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Adobe Creative Cloud

Whatever you like.

Zann, Damien and I now have access to Adobe Creative Cloud where we can upload files to share between us, and better yet download anything and everything Adobe has to offer. I leave for Taiwan (Zi’s wedding) in a few hours but I’m excited to play with Lightroom, and new 3D tools in Photoshop too. GEEK OUT!

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Coup De Grace Party @ Zen Garage

What a way to end the year on a high! We had a rad night the other night with the CDG crew. Great people, cars and food. The cold bevvies and DJ made for awesome conversation and great party vibes. HEAPS more pics up on Zen blog.

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Calm before the storm

So many amazing details.

Inside and out!

So refreshing to see fat tyres (instead of stretched tyres) on this 350Z.

Alex dropped in with his gorgeous new bike. So much attention to detail, she’s beautiful.

Jason and Alex brought Xmas gifts. A case of Asahi and Jason bought me this awesome book. Thanks boys!

Had a massive party at Zen last night, was epic. I was so wasted I had to leave my EVO @ the Garage (Sergio gave me a lift home!). I didn’t take any photos at all (was too busy running the shop!) but I did take a few shots of the cars that rocked up earlier in the afternoon. Love my job!

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The new ALL STARS Maloo which will help out with carrying stuff (and towing things) for all future ALL STARS events.

Built in lap timer!

Wakies anyone?

Oversteer? Yes please!

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New gear in time for Xmas

So much stuff just came in and I’ve been frantically getting it all into the online shop over the past 2 days (in the matrix! gahhh).

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Goodbye Monkeys

Sold to Dav from Toymods.

I let both of them go yesterday (to a top bloke, Dav from the Toymods forums). I just never got the bug… pretty sure Dav will though!

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Mighty Car Mods : Budget Street Cred (Season Finale)

Spot me!

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Domo Toaster

Bought it on Urban Outfitters (impulse buy!). It imprints a domo face on the toast, had a go this morning, smelt burning, turned around and saw my toast on fire! Unfortunately it’s American voltage (lucky I was i the same room!!!).

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E36 Deck

Adding to the automotive deck collection @ Zen!

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Field Trip wrap-up

New mixed in with old, texture and technology. The Seymour was a fantastic venue for Sydney Field Trip.

These lovely pressed coasters from MailChimp were individually numbered and free for all ticket holders.

We had a few leftover posters to give away too from Digitalpress.

I’m sure if you were a speaker you’d freak out a little seeing so many monkeys in the audience!

Every seat got a Field Trip tote bag, every tote bag had a Rhodia pad and Sharpies. Having a full house of creatives meant for some doodling action!

The audience settling in.

Our VIP’s were treated with love.

The audience.

Paper master Benja Harney first got everyone involved in a simple paper exercise, then wowed the audience with some very technical paper work.

Flutter killed it, and blew minds by delving deep into the process of an Xmas video installation piece for Melbourne’s Crown Casino.

Anthony Calvert made the audience giggle with some funny insights into his infographic illustrator work.

Gemma O’Brien’s infectious energy was felt by everyone present. To make her feel ‘at home’ she  re-created a part of her office space on the stage and wowed everyone by creating typographical piece from start to end.

Ex airbrush artist (now digital) Nigel Buchanan had the crowd in stitches with a live illustration of Jeremy Wortsman of The Jacky Winter Group.

Twin sister outfit MaricorMaricar were so cute and won the crowd over with their intricate embroidery work.

Illusionist Fraser Shiers gave the audience a very in depth technical insight into 3D realism.

Last Friday I spent the entire day at Field Trip Creative Conference at the Seymour Centre in Sydney. Being the founder of Australian Infront (1999), it’s been in the planning for months, and is a joint venture between Aus Infront (myself, Damien Aistrope and Zann St Pierre) and The Jacky Winter Group from Melbourne.

The last Field Trip was held at Fed Square in Melbourne (and was a sell out event!), with that under our belts we spuced up the formula for the Sydney show and it went down an absolute treat!

Photographers on the day were Jason De and Aleks Brajic, names which you’re probably familiar with from the automotive community (well done lads!).

For more info, visit:

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