Melbourne Road Trip Part 2

Good morning Zen.

Morning Hugs – Lauren and Matty.

A German, a Japanese and an Aussie walk in to a bar…

First Stop: Car Wash.

Then a quick bite to eat.

Wide Load – Checking out Matty’s place to be by the beach.

Zen Cycling Squad. Couldn’t resist a blat on these hire bikes. Great fun for $2.60!

At Cookie’s rooftop bar for a refreshing bevy.

Then I forced the boys to choose a macaron each from  La Belle Miette on Hardware Lane. Minds were blown. Cute ladies serving asked about Zen, and thought we were a dance crew (lol).

The plan today was to get cuts at the Barbers on Hardware Lane, unfortunately we got there too late and they were shut. In desperation we came across a random hairdressers, not quite the same experience, but they did the job!

Happy Matty.

Happy Mark.

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One Response to Melbourne Road Trip Part 2

  1. Allen says:

    Seems that you guys really enjoyed yourselves. It is an awesome place and have lot of fun things to offer the visitors.