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Jasmine x illest




Another day another shoot?! I shot Jasmine yesterday in some illest gear which we’ve got on sale in our shop. I love the almost voyeuristic shot of Jasmine midnight snacking on the nutella (check the size of that thing!).

More images on my tumblr.

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Jasmine Shoot #3 – Zen x Domo x Zoomer









Jasmine was so keen to shoot she caught 2 trains from way out West to come in to Zen for some snaps late yesterday afternoon. Our last customer in the shop got a few snaps of Jasmine with his ride, then we closed shop, cranked Zen tunes up and got busy.

It’s so hard to take a great shot in the garage. The big lights give off a green tone and the natural light gives off a blue tone due to blue plastic roof sheets. I thought I’d make it even harder for myself and I grabbed a few of our Bunnings flood lights which give off a very yellow hue.

As usual, you can view higher res pics on my tumblr.

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Jasmine Shoot #2







Jasmine just got back from EDC in the USA, and even whilst she was over there she was messaging me to get ready to shoot again! This time she wanted to shoot outside, with a bike.

It was all last minute but I grabbed my Kuwa (it’s got flat tyres and I couldn’t find a pump in the house!) and I’ve still got keys to the beach house so we headed down there to shoot in the remaining afternoon light (which was glorious!).

Later that night we tried my new studio setup but the backdrop is just too transparent (cheap shit). I’ll have to look into getting a new backdrop ASAP.

More photos on my tumblr:

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I think a set-up like this would have been but a dream 10 years ago, but on eBay this kit cost me $200 shipped which I think is awesome value! Sure, it’s cheap stuff (just like the light tent I bought a few years back for shooting Zen products), but it works. The kit came with a green and a black backdrop sheet too. I’m thinking they’re a bit transparent, might have to look at upgrading the material in future.

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iblazr LED Flash

Mounted to the GF1’s hot shoe. So cute!

Worked a treat (iblazr comes with a diffuser too but I didn’t use it in this situation).

End result.

Last week I got an iblazr LED Flash, today was the first time I’ve used it in practise (I shot the new Zen iPhone cases, more photos a couple of posts below). It’s mainly made for phones, but I had to give the cold-shoe a go on the GF1. It fits great, and works a treat! Definitely a handy little thing to have in my everyday bag.

Visit: MobileZap, if you’re interested it’s $60 and you can buy it here.

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Sashimi. Can’t resist.

What I came for. Saikyo miso black cod. LOVED the presentation of having the wrapped cedar (which was alight) opened up at the table.

Flesh was so soft, smokey, sweet and delish!

Who isn’t a sucker for crackling?!

Duck dish was great too.

Watch how you pronounce it! Fuku is across from Din Tai Fung at World Square, it’s been there a while, and to be honest, it’s one of those restaurants I’d usually avoid. Not exactly sure why, maybe it’s the way their menu looks (photos, bad layout, a bit cheap), maybe it’s the venue (it’s way too big, the rent must be nuts), maybe it’s the staff (I noted many of them were not Japanese), maybe it’s a combination of things… in any case we ate there last night as I really wanted to try their Akita Sugatayaki, traditional Japanese smoked grill wrapped in cedar wood.

All in all it was a good night, a bit of Sake, a sneaky Margarita, great company and some decent food (but a bit too pricey for what it was IMHO).

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Zen Bamboo iPhone cases



Super happy with these Zen Bamboo iPhone cases made by Melbourne based company Natural Aspirations. Each one is different to the other, and lovingly hand made to order. They’re really thin too, and the quality is AMAZING.

I couldn’t sleep last night. At 3AM I was in bed playing with my phone, ran out of things to do on it (lol) so I thought, OK Apple… I’ll fucking update the iOS. I hit that update button and BOOOOM, the phone went into recovery mode instantly. I don’t often have my phone connected to iTunes so I’ve lost a LOT of images, messages, contacts etc as my last back-up was earlier in the year.

At least my iPhone looks hot now with this new case…

Find them in our online shop:

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Zip Tap Service

Branding done by Kevin Vo.

Maurice getting right in there.

Old filter comes out.

New filter goes in.

That small world stuff never ceases to amaze me. I’ve been meaning to replace the filter cartridge in my Zip unit for ages now. It’s just another one of things that I haven’t gotten around to (I’m horrible like that!).

Somehow, through the powers of the universe, a guy by the name of Maurice Menghi sent me a message on facebook, turns out he’s: A) A mate of Kevin Vo, who was a designer I used to hang out with during early Australian INfront days. B) He’s been over my place before to service my Zip tap under warranty. C) He’s a car guy!

Maurice has set up his own plumbing business now so I got him over to service the Zip unit. Champ was in and out in 10 minutes (well he would have been if we weren’t chin wagging so much!).

Anyways, free plug for Black & Gold Plumbing, if you need a plumber, be sure to give Maurice a call!

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D&M’s all day long! I FINALLY got to shoot Koko today. She’s SO photogenic, both cute and sexy, hilarious, full of energy and super fun to hang out with. Won’t be the last shoot, that’s for sure (can’t wait to shoot her again!). As usual, more pics up on my tumblr.

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