Cars Move Us update

Who didn’t have a Lamborghini Countach poster on their wall as a kid? (Dad bought me one with a naked babe on the bonnet! Daaaad!).

Cars Move Us is doing really good 3 days in.

I initially registered the domain name in 2008, never used it (Narada and I almost did, we had dreams of making it an amazing blog which superstar drivers contributed to) and let it lapse. I ended up turning it into Bikes Move Us.

The other day I was hunting down domain names for the space (so hard to find a name for it!). I punched in ‘Cars Move Us’ and it was available so I bought it (again). And this time I got going on it right away rather than let it fizzle out.

The concept is a lot simpler this time around. It’s basically inspired by the “car pron & cool shiat” folder on my desktop which I use to store images I love and find, usually on the net.

I’ve noticed a lot of images in the car pron thread on various forums have broken (due to people hot linking an image which is not online anymore). It’s a real shame that these images are lost, perhaps forever in some cases so I’m making an effort to re-upload them all onto the Cars Move Us server (clicking on an image loads in the full sized image where possible).

We’ve got quite a few contributors on there at the moment, all local for now but that will change soon (I’m envisioning 20+ international contributors in future). All posts are made anonymously, so the contributing team as a whole takes the credit. No posts are dated either (though the site will be updated daily) as the content we’re posting is arguably timeless.

Please visit:
Twitter: @carsmoveus

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One Response to Cars Move Us update

  1. adom says:

    ha yeah pretty sure i had every hot wheels Lamborghini when i was a kid. nice site. look forward to seeing more updates.

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