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ZEN PODCAST 36 – Leslie Lau & Shaun Cooper

Always awesome to hang with Leslie Lau & Shaun Cooper of The Hustle & Flow Podcast.

We had a great catch up this week on the old school analog podcast setup. I hadn’t run a live face to face setup in a while and had a feeling I was going to have some technical issues and too right! I ran out of space on the card in the ZOOM H6 unit which only managed to record 30 minutes of our podcast! Massive fail, and a real shame.

The audio in this video is from the video camera. Apologies for the quality, will strive to do better next time!

Find it on Spotify and YouTube:

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Photoshoot with Sasha King





Awesome shoot with Sasha King last weekend. Find the full photo set on my Patreon this week!


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Chubby Cheeks

Love it when my models bring me a bottle of wine!

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Immortals Fenyx Rising | Best game of 2020

I HATE puzzle games BUT I absolutely love the puzzles in Immortals Fenyx Rising!

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Destiny 2 – Why are Bungie not listening to their biggest fans?

Bungie continue to neglect their most dedicated Destiny 2 playerbase in favour of pleasing new and casual players.

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Monday Morning Rant – 4th Jan 2021

HNY ALL! I’ve been banned off Facebook for the past few days… it’s good to be back?!

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Cyberpunk 2077 Photo Mode










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