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iPhone 7 Plus

Continuing the BLK theme…

Won’t lie, life’s been pretty awesome without a phone for a couple of months (!!!), but I semi-lamentably made the steps to reconnect again. Question was: iPhone 7, or 7 Plus?! I asked Facebook and most suggested the Plus.

I’m not a fan of the camera on the 7, but pretty damn impressed with the tricky fake bokeh the plus’ camera pulls off in “portrait mode”. I ended up hovering over the 7 buy now button for ages, but in the end I just hit the buy now button on the Plus.

Free Shipping, availability read next day, but then on checkout (after payment) I get a message to say shipping is free but will take a week OR I could go pick it up the next day. Lame Apple! Definitely a little misleading!

I ended up waiting a day for the phone to be delivered to a local newsagent down the road, then I headed in to Vodafone to see if I could get my old number back, turns out it was a painless 2 minute job!

Looking forward to being able to internet bank again (damn banking web site sends confirmation codes to my phone!), kinda miss Instagram too tbh!

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Zen Graff Snapback – BLK Edition.


I’m pretty excited about this hat. Yup. This hat gets me excited! I’ve been wanting to make an all black on black version of our Zen Graff Snapback for years now (along side our hoodie, it’s our best selling item), just haven’t had the funds (hey we’re grass roots and keeping up with stock demands on our staple Zen range is hard enough as it is!).

LESS IS MORE. Going all black was perhaps the easiest way to further refine a product that up until now, sells so well (and continues to do so). The Zen Graff Snapback has largely been unaltered since 2011 (the first 100 ever made didn’t feature the teal under-brim the snapback has today). I wanted this hat for me, but we’ve had to make a few to make it a reality, so they’re most likely going to make their way to the Zen SHOP soon (we added a new trucker hat design earlier today!).

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HNY 2017

Had a rad night with a few crazy peeps over at mine for the count down, hope everyone had a rad night too. Blasted my own tunes at some point, was awesome! I’ve put a playlist together of the tracks Star and I have created (and a couple of remixes too). We’ll be sure to create more music this year (psyched!). Especially keen to work on the first track; “By My Side” which we left unfinished last month.


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