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The new retro.

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Australia Day

Miles. Soooo cute right?!

Excited about the menu!

The Pool Cafe do a wicked Veggie Big Brekkie.

Australia Day is my Mums B’day so Jamie, Richie. Miles and I treated her for brekkie at our local, the Pool Cafe. :)

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Photos by Alejandro Nam

Photos by Alejandro Nam. Full set here. Visit:

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Neils ‘Shoe’ Meulman — Upside Down Tour

Headed out Wednesday night to check out Neils ‘Shoe’ Meulman’s Upside Down Show at Kind Of Gallery. Unfortunately I’d forgotten to bring my memory card which rendered my camera useless! So annoyed. His work is amazing so if you’re in Sydney, go check it out. Thanks to Luca I got this photo of the great man. Visit:

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Garlic Sauce – Found

I’m often craving El Jannah Garlic Sauce, if Granville wasn’t so far away from Maroubra Beach I’d be there every week! Whilst doing the groceries last night I spotted “garlic dip” out of the corner of my eye in Kosher section. I was jumping up and down (inside) with excitement! Once I saw the white whipped texture I knew it was going to be good and yahhh it’s great!

I didn’t have any Chicken though, so I had it with lamb, still great! I washed it down with a couple fo glasses of my fave bottle of red too (after all these years I still can’t go past Wynns). Bliss!

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Sex toys in the mail


Part of the perks of running Sex in Art. I got this LELO product in the mail. It’s a classy him/her thing, interesting! The packaging is so quality that it feels like opening a Louis Vuitton product. I’m guessing I’m meant to review it… anyone want to try it out with me? (BAHAHA).

For more info, visit LELO.

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My desk this morning. Piece Of Shit? Nope, Point Of Sale! Yep I’m spending the day trying to set up an advanced Point Of Sale system which we’ll use to run the shop and the online store at the same time. Cyas later, time to enter the matrix…

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Dragon, always (fucking) loud, always fun :)

Tsing Tao – always great with Chinese food, especially if you love a crispy beer (Asahi-esque).

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youeni provides

Cozy corner shop on South Dowling St. Darlinghurst.

The fresh stuff. On show.

What a beast. Under $10 too.

Slow roasted lamb + roasted potatoes, it’s like a roast between bread!

I finally got my ass down to youeni provides in Darlinghurst. Love the cozy interior and despite not being super hungry, nor having much time on my hands I couldn’t go past the lamb sandwich! I had all intentions to only eat one half, and save the other for later, but it was all so moreish that I ended up smashing the lot haha.

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Nana’s Studio

Unfinished octopus piece on the left easel is so mine. I love it (lots).

Even her sketch pad is inspirational.


Bullshit right? All done with archival ink pens. Detail is insane.

Without saying too much: Nanami’s been doing a bit of work for Smirnoff lately and when Smirnoff’s digital team called for a meeting to discuss a social media strategy she asked me to sit in on the meeting as Nana’s not at all into anything web (Facebook, what’s that?). The Smirnoff team were there to shoot images of her studio so I thought I’d sneak a few in too, enjoy :)

PS: More of her work on her site:

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