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Mia Mao Mao

Keke Mia. Bit chubbers ATM.

So cute.

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EVO IX Updates

Looks like one of the previous owners hated the massive plastic plate holder on the front and hacked it in half.

I replaced the plastic bit with a Beatrush plate holder (PS: Excuse the dirty car!).

Also got this simple black duracon shift knob to replace the OEM leather knob. Love it.

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Shillington College Talk

Yesterday I had the opportunity (thanks to Corrie!) to speak to some ‘soon to be graduating’ Shillington College Design Students. I’ve not done a Shillos talk in years, was a little nervous (always am before a talk) but I absolutely loved it and got so much out of it myself (I hope the students got a lot out of my talk as well!).

I find talks a great way to take a step outside of myself to see where I’ve come from and where I’m at right now. I spoke for about an hour but could easily have gone on and on for many more haha. Be sure to visit:

PS: No photos because I forgot my camera! :(

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Me + Advan Girls.

Doesn’t look it, but damn it was cold and windy at WTAC!

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World Time Attack 2012 Video Wrap Up

Spot me!

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#winning. Sean with the trophy!

Hey Felix! Shooting for ClubITR.

Mad Mike from the US signing stuff for the kiddies.

Japanese police car – Brilliant!

Original wide-body Starion, lovely.

Gunmetal grey, bronze CE28’s. Must shoot my GT-R with this RX7 pronto!

They’ve done a fab job with the bar on the mezzanine. With the heater on full blast and cold beers, lots of people were trapped in there on the day.

Spotted this Kuwahara, famous for the flying BMX scene in E.T. the movie.

Epic late night drifting was epic.

The prediction was rain, but it never really came. Wind died down a little too. The vibe was electric and being a Saturday there were double the punters in attendance. The Show n’ Shine on the skid pan was packed full of quality cars, most of them Japanese as expected.

Later in the day the Cyber EVO dropped oil on the circuit, their campaign was over. By the end the top 3 spots went to Aussies. Simply amazing!

For more images, and links to more WTAC features, be sure to visit JDMST.

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Zen Garage @ WTAC Day 1

Our stand.

Collab is key and sharing is caring. :)

CT the ADVAN man.

Brendan (the dude who built the amazing Sillbeer) and the ADVAN girls.

Signed by Nobuteru Taniguchi (aka NOB).

All new, not yet released Forza was a feature at the Hankook stand. Graphics and gameplay were awesome!

Great buddies Mark Pakula and Garth Ivers.

Not the best shot of Photographer Extraordinaire Matthew Mead.

Last years winner, the Cyber EVO unloading next to our stand.

The rain held out but it was so damn windy our stall almost blew away. The strong winds were trouble for the drivers too but it didn’t stop Nemo, the wild and much debated Australian EVO entry from cracking a 1:25.7400, a massive 3 seconds faster than last year’s winner the Cyber EVO from Japan.

ADVAN generously let us share their tent at the foot of the Cyber EVO and Top Fuel Garages, where ALL the action was happening. If you’re in Sydney tomorrow, be sure to drop in and say G’Day!

More coverage on Zen Garage:

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Brown Sugar

I went for the breakfast platter. Was delish!

Nanami went for the black stone eggs.

Nana and I hit Brown Sugar in Bondi Beach for brunch today. The brunch menu read so well it had both of us indecisive about what to order. The dinner menu on the board looked even more amazing (will have to book in for sure).

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Genuine Ralliart mirrors

Installed some genuine discontinued Ralliart mirrors today.

Ralliart mirror left, stock mirror right.

The mirrors use slightly wide mirror glass which makes visibility a little strange but way better than what I was expecting (I’ve heard a few people say that they couldn’t see shit out of them, have read the same thing online too). Getting out of Zen Garage is difficult, but I had great vision with the mirrors. Driving on the street was perfect and I don’t miss the massive mirrors at all. :)

I scored these Ralliart mirrors a week ago. I’ve loved them ever since seeing them on a Ralliart equipped EVO at the 2005 Sydney Motor Show.

They’re powered (whereas all replicas are manual) and as expected, there’s some wear and tear at the very tops of both sides in the clear coat, something I might look into restoring in future which wold be well worth it as they’ve been out of production for years and they fetch over a thousand a set on eBay if they’re mint (there’s a set on there now for $1400AUD!).

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Vortex Generator

Washed the car this morning and fitted the genuine vortex generator. Instructions were fantastic and the fitment is perfect! Love brand new genuine goods :)

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