Foot Fetish?

Viv’s little feets.

Over the years of shooting boudoir photography (especially in relation to my Patreon), I’ve had LOTS of guys ask me more specifically for feet shots. I’ve also had a lot of guys assume that I have a foot fetish. I’ve even had guys send me very explicit photos of sexual acts with their partners feet (they must have been thinking; one of us! One of us!). So today I thought I’d delve a little deeper into the subject.

I’ve always been more into a natural look with my photography. Natural light, backlit shots and minimal photo editing. Part of achieving a more natural look has been to capture more of a “girlfriend experience” (GFE) vibe; lots of eye contact and big smiles as opposed to a high class Escort in french lingerie, Louboutins in a bourgeois hotel kind of vibe. IE: Keeping heels off the bed works for the vibe I’m mostly going for.

But do I have a foot fetish?

I’ve recently had an Escort tell me that a foot fetish client of hers thinks I’m doing it all wrong (he loves being stepped on, so to get it right I’ve apparently got to start shooting feet from a lower perspective). But I do like to give foot massages. I think footsies under the table over a fancy dinner date is cheeky fun, but the one time an ex-partner tried to give me a footjob we just ended up cracking up and we never went there again. 100% I appreciate nice feet with natural or French nails, but I’m definitely turned off by some of the foot imagery my fans have sent me (cum on feet? NO thanks!).

End of the day I’m not opposed to a bit of fan service (so long as it’s within limits!). The models I shoot that use my content to generate an income on their OnlyFans know that the foot shots are much sought after, and the times I’ve invited my patrons to PM me shoot suggestions I’ve had requests for more feet shots. So for now, I’m more than happy to oblige!

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