Sushi Tengoku

Salmon sashimi. BYO so be sure to bring your own Asahi.

Aburi Salmon Sushi, sliced so large you can’t even see the rice.

Soft shelled crab.

Sushi Tengoku is a tiny little Japanese restaurant in Kensington famous for their generous sushi servings. Whilst it may be considered taboo to play around with Japanese cuisine culture, it’s hard to hate on quality larger than life seafood. We’re talking thick sliced sashimi in diced and sliced and salmon sushi so large you can’t even see the rice underneath. What’s more they’re cheap too. Our split bill (and we ate a LOT) came to $35/head).

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One Response to Sushi Tengoku

  1. Mark says:

    Nice…Have you tried the Nasi Padang at Pondok Buyung in same area? Cheap and good! Well as good as you are going to get in OZ.