Haircut, the first since I was 15

Sitting nervous, excited!

Hey Mimi!

Al done! Really happy, no more mullet, can’t quite see the grey highlights but they’re there!

I’ve been cutting my own hair with clippers ever since high school. IE: I’ve never gone to a hairdresser since I was around 15 years old! The broners have been really getting into going to the barbers together, and they’ve inspired me to get my hair cut.

A few years ago ex-JDMST Moderator and good mate Shiri/Carey introduced me to Mimi, a friend of his. Carey’s always got rad hair and always praised how awesome a hairdresser Mimi is, so booking in with her was a no brainer!

Mimi works at Dj’s Hair Artistry, on the lower floor of Westfields in the city. Nanami came along for some support and guidance. I really wanted to get rid of my mullet (which I’ve had forever), Mimi sold me on the cut and Nanami suggested the light grey streaks. Loved the head massage (lol), no idea how I’m going to maintain this on my own, but I’m really happy and would highly recommend a booking with Mimi (who’s such a rad chick!).

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