similar shared dish style concept).

Edit: The all new Be The Foodie is now live!

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Max & Mia

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I brought my 80’s Kuwahara along for kicks.

Babs’ Hako took out best of show runner up.

One category I had to judge was “Best Hellaflush”… but Hellaflush is an American brand! I sat there, felt embarrassed about it for a bit, then I kicked myself in the bum and thought why the hell not, sun’s out, let’s have some fun. This is the car I chose for the win.

I also had to judge “best stance” which I gave to Shane. You can’t argue his Supra has a menacing stance (even in broad daylight!), best of all, it’s stance is dictated by function.

EVO 9 wagon took me by surprise. It also won a runner up prize for best EVO.

Babs claiming his prize.

A very pregnant Nat (Miss-R) took 3rd best overall car of the day.

Perfect weather, EVO guys were ripping it up on the circuit and skid pan (very impressive!), Show and Shine prizes went down a treat and best of all there was a great social vibe all morning and afternoon.

Judging the “Show and Shine” with George from Mothers was a hard job. George has judged many an event (including Sema!), and being in the care care industry he had a thing for perfect paint. I’ve got little idea about good or bad paint, but George didn’t have much of an idea about JDM car culture so we met in the middle.

There were a billion photographers out and about today so I’m sure there will be many more pics of the cars on show. I’ve started a photo thread on JDMST. Click here to keep an eye on it as photographers get busy uploading their images.

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