Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

4K goodness. A screen grab from the super detailed and crazy windy opening scene.

Style is bang on.

I’ve heard of Deus Ex, a game released in 2000 (for a little while when I’d google Deus, Deus Ex would rock up, that’s way before Deus took off!). I’ve always been into first person shooters and I love cyberpunk-themed worlds. Not so massive on stealth type games as I do like to gun, but the main thing I never liked about the Deus Ex franchise was the look of Adam Jensen, the main character. It’s like not liking an Actor in a movie. To me he looks stiff, like Neo but so not, and generally just trying too hard. With every new game release the character never changed so I never bothered to pick up the game until now.

I decided to play the most recent 2016 Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and was instantly thrown into a vibrant detailed world with impressive graphics, turbulent windy environment (which sadly doesn’t impress again after the initial scene) with tons of litter everywhere for me to pick up and interact with. It’s not open world, feels it at first but the world feels smaller as the game goes on. There’s a crafting system which I didn’t use at all, the main guts is in how you upgrade your character’s body augmentations, some of which will make or break the way you can get in and out of spaces, and this game offers you even more ways than Prey does.

My playthrough was 27hrs start to end doing a fair few of the side missions. I’m still not into the main character and thus didn’t get into much of the rather simple story (delivered with stiff cut-scenes). Prague/the world is awesome and I liked the general gameplay feel and how effective each upgrade I invested in worked. Although it’s a stealth game I still did 50/50 stealth and attack and I think I got the best of both worlds (IE: satisfaction from sneaking around in vents to avoid enemies to get to point A, or blasting my way direct to point A).

Gun play wasn’t amazing, the guns just didn’t feel powerful, but hey Deus Ex isn’t primarily a shooter. The ending was a let down as it’s a cliff hanger to a part B DLC, one which I didn’t pay for and glad I haven’t to be honest. Am I a Deus Ex fan? Nope. Really enjoyed the game, but kinda knew it wasn’t for me, still isn’t and it’s primarily because I have to play Adam Jensen.

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3 Responses to Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

  1. Richard Ma says:

    this one looks sick, gonna check it out

  2. Ray says:

    Fully upgrade the starting pistol and its pretty much all you need to be honest. It becomes a freaking canon. The real fun is when you try to do the pacifist playthroughs where you dont kill a single person, or a ghost playthrough where you never get detected. Absurdly hard, but there are exception moments like boss fights

    I love stealh games with a passion. I’ve been smashing the sneaky side of Ghost Recon Wildlands of late, but I’m nearly ready for a Deus Ex replay.

    The aesthetics are stunning, facial animations are excellent, and the soundtrack is done my Behaviour/Michael McCann. He’s basically the Hans Zimmer of the gaming world. He’s done all the splinter cells, all the mass effects, all the more recent ghost recons. And thats just the games I’ve played that he’s contributed to.

    Absolutely exquisite soundtrack. Worth a listen.

    • Justin Fox says:

      Yah man! Played a bit of Ghost Recon but I’m not huge on stealth to be honest. I always get frustrated and fuck it up for the crew by rushing in and gunning like a dick lol!