Feeling Blue


Had an awesome shoot with Viv and friend last weekend. She’s just turned 25, and she’s going through some seriously heavy family shit, stuff that’s going to make her grow up real fast. Super proud of how she’s handling it all. We spent a day drinking and shooting, we all had heaps of fun and she managed to forget about her issues, at least for the day! All of the stuff we shot was for Patreon. IE: All of it’s way too much to post on social media as Viv’s panties were see-through (and we ended up taking them off anyways!!!). You can find shots from the set on both her Patreon, and mine.

Viv’s Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/viv__x
Mine: https://www.patreon.com/justinfoxphoto

PS: Just a huge thanks too to all those who are supporting me via Patreon. I’m still WAY in the red. I’m legit starting to feel like this is just normal. I’ve gotten rid of my credit card. I just had to. I’m not making any money with ZEN Garage as I’m really not pushing product right now, and we’re not paying ourselves a salary yet with Threesome either. I’m now making $500/month on Patreon and it’s literally paying for my groceries, which I’m very grateful for!

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