Bungie the Destiny Killer


I was called a hater whenever I complained about the state of the game, but like many, I was only complaining because I loved the game. There’s been a few games that YouTubers were calling the next “Destiny Killer”, clickbait at best as I always knew that if anyone was going to kill Destiny 2, it would be Bungie themselves.

Even though I’ve not played Destiny 2 in over 12 months I still hear about the game from a mate who still plays, as well as vids that pop up on my YouTube feed. I can’t not watch. It’s like watching a train wreck. Ultimately I’m truly sad that it’s come to this.

Having said all that I’m looking forward to the showcase. I truly enjoyed The Witch Queen, and I knew there was no way Lightfall would be as good so I skipped it. Part of me wants to play The Final Shape to finally put a nail in the Destiny coffin for good. My gut tells me it’s going to be an amazing expansion.

PS: All I ever wanted was an all black shader.

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