iPhone 7 Plus

Continuing the BLK theme…

Won’t lie, life’s been pretty awesome without a phone for a couple of months (!!!), but I semi-lamentably made the steps to reconnect again. Question was: iPhone 7, or 7 Plus?! I asked Facebook and most suggested the Plus.

I’m not a fan of the camera on the 7, but pretty damn impressed with the tricky fake bokeh the plus’ camera pulls off in “portrait mode”. I ended up hovering over the 7 buy now button for ages, but in the end I just hit the buy now button on the Plus.

Free Shipping, availability read next day, but then on checkout (after payment) I get a message to say shipping is free but will take a week OR I could go pick it up the next day. Lame Apple! Definitely a little misleading!

I ended up waiting a day for the phone to be delivered to a local newsagent down the road, then I headed in to Vodafone to see if I could get my old number back, turns out it was a painless 2 minute job!

Looking forward to being able to internet bank again (damn banking web site sends confirmation codes to my phone!), kinda miss Instagram too tbh!

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2 Responses to iPhone 7 Plus

  1. Paul says:

    I went from 5 to 7+ Amazeballs! Slippery sucker though

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